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AIBU to think schools shouldn’t be giving out Easter Eggs?

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TulipsTulipsTulips Fri 12-Apr-19 13:22:57

My DD4 will be showered with chocolate I'm the upcoming week. It’s part of the fun of Easter. But her teachers have already given her, and all the nursery class, a medium sized chocolate egg each and chocolates were being handed around today. AIBU to think giving out chocolates is for parents to monitor and decide, and the school should focus on other healthier Easter activities? Why are schools spending money on unhealthy treats that have no educational purpose?

TheBabyAteMyBrain Fri 12-Apr-19 13:23:57

God forbid they do something nice and make children happy confused

Everythingmagnolia Fri 12-Apr-19 13:24:07


RedRedBluee Fri 12-Apr-19 13:25:00


MouseRatFan Fri 12-Apr-19 13:25:06

YABU. My dc recieved a small hollow egg from their teacher. They were thrilled!! Much more so than with any of the over the top eggs from family.

ChandelierSail Fri 12-Apr-19 13:25:05


Feenie Fri 12-Apr-19 13:25:12

Schools aren't - the teachers are. Or possibly the PTA.

Quite the fun sponge, aren't you?

Knowivedonewrong Fri 12-Apr-19 13:25:32

FFS! 🙄😏

Sparklingbrook Fri 12-Apr-19 13:25:52

That's like the 'Bah Humbug ' equivalent of Easter isn't it?

Some children won't be 'showered with chocolate'and the Easter Egg from school may be the only one they get in fact. Seems like a nice, and completely normal thing for a school to do.

4strings Fri 12-Apr-19 13:26:00

Actually YANBU.

Dd1 one got royally told off in reception because dh put a tiny chocolate Santa in her lunch. Same week, they all got a selection box!

cauliflowersqueeze Fri 12-Apr-19 13:26:05


Chilledout11 Fri 12-Apr-19 13:26:06


Order654 Fri 12-Apr-19 13:26:21

Lighten up, it’s a bit of chocolate. God forbid the school or teachers try to do something nice.

TheFallenMadonna Fri 12-Apr-19 13:26:23

Not all children are showered with chocolate at Easter.

Sux2buthen Fri 12-Apr-19 13:26:38

The parent can control it by saying lovely, let's put it up until Easter.
But I can't imagine being that much of a joy sucker

Badwifey Fri 12-Apr-19 13:26:53

If it's that big a deal tell your family not to bother. Killjoy

ShaggyRug Fri 12-Apr-19 13:27:00

Seriously? You’d begrudge children a simple small kind gesture that would make them happy? Wow hmm

WonkoTheSane42 Fri 12-Apr-19 13:27:12

The teacher probably paid for that stuff her/himself in order to be nice. I doubt any school’s budget runs to Easter eggs. We’re not allowed to print in colour in my school, and we have to fundraise for sports uniforms, so...

Alsohuman Fri 12-Apr-19 13:27:16

Some people can suck the joy out of anything.

palebluewalls Fri 12-Apr-19 13:28:51

The school won't have paid for them! It will be the teachers.

I honestly don't think we can win these days. I bet there is another thread on here complaining that their kid wasn't given any chocolate 🤦‍♀️

SleepingSloth Fri 12-Apr-19 13:29:29

At our primary school, it's only given out at home time so it's still in the control of the parents. Our secondary give eggs as prizes....Sometimes I only see the wrapper as its been shared with

I'm not strict with chocolate though so I don't mind. Does your child's school let them eat it at school?

Lifecraft Fri 12-Apr-19 13:29:38

My DD4 will be showered with chocolate I'm the upcoming week.

Some children in their class, maybe from poorer backgrounds, different religions or with no extended family, won't be. But fuck 'em. Your kids get plenty from elsewhere so teacher shouldn't be giving them any more.

outpinked Fri 12-Apr-19 13:29:50

YABU. Bet you’re a laugh at parties.

olderthanyouthink Fri 12-Apr-19 13:31:05

But you can monitor and decide how quickly you child gets through the chocolate. When I was little the chocolate supply just went on for ages rather than eating it all at once.

EmrysAtticus Fri 12-Apr-19 13:31:24

Yes it may be over the top for children who will receive a lot of easter eggs but for the children for whom it will be the only easter egg I expect it means a lot.

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