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AIBU to expect to find boots in summer (lighthearted)

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ACurlyWurly Fri 12-Apr-19 08:19:38

I am looking for a pair of black mid heel boots in leather (wide fit) for work. I bought some in winter hoping they would do the trick but have snapped off the heel.

I totally understand that we need summer shoes, I completely get that shops cant stock everything all the time. However, for a pair of plain black, all leather boots - no suede, no cut outs, up to £50-£70 price a wide fit...I cant find anything.

Is it too much to expect that I can find appropriate footwear for work all year round. It is so frustrating!

randomsabreuse Fri 12-Apr-19 08:20:50

It's not like summer is always sandal weather either!

Lockheart Fri 12-Apr-19 08:20:51

Try Google, or the style and beauty forum?

ACurlyWurly Fri 12-Apr-19 08:22:41

@randomsabreuse I wish it was, Flip flops all year would suit me but work would disagree!

ACurlyWurly Fri 12-Apr-19 08:23:28

It will be mid summer with the shops filling up with chunky knitwear before we know it and I will be looking for a summery top grin

QuestionableMouse Fri 12-Apr-19 08:40:55

I have these and they're really comfy and look smart.,size:

BarbaraofSevillle Fri 12-Apr-19 08:44:09

M&S have several pairs to choose from

Tinysarah1985 Fri 12-Apr-19 08:45:19

I had the same problem- i got these from
Next - soo comfy and in wide fit too.

Sitdownstandup Fri 12-Apr-19 09:32:14

I've tried getting ankle boots at this time of year before and it's a pain in the arse. The shops just dont stock. Gave up on the actual physical shops and went online instead. This is why the high street is losing so much business...

GoingToInfinity Fri 12-Apr-19 09:40:11

Try simply be. Just got a lovely pair of wide fit Chelsea boots from there.

It's not practical to wear ballet pumps and flip flops to work in the summer so needed something more sturdy and smart.

ACurlyWurly Fri 12-Apr-19 11:56:49

@QuestionableMouse love the ones from simply be, sadly out of stock in my size. They would be perfect for work.

@Tinysarah1985 like the ones from next i have a pair similar but sadly not really smart enough for work....lovely boots though

QuestionableMouse Fri 12-Apr-19 12:19:42,size:

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