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Sickness Bug, Baby, Incapacitated Husband... WTF Do I Do?!

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Thatsnotmyotter Thu 11-Apr-19 03:49:00

I’ve woken up with D&V. I have a 7 month old who is breastfed, a husband with a broken neck (who is thankfully mobile but can’t drive and needs regular rest), we live rurally in a small cottage with one bathroom and I have just finished the loo roll.

AIBU to think that I am royally fucked?

Poppins2016 Thu 11-Apr-19 03:55:50

Kitchen roll, baby wipes, cut up old clothes (all binned after use, not flushed) or the shower could be your saving grace in the absence of loo roll...

Could a friend/neighbour drop some supplies at your front door (knock and run!) tomorrow morning?

flowers You poor thing, it sounds awful. Try to hold onto the fact that this is temporary!

chocolateroses Thu 11-Apr-19 04:04:23

Oh fuck a duck. D&V is just horrendous with a baby.

It's temporary, but fucking awful.

Baby may have to be left to cry a bit more than usual but they will be ok.

If there's no one who can do an emergency run Can u do a Tesco/Ocado/amazon prime delivery of loo roll ASAP?

Poor thing! Hugs!

palahvah Thu 11-Apr-19 04:10:48

You poor thing! Do you have a hose on your shower? Is there any way you can stretch it to to loon so you can rinse down into it, Arab style?

palahvah Thu 11-Apr-19 04:11:10

*loo not loop

Thatsnotmyotter Thu 11-Apr-19 04:19:56

We use cloth wipes with the baby which is usually great but not ideal in this situation! I’m just having to put them in a separate bag to be hot washed or chucked as I have no idea what else to do!!

I’ll have to message a neighbour in the morning begging for supplies!

Might have to see if my mum/dad can come and pick up husband and the baby and they can go to my parents house for the day. I’m sure a day on formula won’t kill him.

AmazingGrace16 Thu 11-Apr-19 04:25:28

Keep bfing, the antibodies will do baby good!
Do you have prime now?

OrgasmicScalp Thu 11-Apr-19 04:41:16

Id be more than happy to do a supply if my friend or neighbour was in your situation.. hope it passes soon and things get back to normal

chocolateroses Thu 11-Apr-19 04:56:36

Yes to parental help!!! Formula for the day really is ok.

Bankofenglandfiver Thu 11-Apr-19 05:21:40

Get a neighbour to help out. Get parental help. BF as much as you can. And use the baby cloth wipes like loo roll and just wash them same as usual on a 95 degree wash.

You will get through this xx

rainbowstardrops Thu 11-Apr-19 05:49:50

Oh you poor thing, that sounds utterly shit! (Excuse the pun!)
Definitely enlist the help of family and neighbours or anyone else for that matter!!!
Hope you feel better soon thanks

Ohtherewearethen Thu 11-Apr-19 06:08:59

May be the OP doesn't feel up to breastfeeding when she is so poorly? She needs to rest and get better. OP, so whatever it takes, I hope you feel better soon x

TheSerenDipitY Thu 11-Apr-19 06:21:46

use a face cloth, or baby muslin ( you can boil wash it or throw it away once you are done) get it wet with nice hot water, go to the toilet, use it, and then put in a bucket with some bleach, wash off any solids if there are any first) and when you need to go again reuse it... id rinse it out in the laundry tub if you have one or in another bucket, your bum will feel better too as it will be less abrasive on it

Overthinker33 Thu 11-Apr-19 06:25:21

Sorry you’re u well op. If you usually bf all day, be careful not to add mastitis to the mix by not bf for a could pump but it sounds like extra work in a shit situation (shock)

Auramigraine Thu 11-Apr-19 06:46:53

You poor thing, D&V on its own is horrendous but in your situation it’s really shit.

Use whatever you can until supplies can be sent. And remember D&V is utterly horrid but it’s short lived and will be gone soon. Big hugs xx

Dermymc Thu 11-Apr-19 06:57:22

Keep BFing. Hydrate yourself as much as possible. It will help baby.

Hot wash with dettol will sort the wipes a treat.

Doobydoodah Thu 11-Apr-19 06:59:44

Have you got a pump for your milk? Do not just stop breastfeeding for a day with a 7 month old, you don't want mastitis on top of everything!

TitianaTitsling Thu 11-Apr-19 07:03:43

Agree get parents to come and help! Keep your fluids up and keep feeding as mastitis is a total horror! Hope this is a v v short episode of the d&v!

ThomasRichard Thu 11-Apr-19 07:06:29

Sainsbury’s do same-day delivery of you book early (before 8 I think). Otherwise, I’d be happy to an emergency supply-drop for a neighbour, friend or family member in this situation.

nutellanom Thu 11-Apr-19 07:10:23

I've had D&V whilst caring for a baby before, it's rough!

Keep feeding baby! Otherwise you will end up engorged/with mastitis and having to pump anyway which wouldn't be fun.
Also baby needs your antibodies to protect him from the bug.

If husband can be looked after by your parents for the day then fab.

A day on sofa for you and baby is fine, with TV and lots of naps when baby sleeps if that's possible.

D&V is rough by usually quite short lived, good luck x

Mixedupmummy Thu 11-Apr-19 07:26:17

oh poor you sad

Yogagirl123 Thu 11-Apr-19 07:36:29

You poor thing, it’s awful I know. As others posters have said, keep bf baby.

I am sure a friend or neighbour will gladly drop off supplies that you need at your door.

Hope you feel better soon.

Yougotdis Thu 11-Apr-19 07:39:22

Tesco and Sainsbury’s do same delivery in some areas. Worth a check

PoptartPoptart Thu 11-Apr-19 08:08:57

Or call a local cab company and ask if they’ll pick you up some toilet roll and drop it off and obviously you’ll pay them to do so.
My friend has done this several times (not for toilet roll but for other essentials when she has been completely stuck)

Thatsnotmyotter Fri 12-Apr-19 11:00:54

We survived! My dad dropped off some supplies first thing and DH looked after DS all day like a bloody trooper (I say this because he has a broken neck, not because he’s a man)!

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