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Another dog off lead one - help me see another perspective

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Getyerdogonalead Thu 11-Apr-19 18:22:16

Sorry it’s a long one! I’m ranting and need perspective. I,m still shaken up. Just had an incident when walking DDog (a rescue Staffy - she’s a bit iffy with other dogs. She doesn’t like dogs who are over excitable or unsocialised - she will give a back off warning through growling or snarling, we are working with her on her socialisation but she’s always on a lead and has never attacked a dog but might defend herself if attacked).

A bloke was walking his 6 month old German shepherd dog off lead, playing with a ball as we were walking past. His dog went for mine and it didn’t look like it was “playing” as he was claiming. Same dog also went for my dog the other day when DH walked her but I wasn’t present for that. DH said it also wasn’t “playing”.

The bloke couldn’t control his dog or get it back so he ran after it while it was running after mine. I tried walking in the other direction but the dog caught up to us. I panicked and shouted “get your fucking dog on a lead”. I shouldn’t have sworn but I panicked. I’m usually really meek and never stand up for myself. Me and DDog have been attacked before (genuinely wasn’t DDogs fault) so I hate dogs being off lead anyway but I could see that this one wasn’t “playing” as the man claimed.

So he started ranting off on one saying I’m the one with the breed. I said, “says the man with the german shepherd”. (I have nothing against them at all but they aren’t used as police dogs for nothing). He then said my dog should be put down even though she didn’t attacked, she was snarling at this point though as the other dog was really in her face.

I walked off and he was still shouting at me. I turned around and tried to apologise and explain we’d been attacked before but obviously he didn’t want to hear it.

I shouldn’t have sworn but I panicked. I’m sleep deprived with a 5 week old baby (she wasn’t present) I also suffer from anxiety and could just see there being a fight.

So was IBU? I think that if your going to have a dog off lead, it should a good recall and be socialised. It definitely wasn’t playing and it had gone for my dog previously. I’m scared I’m going to bump into this man again. I hate confrontation and I shouldn’t have sworn but surely his dog should have been on a lead?

Sorry for the ramble grin

Confusedbeetle Thu 11-Apr-19 18:24:15

I should have been on a lead

Asdfghjklll Thu 11-Apr-19 18:27:05

YANBU. My new puppy recall isn't great and if I see another dog on lead I would put her on lead straight away. I hate irresponsible dog owners and the they are jist playing crap.

Angelicinnocent Thu 11-Apr-19 18:31:20

YANBU and I say that as a dog lover who also works with dogs. Unfortunately, an idiot like that owner is probably never going to train his dog properly and it will not end well.

German shepherds are incredibly loving and loyal dogs but they are also very defensive about their pack. The dog was probably protecting its owner in its eyes but that doesn't help when it goes wrong.

YNBU. He was not in control of his dog. I have a staffy x I would have been fuming at his comment. Ignorant twit..

NoSquirrels Thu 11-Apr-19 18:41:15

Of COURSE it should have been on a lead.

I love Shepherds, beautiful dogs, but they need loads of socialising and training at the right time otherwise as a PP says they will guard their pack - fiercely.

It makes me really sad to see one owned by an idiot. My dog and I met one today who was going mental barking and pulling the lead, really strong and obviously a young dog. We walked as far away from them as possible (and my dog never reacts anyway) but the woman with the dog was just screaming at it as it barked and yanking its lead around. I really wanted to tell her she needed to distract and treat for being calm, not bloody yank it about whilst bellowing at it. But a) no point, she’d not have listened and b) we’d have made it worse going over to them.

Sorry you had a bad experience. I guess if you see them again make sure to head in the opposite direction ASAP.

HarrysOwl Thu 11-Apr-19 18:42:22

The bloke couldn’t control his dog or get it back

He was a dickhead.

Slicedpineapple Thu 11-Apr-19 18:43:32

YANBU. If somebody sees a dog on a lead they should put theirs on too, end of. If they are incapable of getting them back then they should head in the other direction so their dog follows them and doesn't have the temptation to run to yours. He should have apologised to you.

We also have a staffy, who has been attacked unprovoked twice. He has never retaliated. But the owners don't give a shit because we are the ones with a staffy. Drives me mad. The last one didn't even apologise despite the fact it had bitten and drawn blood. Fortunately ddog was ok and it didn't phase him at all - he loves dogs too much, I don't think it registered with him after 2 minutes!

I find GS pups can in some cases be very bouncy and vocal which can intimidate nervous dogs, even if they don't mean it to and it is just play. My boy only knows one GS. They are the same age but he finds the GS a bit too much even though it only wants to play - and my boy is amazing with other dogs so it says something when that happens.

Slicedpineapple Thu 11-Apr-19 18:45:59

I also find it really hard not to let my blood boil the second people start with staffy prejudice. We were walking down the road the other day, my boy was next to me on a nice loose lead. Somebidy started scowling at him and ducked in to somebody's pathway to their house to avoid him. I always want to say something! They had their own dog with them who was wagging their tail so don't think it was due to a nervous dog on their part.

NoSauce Thu 11-Apr-19 18:47:03

Poor you OP. He was in the wrong, his dog should not be running at other dogs full stop. If he can’t fully control it then it should be on a lead.

Annabk Thu 11-Apr-19 18:50:24

The man’s an idiot. Carry a large pocketful of tasty treats and next time his dog comes over throw treats in its face and make your escape while it’s hoovering up the treats from the ground. This generally works well but you shouldn’t have to do it (if people weren’t arseholes like that man).

Saucery Thu 11-Apr-19 18:54:35

YANBU I’m pretty easy going and DH is really, really laid back but we’ve both had our dog upset and distressed by stupid arsehole owners who can’t control their dogs, so we’ve lost our temper. The reason our dog is super-reactive to GSDs is because a young one went for her on a group walk when she was a few months old. It had form for attacking other dogs (had nearly drowned one elderly dog by pinning it by the neck in a stream). Owner was told he wasn’t welcome in the group any more after the incident with my dog.
They are beautiful dogs and would be a future breed I would consider. We know several lovely ones with excellent natures, but they only get that way with knowledgeable and capabable owners. I have zero patience with wankers who get a big boisterous intelligent dog and just expect it to drag itself up. Those owners deserve a mouthful, so don’t feel bad.

SomewhereInbetween1 Thu 11-Apr-19 19:01:27

Things like this should be so simple. If you see a dog on a lead, put yours on a lead. Instances like this shouldn't keep happening.

adaline Thu 11-Apr-19 19:02:06

YANBU, dog should be on a lead if it doesn't have solid recall.

Similar happened to me yesterday. Mine was on-lead and walking nicely when another dog (off-lead) came and growled at him and tried to bite. The owner shouted him away but it took a good 30 seconds before the dog listened to him!

MonochromeDog Thu 11-Apr-19 19:02:50

He should have put it back on the lead!

I was walking my dog yesterday in a park full with kids on bikes and scooters, other dogs on and off leads. I spent most of the walk putting his lead on and then taking it off when we reached a quiet area and he could run. He did get attacked by a Bichon Frise which was kind of hilarious as he's a Border Collie and Ridgeback cross so he's big. But again the second he bared his teeth at her, I called him back and he came straight away and was put on the lead. Because he could have done some damage to her.

The man was a dick.

Cherrysoup Thu 11-Apr-19 19:02:52

He’s an absolute idiot. His dog wasn’t under his control yet he’s having a go at you!, what a twat. People like that regularly ruin my walk. My dogs have amazing recall, others who don’t should not be off lead.

FudgeBrownie2019 Thu 11-Apr-19 19:06:46

The bloke couldn’t control his dog or get it back

In any situation regardless of breed or owner's opinions this is the only important factor. If your dog is out of control and unresponsive to your commands, you're not in sufficient charge of it to allow it free rein when other dogs are around. The man was an enormous prick and there's no way you should have apologised; he should have been grovelling and trying to sort his twat dog out.

Owners who get all ballsy when challenged about their dog's shitty behaviour shouldn't be allowed dogs. Either you're in charge and it responds to your commands or you keep it on a lead. Practise, by all means, teach them and help socialise them. But don't fucking pretend another on-lead under-control dog is at fault when you're too lazy to train your own pet.

flowers Hope you and your dog aren't too shaken by this.

SuperLoudPoppingAction Thu 11-Apr-19 19:07:13

I didn't notice this as much with my last dog who was a large, confident but gentle, non reactive chap.
My new dog is a rescue greyhound who hasn't been around other dogs.
I'm so grateful for dog owners who walk their dog on lead or otherwise have them under control.
They're giving my dog a chance to have a little mutual sniff that lasts a couple of seconds before we both move on.

I feel like that's around 50% of dogs we meet.

The rest seem to be off lead and often in groups of 2-5 with only one owner walking them.
3 dogs sniffing at mine for ages is quite a lot for her to process just now.

'He's just playing'drives me up the wall.

Getyerdogonalead Thu 11-Apr-19 19:15:18

Thanks all.

I do regret trying to apologise now. Only reason I was trying to apologise as I didn’t want bad blood next time I saw him even though he’s a prick. Quite a few people have their dog off lead around there but their dogs don’t snarl and attack others so him not training his dog is an accident waiting to happen. Plus it’s by a small park where kids play.

I should add that when DDog was attacked previously by another dog, it was by another Staffy whose teeth pierced her cheek. She’s still scarred now sad I had to unhook my dogs cheek from his teeth. It was horrible and there was blood everywhere.

I also have nothing against GSDs. They are beautiful, DH always had them growing up. It’s just the comment he made about me having a Staffy when he has a dog breed that also gets a bad reputation, albeit undeserved.

He’s clearly not making any attempt to train it. Plus it doesn’t look like a baby (his words, he said it was just a baby) when it’s almost full sized and going for my dog. I hate it when owners say “my dog is only playing” when it’s not or when it’s unsocialised and isn’t picking up queues from other dogs to back off,

Getyerdogonalead Thu 11-Apr-19 19:16:53

My dog was on a lead and she’s insured.

What would have happened had a fight broken out. Surely he would have been liable?

Floralnomad Thu 11-Apr-19 19:18:48

An off lead dog should not be approaching an on lead dog irrespective of the breed of either . My dog is currently on lead walks only due to an injury and we were approached by 2 off lead staffs yesterday , one adult , one pup and I just instantly called to the owner that mine is not friendly , as far as I’m concerned the owner has then been warned if mine does kick off and it’s up to them to get their dogs away .

VBT2 Thu 11-Apr-19 19:25:38

YANBU. I doubt he'd have had so much to say if you'd have been a man, either.

His dog was out of control, you've called him out for it (no need to apologise for swearing even) and rather than admit responsibility, he's lashed out at you to try and make it seem like your fault.

Maneandfeathers Thu 11-Apr-19 19:29:12

I have had lots of german shepherds and they do play extremely rough and vocally.
Mine snarl, growl, bark, grab eachother and generally look like a murder is taking place. They also circle eachother like lions hunting dinner.

I doubt a 6 month old dog is aggressive and it is more likely to be overly aggressive play however this is the exact reason I don’t ever let mine play with other dogs and always put them on leads. It’s not worth scaring anyone over! The man was completely in the wrong here OP.

Getyerdogonalead Thu 11-Apr-19 20:00:20

@Maneandfeathers - I had no idea! I wish he had told me that.

I’ve seen dogs play rough before but this seemed different. I guess that’s just before I’ve never had a German Shepard.

I would like one if my house was big enough. They are super cute & poofy grin

BlueSlipperSocks Thu 11-Apr-19 20:14:50

The bloke was a nob, simple as that! His dog may be a pup but as soon as he saw a dog on lead approaching he should have put his dog on a lead, made him sit and wait until you had passed (bribing his dog with treats and lots of praise) teaching him the way to behave with other dogs is to be polite and let them pass - not run up to random dogs, especially those on a lead.

Different breeds play in different ways. I very much doubt a 6 month old GSD was intending to "attack" your dog, but the play would have been very different to the way a staffie would percieve an invitation to play.

Most dogs are ok. Some dog owners haven't a clue and expect everyone to welcome their unruly, rude dogs.

To avoid another confrontation with this entitled nob is there anywhere else you can walk your dog?

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