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to be nervous to take sertraline? Embarrassing side effect

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adviceneeded101 Fri 12-Apr-19 13:04:10

I was prescribed sertraline in the past for anxiety. It was good but I had a weird side effect where my clitoris would feel engorged and hypersensitive all the time. I went to my gp as I couldn't cope with it anymore. I had the same with citalopram. It's a horrid feeling but he was dismissive and told me it's not a known side effect.

I've done some googling and can see that I'm not the only one. It's just not common.

Went back to docs today as I have crippling GAD. Doc has prescribed me sertraline again. It's the safest thing whilst breast feeding. She told me to just give it a go.

Would I be mad to try again? Has anyone else heard of this side effect?

Allfednonedead Fri 12-Apr-19 13:28:10

You wouldn’t be mad at all to try again, but equally you are right to be wary.

In my extensive experience of antidepressants, you don’t always get the same side effects the next time you take them.

The other point to be aware of is that most side effects are very much worse in the first couple of weeks and subside significantly over time.

But it’s also worth asking if there are any other drugs you could try instead. That’s reasonable if last time you had unendurable side effects.

Best of luck!

AliceAbsolum Fri 12-Apr-19 13:55:19

I wouldn't. Most people don't just stop having side effects.

Have you had any/more than 6 session of CBT for GAD?

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