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Stretch marks...have I imagined this?

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DannyWallace Thu 11-Apr-19 21:35:01

I've recently had my first DC.
I had the biggest bump EVER in pregnancy (scanned twice weekly!). Seriously, absolutely huge! However thanks to my families amazing genes and LOADS of oil I didn't seem to end up with any stretch marks.
Yeay! Wonderful.

Within the first week after delivery I lost almost a stone and a half. Since then (7 weeks in) I've just lost another couple of pounds and am just starting to get back on a wee weight loss plan.

So, about 2 weeks after birth I noticed what look like tiny stretch marks on each side. Ok, not the end of the world, I assumed I got them in pregnancy and didn't see them. Although I was surprised as I did check my bump in the mirror every day when I moisturised.

Then about 4 weeks after birth I noticed stretch marks on the bottom of my breasts. Ok, not ideal, but understandable. I'm EBF and I guess they've grown a bit.

Then last week (6 weeks after birth) I've found loads on my tummy under my belly button. I'm only a size 14 so not so huge that I couldn't see my tummy, plus I've been taking progress pics and these stretch marks definitely weren't there a month ago! Even DH says that! (They look all new and dark!).
I've lost 4lbs in the last month so not a huge rise or drop in weight either.

AIBU to be worried that this will keep happening? I'm not massively panicked about stretch marks in pregnancy, I just didn't expect this many postnatally!!!
Anyone else?

WhiteDust Thu 11-Apr-19 21:57:50

I am fat and have no visible stretch marks. When I have lost weight in the past my skin doesn't shrink back and I end up with LOTS of red stretch marks and skin that looks like a shrivelled up balloon. This maybe what has happened to you? I hate it and prefer my 'plumped' out body.

Skyecat Thu 11-Apr-19 22:05:28

You can get stretch marks from losing weight too. Especially if rapid weight loss occurs.

DannyWallace Fri 12-Apr-19 04:52:54

Thanks both.
Ahh, didn't expect this at all. I'll keep the weight loss slow, moisturise like crazy and hope more don't appear.

Onceuponacheesecake Fri 12-Apr-19 04:56:35

Moisturiser won't help. But yeah they can appear after birth or with weight loss. Sorry OP!

user1480880826 Fri 12-Apr-19 06:30:23

It’s normal to get stretch marks due to weight loss.

Also, if you’re EBF don’t go on a weight loss diet. You need an additional 500 calories per day and even then your extra weight should naturally fall off.

Ilove31415926535 Fri 12-Apr-19 06:35:14

They will fade down to silvery marks as time passes flowers

fancynancyclancy Fri 12-Apr-19 06:50:13

They also have something to do with your hormones, although I’m not sure what.
I remember getting some on my bikini line when I was 3 months pregnant when I hadn’t gained any weight but no more through or after pregnancy, weird!

snowone Fri 12-Apr-19 07:38:46

There is no amount of oil or moisturiser that will help I'm afraid. Stretch marks occur due to damage further down than anything oil wise can reach. It's more about genetics than anything. I've grown to love my stretch marks, they are my mummy marks and my two DDs wouldn't be here without them!!

Mondayblues7 Fri 12-Apr-19 07:47:29

Currently 20 weeks pregnant and am using oil and creams twice a day. There is some evidence out there that these help to lessen the appearance of stretch marks.

Also, both of my sister's with 5 kids between them did this and have not got any stretch marks.

So cream up if you want to! If anything its nice just to have a little pamper.

They will fade with time and be so much lighter than they are now. Don't be too hard on yourself OP.

hidinginthenightgarden Fri 12-Apr-19 07:53:31

I got stretch marks from pregnancy but they have barely been visable until I lost weight recently (6 years after birth!)

Ellabella989 Fri 12-Apr-19 07:54:24

I’ve never had a baby but since dropping from a size 16 to a size 10 I’ve gotten loads of dark ones on my thighs, hips and bum. Never had any when I was at my biggest

Damntheman Fri 12-Apr-19 09:13:59

I got my only stretchmark when my baby dropped fully into the birth canal. It looks like a flame under my belly button! It's kind of cool.. They will fade though OP, don't worry smile Look after yourself.

outpinked Fri 12-Apr-19 09:21:28

No moisturiser helps. I had lots during DC1’s pregnancy but they’re barely noticeable now and I didn’t gain any new ones with my next three pregnancies.

DannyWallace Fri 12-Apr-19 09:40:03

Thanks all. Loads of great info.

Just to clarify a couple of things. I'm not on a strict diet or anything, just more watching I'm not overeating while just sitting on the sofa cluster feeding 😂. But thank you.

Also, yeah I've always been unsure about the moisturiser thing. But TBH, it won't do any harm and as a new mum my skin needs a bit of TLC so I'm just enjoying it haha.

So, looks like it's relatively common to happen along with weight loss and not just weight gain! I guess you learn something new every day.

ScreamScreamIceCream Fri 12-Apr-19 09:52:55

All moisturiser does is help improve the appearance it doesn't make them disappear.

As well as weight loss and weight gain, you can get them when growing rapidly in puberty. I went to school with girls who got them for this reason plus my partner first got them as well from this.

I should add lots of black women moisturise their skin daily and if using moisturiser was the reason you didn't get stretch marks then none of them would have them.

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