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Mummzyof3 Thu 11-Apr-19 23:34:42

I just need some outside advice if iabu about what i think is right for me lo
Basicaly my recent ex's ex ( we both have kids with him) went on a rampage last year with me giving me the big i am, she put her fist up to me wile i has mt lo with me, also has phone calls threatening me (police were called)
She constanltt kept telling me how my ex can take our child and i cant stop him but he cant take hers ( hes on my lo birth ceet but not hers ) repetedly telling me she would take my ex anywhere with my child to dissapear and they couldnt trace it as its thru imessenger? (Have no idea) and it couldnt get proven,telling i cant stop her getting involved in my childs life, it came to the point i was to scared to leave me house as i would get filthy look and snidy comments and i honestly was scared at what they woild do as they had already threatenes alot,fast forward a few months and i spoke to ex ans said "i dont want you out of our child life but i dont want you having him on your own because od this ex,he agreed and said he had had enough and was telli g her to leave him alone, as her being a round is unsafe,its come to light wile i was seeinf him atill he was sneaking around and meeting up with her and kids ans making out i had said all thos crap to make himself look like a good person and me a bad
So question is aibu to sugest he still isnt aloud him on his own as he says i abu one min then agreeing the next
Ps sorry for lonf post

Nicknacky Thu 11-Apr-19 23:39:52

So you want your child to stop having contact with his father unsupervised because of messages his ex has sent you?

PregnantSea Thu 11-Apr-19 23:40:20

This is awful. I would go the legal route and try and organise contact this way because you have no guarantees that this woman won't be there when he has her

Mummzyof3 Thu 11-Apr-19 23:46:19

More for the threats tbh he isnt trust worthy, i cant fault him 1 min as a dad hes amazing with los but the fact he lies all the time so cant trust him, if hes lied about meeting her all this time i wouldnt no if los been around her, yeah im consideting the legal route i just no it will be hard sad the thing is i wouldnt stop him seeing him completly even if he got back with ex and hes knows this it would just be with me around as ita really not a trusting situation

Mummzyof3 Thu 11-Apr-19 23:47:42

So he really has no need to keep lying, ive had 3 years of lies and deceitfulness i just like a fool kept going back thinking he would change

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