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Estate agents fee

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wonderingsoul Fri 12-Apr-19 19:07:19

I'm in HA at the moment but was in privet renting 7 years ago. i was looking at privet renting again.

I expected rent to be high and to an extent i can understand that. But what I cant understand is the hidden fees.

Reference fee 300 for the the first applicant and then 90 per extra applicant.

Month and half deposit (ok allways been like that) and a month upfront.

Then theres a 30 fee to put the deposit in the deposits scheme. Which it legally has to go, so how they can charge you for that is out ragiouse.

120 to renew your contract. When in reality if they was to move out at the end of tencey it would cost the advent a lot if they dont have any one lined up straight away BUT it is also cheaper for the content to pay the 120 then finding another load of deposit and moving so they pay up.

And on one estate insaw a fee of 120 fee to check the house AFTER you move out. 120 for a 1 bed then it goes up the more rooms you have.

HOW ON earth can they get away with it. Its immoral and should be illegally.

wonderingsoul Fri 12-Apr-19 19:18:33

Also I wonder if things where alot more fair and cheaper to go privoet it would free up council or HA housing for those who really needed it.

Whilst I work and could semi afford private renting (with some help from housing benefit) I cant afford to the deposits hidden fees onto of moving

Yes the council can act as a gun at our with the deposit But iv yet to find a landlord who would except it

CheshireChat Fri 12-Apr-19 19:22:20

I was under the impression that those type of fees will be scrapped starting June

Vegasprincess89 Fri 12-Apr-19 19:24:44

They'll all be scrapped in June as far as i understand, so if you can hold off till then then do. I moved 2 months ago and it's cost me stupid amount for the agents. Worst thing is, my landlord told me he had to pay too! I paid £210 for my tenancy and they bloody emailed it to me! Not even a paper copy

Sparklesocks Fri 12-Apr-19 19:30:36

Yes they’re banning them from June, there were no limits so agencies could just charge whatever they wanted, and tenants couldn’t refuse as they needed somewhere to live. My sister took over a tenancy from a friend in a shared house, they charged her £90 to do so (deleted the old housemate’s name from my agreement and added my sister in). I’m glad there’s a ban on them coming in.

wonderingsoul Fri 12-Apr-19 19:34:11

That's great news.

Iv been waiting to move my crummy flat that is literally falling apart but nothing is coming up on the bidding and I'm in quite a high band.

I'm getting desperate and looked into private renting but I wont be doing anything until June if i do and if nothing comes up on the council list

I just couldn't believe how out ragiouse it was.

Shitshitshitshit Fri 12-Apr-19 19:51:00

Does anyone know if the fees are scrapped for existing tenancies? I'm due to pay my renewal fee just after June but I've been living in the house for 3 years already.

It's a joke, they just email you another copy of the same tenancy agreement.

It's hardly shocking though, their fees for selling a house are ludicrous as well.

User457990033gYpovd7 Fri 12-Apr-19 19:58:54

What is going on with your autocorrect?
It is:
private not privet (privet is the plant that some hedges are made from grin);
always not allways;
tenancy not tencey
outrageous not out ragiouse.
advent & content (presumably agent).

It's great fun trying to work some out. I sometimes look at my comments in preview and think what the heck? grin

MsSquiz Fri 12-Apr-19 20:04:42

@Shitshitshitshit it should be included as all tenant fees will be from June

The scrapping of tenant fees will probably have a knock on effect in terms of rent going up. Letting agents will be increasing their landlord fees to soften the blow to their income, and the landlord will increase the rent so they can soften their blow...

daffydowndilys Fri 12-Apr-19 20:14:16

User - that's not very kind. Maybe the OP does not have English as their first language or struggles with spelling.

Bunbunbunny Fri 12-Apr-19 21:26:36

Fees are going including renewal fees & deposit amounts are changing to maximum of five weeks. More people are going to be taken to court for dilapidations and arrears as they'll probably not pay last month rent & leave.

Landlords will still be able to refuse tenants on benefits

LittleOwl153 Fri 12-Apr-19 21:37:50

Whilst it knocks out upfront fees, it's not going to reduce overall costs as the costs these fees pay for still have to be paid within the agent/landlord business. Our agent is increasing rents between 5 and 10% but is also adding in other fees which they are allowed such as late payment fees.

Alsohuman Fri 12-Apr-19 21:45:14

Agents don't determine rents; landlords do. A credit check costs a tenner, the fees are a license to print money.

donquixotedelamancha Fri 12-Apr-19 21:51:17

They'll all be scrapped in June as far as i understand

I think you are thinking of housing rentals. Unfortunately the hedge rental market is not covered by this legislation.

WhenISnappedAndFarted Fri 12-Apr-19 21:58:18

I've been privately renting my whole life and that all sounds about right except for the £30 fee for putting in a deposit scheme - they've legally got to do that. I've never heard of anyone having to pay for that.

I've been in my current flat for two years now. The Estate Agent fees were £500. I think it was around £120 for references. We paid six weeks in advance so that was £2200 and we have to renew each year and that's £150 + vat. It's ridiculous.

wonderingsoul Sat 13-Apr-19 00:22:30

user .... I have no words.... I didnt check and my auto correct has obviously got a mind of it's own.

Your guesses are all right

daffy thank you for being so kind, I didnt take it to heart but it was kind of you to consider my feelings

MiniMum97 Sat 13-Apr-19 00:35:50

For all the people saying you have to renew each year, you do not. If your initial fixed term tenancy ends, your tenancy becomes a periodic tenancy and can continue on a rolling basis.

You have more protection from eviction if you choose to take another fixed term but you don't have to renew if you don't want to.

Ultramum44 Sat 13-Apr-19 00:52:34

Have you heard of Openrent? I've used them twice to privately rent and you only pay £20 per person for referencing, nothing else. You should check out their website.

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