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Time off in new job

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HoumiLoomi Thu 11-Apr-19 08:06:19

I started a new job I really love 2.5 months ago. Yesterday I came down with a really awful illness that has seen me have to take yesterday and today off work (I can’t move far from my bathroom floor). My boss sent me a lovely text that said to take as much time as I need to get better, but AIBU to be worried that so soon into a new job time off doesn’t look good? I’m worried I won’t now pass my probation period.

ZippyBungleandGeorge Thu 11-Apr-19 08:08:00

If you work hard, are amenable in the office and haven't had any other time off, I wouldn't worry people get sick. Make sure you're better before you go back or you'll end up taking a second lot of time off and that doesn't look great

adaline Thu 11-Apr-19 08:16:23

People get sick and it's clearly genuine - don't worry!

Just take as much time as you need to get better - these things happen.

Sparklesocks Thu 11-Apr-19 08:21:31

People get sick, as long as it doesn’t become a recurring pattern and you generally work hard and hit your targets it’s honestly not a big deal. Try not to worry and concentrate on resting and getting back to full health

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