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AIBU re husband's shopping

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ElinorRigby Thu 11-Apr-19 13:52:04

Working at home today, so asked spouse to do shopping. Made him a list including two specific types of cheese - Red Leicester and Stilton. He went off to do the shops but also went to pick up supplies in the city centre. Saw him return but didn't wander out as I was working.

Emerged at lunchtime to find he'd left most of stuff out when he returned from shops, rather than putting it away - meaning if I wanted to make lunch I'd have to do all the putting away first.. Rather than buying the cheese on the list, he'd bought goats cheese - although some old goats cheese has been languishing uneaten the fridge for a while -and white stilton with apricots (which I disliked) and left it out on the table in the sunshine.

When I queried why he hadn't put stuff away he said
a) he thought I'd like to see what he'd bought. He referred to this as the 'kill'
b) he didn't know where half the things went but I would know where to put them
c) he'd been out for over an hour and a half, so hadn't he done enough

My husband has been retired for several years and cooks regularly. I was underwhelmed.

At some point in the ensuing discussion I used the word 'patriarchy' and he said he was 'gutted' that I would describe his behaviour as having been influenced by patriarchal attitudes.

Just another day....

FiveLittlePigs Thu 11-Apr-19 13:57:39

The poor man! I hope that you saw the error of your ways in expecting him to do shopping, buy the right stuff and put it away. How was his poor little man brain meant to deal with all that? shock

It infuriates me when some men do that "I can't shop/cook/clean/act like an adult" act and then go into a huff when called out on it.

SpongeBobJudgeyPants Thu 11-Apr-19 14:00:09

Won't someone think of the menz! grin

PianoTuner567 Thu 11-Apr-19 14:03:47

he didn't know where half the things went but I would know where to put them

Most irritating excuse ever!

YouTheCat Thu 11-Apr-19 14:07:53

It all sounds a bit passive aggressive to me. Does he resent you working and not attending to his every need?

Cantthinkofausername1990 Thu 11-Apr-19 14:10:05

Annoys me so much, dh will leave the bag on the kitchen table and walk away as if he's done his bit!

LordPickle Thu 11-Apr-19 14:13:09

My DH does this too and it gives me such rage! It's so fucking lazy and disrespectful.

He even says "oh I thought you'd want to see what I bought" too. As of once it's in the fridge or the cupboard, it becomes invisible. Wanker.

Chocolateisfab Thu 11-Apr-19 14:13:36

Op I suggest you grab a ton of post it notes and itemise your home.
Once asked dh to get water cress as I was going to make fish cakes..
He got salad cress..

BuzzPeakWankBobbly Thu 11-Apr-19 14:13:44

Maybe "don't know" where half his stuff goes in future.

"Your pants, darling? I left them in the freezer, didn't know where else they should go"

user1480880826 Thu 11-Apr-19 14:15:52

My husband also used to say he didn’t know where anything went. My response was always “maybe if you did some of the cooking you might find out”.

Useless species.

Arachnidplant Thu 11-Apr-19 14:17:33

Send him back out to buy the right stuff.

ElinorRigby Thu 11-Apr-19 14:17:37

I think he likes to think of himself as doing his share of the housework - but he rushes round doing other things he finds more interesting. So he's minimalist and doesn't do stuff he finds boring particularly thoroughly. Or at all/

For example if I dry laundry, I don't just bring it in from outside/take it out of the dryer. I also sort it into ironing baskets - different ones according to who it belongs to. I also remove the stuff that doesn't need ironing. Whereas spouse things if he's hung washing out/taken it in/operated the dryer - and left the rest to be done by the fairies (me) the job's been done.

So he could convince himself he'd done the shopping - which technically he had. But it wasn't convenient for him to find the right cheese or put stuff away, because he really wanted to get on with his hobby.

nakedscientist Thu 11-Apr-19 14:18:16

Yes, yes to this. DH goes to the market on Saturday and leaves it all on the table for me to "see". It has to be admired and then we have to count up how much he has saved us compared to going to the supermarket!

canadianbanana Thu 11-Apr-19 14:20:01

So he cooks regularly, but can’t figure out where things go? Right, that sounds legit 😉.

CatCatDog Thu 11-Apr-19 14:43:59

Try telling him you've seen the kill so now he needs to hide it from predators by burying it in the fridge! wink
I've got one that insists on showing me everything upon their return hmm

Bloodybridget Thu 11-Apr-19 14:46:40

God almighty. Think I would have rammed the apricot Stilton (yuck) down his throat.

Mix56 Thu 11-Apr-19 14:47:30

This is called "intentional incompetence",

Kungfupanda67 Thu 11-Apr-19 14:50:25

Why do men enjoy displaying their shopping? My dad used to come home from Lidl and show us each item in turn... ‘see this beef? Guess how much?’

Honestly couldn’t give a shit dad 👍

GertrudeCB Thu 11-Apr-19 14:51:04

My dh is semi retired and does the full shop every week and puts it away. Maybe I should get him a medal ...........second thoughts op it does sound like strategic incompetence. What a weapon angry

wolfmom Thu 11-Apr-19 14:51:06

My oh came up to bed last night and announced he'd washed the dishes like he'd found the cure for common colds, was not impressed when my response was only "great" yippee he washed several dishes, didn't put the sodding things away though. I've decided until I am thanked for doing household chores dd and oh will get the same dismissive "great" lol

SapphireSeptember Thu 11-Apr-19 14:52:51

'Didn't know where it goes'! Er, the fridge? Anyone with half a brain cell would get it.

I gave up on ever getting my ex to do the shopping, he never got it right and it would enrage me, ditto the washing up.

FFSFFSFFS Thu 11-Apr-19 14:54:55

I would also retire from your housekeeper duties. He can do all those things for himself now.

Crazybunnylady123 Thu 11-Apr-19 14:56:17

My fella comes food shopping with me and we put it away together with help from the toddler. I don’t have to ask him he’s great. But he is a bit of a clean freak anyway, he definitely does his share.
I hope he never changes. He does put stuff away and I have to hunt for it sometimes though.
I think it’s unreasonable to just leave it there without telling you. Does he never cook for himself he must know where the food is ?

SilverySurfer Thu 11-Apr-19 14:56:45

Ah the well known professional incompetent. If he does what you ask badly enough you won't ask again so win/win for him.

sweeneytoddsrazor Thu 11-Apr-19 14:58:06

Actually I doubt if anyone in this house realises where 'proper' food goes, although junk food they know the exact location of assuming it doesn't get eaten before being put away.

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