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How to ask/tell boss I want demotion?

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Firstdateschannel4q24s Thu 11-Apr-19 11:03:54

Posting here for traffic.
Hi, I worked in a very pressured job for 2 years, working all hours to ensure things are completed on time. I have responsibility for staff, stock, clients problems and any ad hoc items that come my way.
I recently had a meeting with my boss stating that I wasn't able to work to my high standards as others (family business) were constantly changing procedures in place to suit themselves. This is very frustrating, time wasting and disrespectful of my decisions. From this meeting I was asked to give 'the company' 4 weeks to 'change' and that my authority would no longer be undermined.
Fast forward more than the 4 weeks and nothing has changed - in fact I feel that a future decision has already been made that I have to basically 'go along with'. I feel this is a bad decision based on past issues within the company.
So really I want to ask for my previous role back (still available) and have the words ready for when they try to persuade me to stay in my current role.
Thoughts please hmm

BloodyDisgrace Thu 11-Apr-19 11:19:53

Good luck, go for that previous role. You don't have to explain or apologise, just say you are sick of it and don't live to work.

Hope MN erupts with good advice on that one... Something tells me it won't.
Good luck anyway.

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