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Can't work out if this is a good idea?

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ShabbyAbby Thu 11-Apr-19 12:35:04

To get my toddler a doll to "look after" as a sibling present?
I thought it was great until I realised that there might be "baby confusion"
AIBU to think it's a bad idea to have two new "babies" in the house?!

ShabbyAbby Thu 11-Apr-19 13:52:41

Ooh yes @masktaster me too. And a portable carry cot too! And stair gates!

I think I might be a bit paranoid.

He's only a toddler and up until very recently he was my baby who I was insanely protecting. The age gap between 1 and 2 was bigger. But I have lived my entire life knowing that aged 2 and with a new sibling I turned into the devil. I am prepared for the worst but hoping for the best! Hopefully he is good natured like his sister was when I bought him home, and not a terror toddler like I was.

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