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To offer her a tissue?

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BlessedFox Fri 12-Apr-19 18:50:45

Currently sitting on a train and the woman next to me is sniffing. Awful loud big hucking sniffs, you know the type that you hear wet phlegm being pulled up the nose which she then audibly swallows envy <- not envy

AIBU to offer her a tissue as I think I might just lose the plot if it doesn’t stop!

BoobiesToTheRescue Fri 12-Apr-19 18:53:15


Dirty bitch.

rabbitheadlights Fri 12-Apr-19 18:54:47


rosamacrose Fri 12-Apr-19 18:54:55

Oh! I feel your pain!
Worst nightmare.

Chickychoccyegg Fri 12-Apr-19 18:55:37

definitely offer the tissue, that would do my head in too!

rosamacrose Fri 12-Apr-19 18:56:44

A tissue doesn't sound adequate.
Imagine the blow

YesQueen Fri 12-Apr-19 18:56:56

That's been my colleague all week envy not envy

HavelockVetinari Fri 12-Apr-19 18:57:05

Oh yuck! How awful envysad

YANBU, it is entirely acceptable to offer a tissue in those circumstances.

BlessedFox Fri 12-Apr-19 18:57:25

OMG, I was just about to offer it to her when she pulled out a pack of tissues! Dabbed at her nose and is continuing to sniff. WTF do people do this?!

rosamacrose Fri 12-Apr-19 19:00:24

Embarrassed to blow?
Snot travelling down the nose and afraid not to be be able to mop up properly.

rosamacrose Fri 12-Apr-19 19:02:05

Erk! Poor thing, you.

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