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Judgy users

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whatasurprisenot Fri 12-Apr-19 17:42:00

Been on and off Mumsnet over the years. This time round I'm genuinely shocked and disappointed.

While there are some users who are brilliant and friendly, there are some who are just horrid keyboard warriors. Those people seriously let this place down.

So many spiky responses from people who think they are above everyone else.

Even seen bullying on here and somehow it's allowed. Yet threads about a marriage constantly get deleted in fear of "the media".

A lot of people come here for advice during times of crisis. After what I've witnessed over the last three days, it's safe to say if I asked for advice, I'd feel a damn sight worse for it.

Real fucking shame. Especially for those of you who are decent.

Buster72 Fri 12-Apr-19 18:12:54

If you ask people if you are being reasonable you are inviting judgement.

NoSauce Fri 12-Apr-19 18:16:08

A lot of people come here for advice during times of crisis

And a lot of people get it.

Mommaof2x Fri 12-Apr-19 18:19:17

I agree some people talk in a way they never would face to face- the whole screen inbetween some how allows them to give responses which can sit horribly with the thread starter, no one knows what someone else is going through and even in the virtual world feelings can get hurt

WorraLiberty Fri 12-Apr-19 18:21:00

Hmm I blame ease of name changing tbh.

I understand the need for the name change function, but people just take the piss. They post any old shit in one name and then slip back to their 'nice' one afterwards.

Apoiads Fri 12-Apr-19 19:13:33

I find it's a vicious place at times. You really need to be in the whole of your health to post here.
I've been followed around and posts dragged up from previous threads etc.
You can't say anything, yet personal attacks are let stand.
It's nasty sometimes.
The moderation seems to have changed in the past year. When you're being a cunt but don't swear or appear racist you're allowed. Say something that might with a long stretch of the imagination be barely perceived as racist and you're banned.

There's a thread running currently in the Feminism board about whether trans is a race issue. Posted by a self announced black woman. I have never seen such racist shite posted in my life, but it's allowed to stand as she's black and not white. The things she has come out with are unbelievable! I actually didn't trust myself to post as I know I'd have been banned.

There appears to be a cohort of posters who have nothing better to do than attack posters also.

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