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How to make myself happy

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RainbowMum11 Thu 11-Apr-19 02:03:27

I know it's prob the wrong place to post, but I need traffic at this time of night.
I'm in the middle of a breakdown.
I've been off work for a few weeks, under the care of my GP but having some medication upsets.'
Am also seeing a Counsellor but wasn't able to see her this week.
I need further help.
'Mindfulness ' and stuff is not enough.
It's too late to call my friends or GP - I don't feel suicidal, just completely pointless.
I don't see a way out yet, it's so hard.

Apoiads Thu 11-Apr-19 02:06:14

I lie down and cuddle a duvet until I fall asleep at times like this.

RainbowMum11 Thu 11-Apr-19 02:07:46

I have been doing that, I'm tired but can't sleep. Got up to write stuff down but my head won't stop thinking.

Aradiadaemon Thu 11-Apr-19 02:13:52

Have a try of EFT tapping! I'm just off to bed now but YouTube has some videos you can tap along to and give you the basics. I use it with my therapy clients and myself. Best therapeutic tool I have and teach it to everyone. Hope you get some sleep and feel better soon thanks

NuclearReactor Thu 11-Apr-19 02:32:08

Can you put on something funny on Netflix or TV to keep your mind occupied for now? It's late so not much can be done at this hour but tomorrow look forward to giving yourself a nice wakeup and breakfast then try do Something you enjoy.

RainbowMum11 Thu 11-Apr-19 02:45:53

It looks like EFT tapping is more for physical pain.
I'm in the midst of a nervous breakdown. Struggling to function.

JenMumma Thu 11-Apr-19 09:18:10

"Relief from overthinking" on YouTube, it's a guided thing and doesn't force you to sleep just distracts you from yourself. Hope you're as alright as you can be xx

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