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Professional people and drug use

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Beebee6 Fri 12-Apr-19 17:42:45

I work in banking and moved to London a year ago for a career opportunity. I’m in my early 30s and have never thought of myself as particularly naive but I’m genuinely shocked by how many of my colleagues regularly use drugs. By drugs, I'm mostly referring to cocaine. They all talk about this very openly as if it’s a perfectly normal and acceptable thing to do at the weekend, after work or when they have spare time without the kids. On the rare occasions when I have been along to social events after work, it’s always offered around and I appear to be the only one not partaking. None of these people are particularly ‘young’ either (most 30s-40s) and are all very successful professional people, who in my (perhaps judgemental) opinion, aren’t the typical drug using types. Some are single but many have families. I mentioned this to a friend of mine who seemed to think that this is now commonplace amongst many working professionals, particularly in the city. I’m curious as to whether this sort of thing really has become more normal and accepted now?

araiwa Fri 12-Apr-19 18:07:17

You are naive

They sound like the stereotype cocaine users

OwlinaTree Fri 12-Apr-19 18:08:49

Yes I think it's fairly normal. People are more relaxed about drug use now I think.

Haribeau Fri 12-Apr-19 18:10:07

Stay on the straight and narrow line and keep your nose out

bungaloid Fri 12-Apr-19 18:10:09

I've never cared much for the legality aspect of substance abuse, so in that sense I don't really care what people get up to. I think any kind of heavy drinking / other substance use culture entangled with work could be kind of annoying.

Mascarponeandwine Fri 12-Apr-19 18:10:58

Yep commonplace in the city jobs. It’s probably the same people I knew 20 years ago (am now mid 40’s) who never stopped.

SimonJT Fri 12-Apr-19 18:11:01

Drug use really is becoming more and more socially acceptable, it is essentialy normal on many nights out now. It isn’t something I do as a parent, but I have occasionally in the past.

SimonJT Fri 12-Apr-19 18:11:46

I mean it isn’t something I do now I’m a parent.

mbosnz Fri 12-Apr-19 18:12:17

This was normal 15 years ago when DH worked in the city. He was less than impressed also. . .

troppibambini Fri 12-Apr-19 18:14:08

Yes it's very common. I'm not in London but in an affluent area full of yummy mummy's and it's very very common.

PepsiLola Fri 12-Apr-19 18:14:34

Professionals can afford it! Cocaine isn't a cheap drug option. Imo they are stereotypical users

ShirleyPhallus Fri 12-Apr-19 18:15:00

I think they sound exactly like the “typical” drug users tbh

BagpussAteMyHomework Fri 12-Apr-19 18:18:09

Ugh. Regardless of the impact on the consumer, I can’t bear the idea of all the people hurt and exploited by the drugs trade. So many lives destroyed to fuel somebody’s lifestyle choices.

Travellinghappy Fri 12-Apr-19 18:18:47

I was shocked when I worked in a day nursery and all the young women used to talk about using cocaine when they went out clubbing. They were always complaining about not having any money, unsurprisingly..

Inliverpool1 Fri 12-Apr-19 18:20:59

Coke is cheaper than 5 pints in the uk. It’s self medicating

Dollywilde Fri 12-Apr-19 18:24:35

Perfectly normal among those I know in banking in London. I’m in another professional services discipline along with many other friends and it’s more of a ‘high days and holidays’ thing outside banking, but still exists.

Beebee6 Fri 12-Apr-19 18:28:20

Wow, think I must have been living under a rock!

TapasForTwo Fri 12-Apr-19 18:29:15

This thread is depressing. Cocaine is a no no in my circle.

We prefer to stick to legal drugs (alcohol).

Far2go46 Fri 12-Apr-19 18:39:23

Find some people who into acid, far more interesting company imo

Far2go46 Fri 12-Apr-19 18:42:59

Also loads of people from all walks of life take coke on the regs, don't think it's seen as 'druggy' anymore

Pianobook Fri 12-Apr-19 18:45:09

It was the norm at dinner parties when I lived in London thirty years ago. Never seen it in my current city.

Whynham Fri 12-Apr-19 18:45:31

Coke ain't cheap. It's the only ones who can afford it.

Inliverpool1 Fri 12-Apr-19 18:46:11

Come is cheap

GrandmasNightie Fri 12-Apr-19 18:46:11

Probably the same people who tut about stabbings in drugs wars and county lines yet don’t acknowledge their part in it. No time for people like that. And yes, lots of us do still think it’s druggy and sad.

Inliverpool1 Fri 12-Apr-19 18:46:28

Coke not come omg

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