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Has anyone’s little one been this poorly with a cold

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B3ck89 Thu 11-Apr-19 21:38:53

I’m sorry for posting here, love the responses on AIBU

My little one is 16 months old and last Friday he came down with my cold, well ever since then he hasn’t let me put him down at all I have to carry him everywhere I go in the house, or sit with him and if I dare put him down he screams blue murder till I pick him up.
He hasn’t got much of a temperature now or snotty nose but he’s still so grizzly and unhappy, nothing is making him happy and he’s still off his food.
I hadn’t took him to the GP yet as I thought it was just a cold, but now I’m wondering if it’s something else? So I’m taking him first thing in the morning.
Has anyone else’s little one been so bad with a cold? Or did it turn out to be something else?

Bugsymalonemumof2 Thu 11-Apr-19 21:42:03

I think as adults we sometimes get colds which are horrendous and others which are mild which is very normal, my youngest is similarly clingy when feeling rotten.

The things I would be concerned about are things like ear infections which can be a secondary infection (and makes kids miserable too).

I would see how he is in the morning and go from there

isthistoonosy Thu 11-Apr-19 21:43:51

I think he has an ear infection, being upright helps the pain. I'd call for an emergency appointment in the morning and give calpol tonight.

Frangipaniisamadeupword Thu 11-Apr-19 21:44:12

Yes, my baby is just over one. I went to the GP because it turned into the most horrible chesty cough, but she just said it was a viral cough and that was that. Was rotten while it lasted, poor baby was choking and everything

Goodenough06 Thu 11-Apr-19 22:00:52

My son acted a bit like this at about 14 months. He ended up having hand, foot and mouth disease! I knew he had an infection but couldn't pinpoint what it was as he never got any blisters. I then came down with it myself and was covered in blisters. (Whilst away at a wedding with my husband - our one night in a hotel without our son all year!!!)
The doctor told me that sometimes children can come down with a virus but NOT have all of the symptoms, sometimes just an unknown illness that has to pass.
Probably worth taking him to Dr. Or ringing 111 if he gets any worse.

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