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To ask what your weekend is looking like?

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imalwaysfreezing Fri 12-Apr-19 17:26:11

Usually on a Friday DP & I go out and do something together (usually cinema or dinner kind of thing) this week he's decided he's too tired (fair enough!) so I now have no plans.. it feels strange as we always do something on a Friday!grin

So far I've ordered a new printer (as I'm sick of spending hours writing out things for my studies (that I could just print and highlight!), I need to wash up and cook some dinner & take the dog out around 7.

Saturday we're going to do the food shop (Lidl & Morrisons or Asda most likely!), pick up the printer + ink and most likely go on a dog walk in the woods. Potentially do something in the evening but not likely.

Sunday is usually a lazy day, stay in, clean & walk the dog again.

What an exciting weekend..blush

echt Sat 13-Apr-19 06:23:58

Being in Australia, I'm one day ahead so full of the practicalities of arranging tradie quotes for work on the house, and the packing for a short break in the country.

whatkindofspring Sat 13-Apr-19 06:44:51

I'm 39 weeks and desperately wanting labour to start NOW.

Been up since 4 because I just can't get comfy anymore and now my 2 year old is up.

Husband will be off to work soon until 10pm so I predict a pretty lazy day...unless baby comes of course!

tomhazard Sat 13-Apr-19 06:50:15

My DH is away for work and has been for a week so far, so another day of me and the little DC! I expect we will go swimming this morning, then grab the scooters and go to the park. I have a friend coming over for a drink this evening. Tomorrow I have no idea. It's stretching ahead a bit with no one to share it and not much dosh

missteddy Sat 13-Apr-19 06:52:03

Sat morning I'm going to pick up a big maternity body pillow I found on marketplace so that I might actually get some sleep tonight!
Then hopefully doing something with dp as we haven't spent much time together lately.
Tomorrow going to a friends baby shower,

rosy71 Sat 13-Apr-19 07:04:51

Friday night we went to a quiz night.
Saturday- parkrun & haircut, housework.
Sunday- both boys have football matches then we'll visit my parents.

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