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To ask what your weekend is looking like?

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imalwaysfreezing Fri 12-Apr-19 17:26:11

Usually on a Friday DP & I go out and do something together (usually cinema or dinner kind of thing) this week he's decided he's too tired (fair enough!) so I now have no plans.. it feels strange as we always do something on a Friday!grin

So far I've ordered a new printer (as I'm sick of spending hours writing out things for my studies (that I could just print and highlight!), I need to wash up and cook some dinner & take the dog out around 7.

Saturday we're going to do the food shop (Lidl & Morrisons or Asda most likely!), pick up the printer + ink and most likely go on a dog walk in the woods. Potentially do something in the evening but not likely.

Sunday is usually a lazy day, stay in, clean & walk the dog again.

What an exciting weekend..blush

HBStowe Fri 12-Apr-19 17:32:16

I’m about to go and meet friends for drinks. Tomorrow I am doing park run then sorting the garden. Sunday I am going for a walk on the beach with a friend who just moved to my village then a pub lunch.

imalwaysfreezing Fri 12-Apr-19 17:33:05

@HBStowe sounds much more exciting! I have no friends around here to hang out with 😫

iamH Fri 12-Apr-19 17:35:10

I'm unfortunately working all weekend
But am going the cinema and something to eat tonight with DP

RestingBitchFaced Fri 12-Apr-19 17:37:29

I'm working tomorrow from 7.30-5pm in retail, it will be busy. After that shift I have a week off so got that to look forwards to

RomanyQueen1 Fri 12-Apr-19 17:40:28

Just lazing around with dh and dd, done the garden today and the house yesterday all the laundry, and shopping done so ready to just chill all weekend and all next week .

ridiculousridiculousness Fri 12-Apr-19 17:40:56

Usually read and run but...

Theatre tonight with dp to watch a comedian

Then snowdome tomorrow with dp and ds with a trip to the pub for a spot of lunch

Sunday will probably be a takeaway in the evening after going to a local funfair in the day with ds and dn.

kaytee87 Fri 12-Apr-19 17:42:24

I bought MIL a voucher for a family photograph as part of her Christmas so we're going for that tomorrow morning.
Later on I have my side of the family coming for dinner.
Sunday we're going to a community Easter egg hunt and maybe the park or something depending on the weather.

Mygingercat Fri 12-Apr-19 17:42:46

I’m probably going to stay in all weekend. I’m so bad for doing that. I just love being in my little house doing my own thing.

Should really try and get some exercise though!

BlueJava Fri 12-Apr-19 17:43:10

I'm really looking forward to the weekend - nearly there! I've broken my foot and I can't go to work, but I am working from home all the time. This is good - as I still earn - but I miss the office! At the weekend it's better as my 2 DS and DH are around all the time.

Saturday - I'm doing a birthday team for my mum and finishing off my herb pots with my dad, Sunday not much!

Mygingercat Fri 12-Apr-19 17:43:51

As an aside ... do you not find the actual writing helps you learn? Highlighting pre-printed stuff just doesn’t have the same effect for me.

DarlingCoffee Fri 12-Apr-19 17:46:25

We like going out for breakfast so will probably do that on Sunday...

Hiddenaspie1973 Fri 12-Apr-19 17:47:39

Saturday we're driving to a caravan with hot tub in Dartmoor. Approx 4-5 hour drive. McDonald's brekkie at Fleet Services.
We can't check in until 4pm, so will drive to the seaside or grab some bits from Lidl.

pansydansy Fri 12-Apr-19 17:49:52

Right now I'm decided what takeaway to have 🤷🏻‍♀️

Saturday- food shopping, and get the kids out somewhere.

Sunday- we have no kids all day! Well go to the in laws around 4pm stay for dinner and bring kids home. Not sure what we'll do with our free day yet.

CherryPavlova Fri 12-Apr-19 17:50:42

Agreed to meet our daughter and boyfriend for a walk and then fish and chips on the beach but thinking it’s a bit cold now so might go to a pub instead.
We’ve just had a wrestling match with some roof ladders so my husband could paint the chimney.
Tomorrow we’re helping tidy the village pond and churchyard then I’m going to a wedding shoes viewing (whoever knew there was such a thing?). Then friends can owing for a kitchen supper.
Sunday will be church then a late lunch with our son and girlfriend whose just back from a deployment.
Finish off getting ready for following week - clothes out by day, check shoes polished and papers printed etc.

IggyAce Fri 12-Apr-19 17:50:42

Tonight will be watching something on Netflix.
Tomorrow I’m assisting my wedding photographer DH.
Sunday will probably go and do the egg hunt at the local National Trust property and then enjoy a roast dinner.

SnapesGreasyHair Fri 12-Apr-19 17:51:00

DC going to their Dad's shortly so I'll go and get fish n chips for me.

Tomorrow is my birthday and I'm going to drive to my friends and stay till Sunday.

DC come home Sunday evening

confusedandemployed Fri 12-Apr-19 17:53:45

Couple of gin tonight. DD here so not more than that.
Double gym session tomorrow cos I missed yesterday's.
Out for a few hrs with DD, then she's at her dad's tomorrow night and I'm out on the town, woo hoo!
Sunday looking unusually relaxing as DD is then on a sleepover at her GPS because exDH and I are both working on Mon.
Bring it on!

starabara Fri 12-Apr-19 17:55:59

Tomorrow is cleaning, DIY, and we need to re fence a paddock for a new pony. I’m going to the trampoline park with DC and DH is assessing a new barn he wants to buy.

I’ve got 6 people for supper Saturday night and need to bath some dogs. I’ve also got a poorly horse who will need bandages changed Saturday evening.

Sunday DH is working, DC, five dogs and I are going to a competition. Five hr round trip and a long day.
Then it will be home, supper all together, bed for DC and I’ll set off to a hotel 4 hrs away ahead of next week’s work plans.

youarenotkiddingme Fri 12-Apr-19 17:56:27

In a bit I'm taking ds to his swim training. I'll go and do something in the gym!

Tomorrow morning he has training first thing and then the young driver experience.
Then I'm making chocolate brownies in the afternoon!

Sunday he is at a swim meet all day.

We either have weekends that seem jam packed or really lazy ones.

But he trains Friday Eve, sat am and sun eve every week.

ValleyoftheHorses Fri 12-Apr-19 17:57:30

Tonight wine and steak
Tomorrow DS has an activity in the morning so DH can drop off and go and get his hair cut. I’m going to potter about the house and make fish pie.
Afternoon/ evening is friends here for drinks and dinner their DD play with DS, stay over.
Sunday is free, maybe take DS somewhere if fine. Roast pork for tea.

imalwaysfreezing Fri 12-Apr-19 17:59:23

@Mygingercat I write about 90% of the subjects I'm studying but I've found lately that some areas aren't so important but may need referencing back to- hence why I'd prefer to have them printed and readily available but not spend hours writing them down.

Newadventure Fri 12-Apr-19 18:00:07

Working tonight then on Saturday me and dd will be helping out at the community garden, Sunday we will be going swimming then back home for Sunday lunch (I make the best one), and I think my friend is coming over on Sunday eve too.

araiwa Fri 12-Apr-19 18:01:14

Im on holiday anyway

But 3 solid days of drinking and partying starting tomorrow

WoollyMummoth Fri 12-Apr-19 18:07:48

Tonight is a pjs and Netflixfest with Dh and ds as dd has gone out with her mates.
Tomorrow will be washing, tidying then lazing on the sofa with a book whilst encountering dd to revise for her GCSEs. Sunday, possibly a walk by the canal with dh.
I have 2 glorious weeks off ahead of me as it half term so am feeling pretty at one with the universe.😁

troppibambini Fri 12-Apr-19 18:22:11

I'm home with the kids tonight (14,8,5 and 4) Dh is at a boxing show and eldest daughters best friend is here for a sleep over.
We are taking the three younger ones into town for a coffee and a trip to the toy shop tomorrow morning I think eldest and her friend want to go to the cinema.
Dh is making noises about going out tomorrow night for food but not booked anything yet.
Sunday morning is mass, it's Palm Sunday so the kids like to make their crosses from the palms.
Sunday afternoon will do a roast and dh usually takes the kids out for a few hours so I get some peace.
Pretty quiet chilled weekend.

EKGEMS Fri 12-Apr-19 18:24:12

Working 12-hour shifts both days

youwouldthink Fri 12-Apr-19 18:24:23

Taking DD and three of her friends to Shawn Mendes in Dublin tommorrow night and they'll all sleep here when we get back. Will make a big brunch Sunday morning and drop them home, then a movie and takeaway with DD.

Canuckduck Fri 12-Apr-19 18:27:28

I’m writing exams and revising all weekend. Looking forward to getting my weekends back after this week as course ends Thursday!!! Can’t wait.

ghostyslovesheets Fri 12-Apr-19 18:30:36

nothing hugely exciting - been for a run tonight and just done some weights

taking DD2 to footy tomorrow morning then washing and ironing and cooking tea

boot camp Sunday morning then I plan to read and relax!

beela Fri 12-Apr-19 18:32:04

Hoping to get the dc into bed at a sensible time and then watch a film with dh tonight.

Tomorrow - swimming lessons, lego club, Easter egg hunting, cake eating. Tidying and washing. We'll probably watch the end of tonight's film tomorrow night as we are bound to fall asleep before the end.

Sunday - we've got a plan to meet friends at soft play in the morning (luckily dc are old enough to go off and play while we drink tea), maybe national trust or park in the afternoon depending on the weather.

I also want to squeeze a run in at some point. And book a holiday.

SimonJT Fri 12-Apr-19 18:36:14

Friday we watch a film until bedtime, the little one is choosing between the lion king and the fox and the hound. Once he is in bed it will be beer o’clock.

Tomorrow we are meeting my friends baby, I’m not sure how my son will react to baby Daphne, I don’t think he has met a baby before. They’re coming here as I’m attempting (and generally failing) toilet training.

In the afternoon my son and I are making playdough.

No plans yet for sunday

MinnieMountain Fri 12-Apr-19 18:39:04

DH has a local hockey tournament all weekend. He's having his team over for a BBQ tomorrow evening.

DS and I will spend tomorrow at the local historic house. Sunday we'll potter at home.
I've got a job application to finish off by Sunday.

Dumplingfan Fri 12-Apr-19 18:53:31

Quiz tonight with friends. Gym in morning. Then watch Say Yes To The Dress all afternoon... blushMake myself something nice for tea. Sunday work and wait for kids to come back.

LadyMonicaBaddingham Fri 12-Apr-19 18:57:55

My sons have both gone to Scout camp so I will have a peaceful, non-combative weekend. With sleep, and the same amount of food in the house as I expect...

MyGastIsFlabbered Fri 12-Apr-19 19:02:00

My boyfriend is coming over tonight. It's still a new relationship so I'm super excited to see him. Tomorrow morning I'm working (I volunteer in a charity shop) then we're going back to his. Sunday it's my mum's birthday so we're all going out to lunch.

Littlechocola Fri 12-Apr-19 19:03:43

Out for dinner tonight and away tomorrow/Sunday.

Slazengerbag Fri 12-Apr-19 19:03:55

We had a new fence fitted today. Tomorrow we are tidying the garden and doing tip runs. Ds1 is working and the other 2 are going to paint the shed for me.

Tomorrow night I am going out with my closest friends for dinner. We chat on WhatsApp daily but the last 8 weeks or so we just haven’t all been together due to illnesses and overtime. I’m really looking forward to it.

Sunday is another sorting out day. I’m trying to get everything organised and sorted for when I go back to work so I’m not spending my days off running around cleaning and trying to organise stuff.

Stravapalava Fri 12-Apr-19 19:06:48


DD has a friend over, who will be going home in a minute.

Tomorrow I have a work event, DH is off to a sporting event with his Dad. DC are off to the other grandparents.

Sunday we are going out for lunch for my Dbro's birthday, then I'm going to work and DH and the DC are going to the cinema.

Good job it's the school holidays and we can have a lazy day on Monday!

Bbang Fri 12-Apr-19 19:20:45

Nothing tonight, just put the kids to bed so will probably order a takeaway and watch some Netflix. Zoo trip with the kids tomorrow which should be fun, mums popping in for a coffee Sunday and I’ll just do the food shop and uniform wash ready for school etc. Quiet weekend here too, going out for a meal/drink and cinema with the OH next weekend which should be fun.

Robin2323 Sat 13-Apr-19 04:18:14

Saturday Paint the far end of the kitchen where we took the old units out last weekend, ready fir the new kitchen coming on Monday!
Do the washing and clean the house.
Pop to the shops for something for tea but not a full
Shop as I've not any kitchen cupboards at the moment.
Sunday probably mow the lawn and tidy the garden.

IAmAPersonToo Sat 13-Apr-19 04:26:34

Football match with ds1 Sat morning then two oldest dc have an Easter craft/youth club thing at the local church in the afternoon. Cleaning and takeaway.

Sunday - football with ds2 in the morning. Then a nice long walk along the coast with dh and dc and Home for a roast.

IAmAPersonToo Sat 13-Apr-19 04:29:19

And just to add I cannot WAIT until the football season ends!

Just two more weekends to go then a lovely break and no more footie matches on Sat and Sun mornings 🙌🏻

AvengersAssemble Sat 13-Apr-19 04:32:55

In preparation for Avengers End Game my kids and i are having a Marvel Marathon tomorrow. As if my 7 year old is not hyped enough!

Decormad38 Sat 13-Apr-19 05:09:05

Last night pub with friend and pub meal. Today shopping with dd (13). Tonight chill watch past episodes got. Tomorrow dd (19) ( moved out to uni) coming for Sunday lunch.

sweepsweep Sat 13-Apr-19 05:31:29

Friday night had slow cooker chicken satay and an early night. Saturday- taking cat to the vets, taking Ds(2) to family Easter fun day in town, Dfil and Dsmil coming for coffee in the afternoon. Sunday Ds going swimming with Dh and Dc2 due date, so potentially having a baby!

barryfromclareisfit Sat 13-Apr-19 06:05:53

Weekend not looking great. Started throwing up at 17.30 yesterday and don’t think it’s over yet. At dd’s house, was supposed to go home last night and come back tomorrow. Will be needed again on Monday as holiday childcare. I need to get well!

Bunnybigears Sat 13-Apr-19 06:11:35

Saturday: up all ready for DS2s swimming which starts at 6:30 then after simming he has hockey practice. DS1 is being ball boy for the local Premiership team this afternoon.

Sunday: DS2 at a rughy tournament then hopefully nothing happening in the afternoon so I can actually do some housework.

speakout Sat 13-Apr-19 06:17:02

I take it you have no kids OP?

Many of us with children look for down time.

I will be up soon and have some packing ebay stuff to do before going to the post office.
OH and I will go for breakfast somewhere and some food shopping then get back to make lunch for family members.
More work for me then OH will pick up DD from University flat and bring her home. Chinese takeaway for dinner.
I will go to the gym at 9am tomorrow morning and OH will cook a Sunday lunch ( I refuse to cook at weekends)
Hopefully will have some time to dig up a patch of ground and put in some plants.
Quiet weekends are the best.

bloodywhitecat Sat 13-Apr-19 06:19:28

Just about to finish a waking night shift then it's home to DP who is driving us to London to visit his daughter, I hope to get to bed by about 9pm tonight. Tomorrow we probably need to do the weekly shop.

echt Sat 13-Apr-19 06:23:58

Being in Australia, I'm one day ahead so full of the practicalities of arranging tradie quotes for work on the house, and the packing for a short break in the country.

whatkindofspring Sat 13-Apr-19 06:44:51

I'm 39 weeks and desperately wanting labour to start NOW.

Been up since 4 because I just can't get comfy anymore and now my 2 year old is up.

Husband will be off to work soon until 10pm so I predict a pretty lazy day...unless baby comes of course!

tomhazard Sat 13-Apr-19 06:50:15

My DH is away for work and has been for a week so far, so another day of me and the little DC! I expect we will go swimming this morning, then grab the scooters and go to the park. I have a friend coming over for a drink this evening. Tomorrow I have no idea. It's stretching ahead a bit with no one to share it and not much dosh

missteddy Sat 13-Apr-19 06:52:03

Sat morning I'm going to pick up a big maternity body pillow I found on marketplace so that I might actually get some sleep tonight!
Then hopefully doing something with dp as we haven't spent much time together lately.
Tomorrow going to a friends baby shower,

rosy71 Sat 13-Apr-19 07:04:51

Friday night we went to a quiz night.
Saturday- parkrun & haircut, housework.
Sunday- both boys have football matches then we'll visit my parents.

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