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To get irked when folk peer through my window to see if anyone is in

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Jaggypinecone Thu 11-Apr-19 10:49:38

Just ring the bloody doorbell ffs.

I don't mind a casual glance in as they go past the window to the door but to stop, shade their eyes for a better look and peer right in the window pisses me off no end.
And the door is right next to the window so it's not as if they have to hike round the house to get to the door.

cricketmum84 Thu 11-Apr-19 10:55:48

Ooh this pisses me right off!! A delivery man did it yesterday before he knocked and asked me to take in SEVEN big boxes for my neighbour.

The time before it was JW. They knocked and knocked then actually put their faces up against my living room window to see if we were in. How bloody rude and intrusive. I'm (not very) ashamed to say I got up, stuck a finger at them and closed the blinds!!

LucyAutumn Thu 11-Apr-19 10:56:52

Oh dear lord, we've recently bought our first house (thr front door is in the middle of the house) and delivery people and family both keep doing this! I've decided to invest in some massive plant pots to block their way but I can't get over how intrusive and ruse this is! angry

LucyAutumn Thu 11-Apr-19 10:57:22


Jaggypinecone Thu 11-Apr-19 11:01:55

Yup, rude and invasive. I'm sure folk just want a nosey.

ChuckyHereToPlay Thu 11-Apr-19 11:19:01

This is the reason I keep my downstairs blinds closed 24/7

ShaggyRug Thu 11-Apr-19 11:24:16

These are the blinds you’re looking for

LynnTheseAreSexPeople Thu 11-Apr-19 11:26:47

YANBU I would never do that unless I actually had concerns they were lying dead in the front room. What on earth are they thinking?!

SickOfThePig Thu 11-Apr-19 11:27:46

Net curtains.

DantesInferno Thu 11-Apr-19 11:29:20

Nets are your friend here
(although I think on MN they are like bog brushes, but we have them)

MikeUniformMike Thu 11-Apr-19 11:31:02

I hate people knocking on the window.

kaldefotter Thu 11-Apr-19 11:32:24

Get a reflective film for your window (or just the bottom half). The sort where you can see out of the window, but they’ll see their reflection when trying to look in. It’ll give them a right scare. Then they’ll stop.

kamikazeshady Thu 11-Apr-19 11:34:05

I hate people knocking on my door in general 😂 if I didn't ask you to come here then fuck off hahahaha.

kaldefotter Thu 11-Apr-19 11:34:30

Like this -

thecatsthecats Thu 11-Apr-19 11:49:06

The little shit from next door does this if I'm too preoccupied to answer to send his sodding ball back (i.e. tricky bit of cooking, naked from shower, napping because of migraine etc).

It goes - ring doorbell several times - bang on door - call 'hello' - peer through window. Little git. You'll get your ball back when I'm sodding ready. It's not a cup final.

(Unfortunately I'm a bit spineless about this because his parents are absolutely fab, I can hear them telling him off when they catch him at it, and I'm hoping to have them around to do some building work for us)

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