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To worry that doing this course would be a conceit?

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IHeartKingThistle Thu 11-Apr-19 00:16:38

I want to do an MA in Creative Writing - specifically, I want to do it in Poetry.

I've always had it in the back of my head like a pipe dream. You know, like one day I'd love to buy a vintage campervan and travel for a year, one day I'd love to paint my house pink, one day I'd love to do an MA, that sort of stuff, stuff that normal life gets in the way of, knowing that I'd probably never do it.

But I've just inherited some money from a relative and it is more than I expected, more than enough to do the MA and some other things we want to do (not painting the house pink though!). I'm an English teacher at the moment but only 2 days a week, my DC are older so not so needy and so I find myself in a position where I have the time and the money to do it.

But I'm hesitant - I don't tell people I write poetry. I'm worried people will think it's massively wanky to spend a year doing a course that won't qualify me for anything when I could use the time to do something more worthwhile. I'm worried they'll think that I'm self-absorbed or have inflated ideas of my own abilities or something. I don't know why I care - I never care what people think! Everyone I know would be supportive, and I know the relative who died would have been too. What's holding me back? I'd be full of pep talks if it was someone else!

user1474894224 Thu 11-Apr-19 00:20:00

So you're an English teacher with an interest in creative writing. That makes perfect sense to me. Good luck. I hope you enjoy it.

Bambamber Thu 11-Apr-19 00:27:37

If everyone you know would be supportive, who would be the people to judge you for it?

It's your money, your interest, go for it!

mightskys Thu 11-Apr-19 00:30:38

Personally I wouldn't unless it was going to further my career as I have other things I would want to spend my money on.

But if this is something you really want to do who gives a fuck what other people think. You go ahead and enjoy your MA. Why have you got to tell anyone you are doing it?

Nearlythere1 Thu 11-Apr-19 00:30:44

What?! Do it! Part of the problem with education these days is that's it's been monetised and instrumentalised i.e. it always has to have a "purpose," an employment factor etc. If you have the opportunity to go and do something you love, purely for the love of it, then you'd be doing the ethos of education proud! Go and develop yourself and expand your horizons and all that. In summary, YANBU smile

mightskys Thu 11-Apr-19 00:31:14

@Nearlythere1 grincross post! Each to their own.

HirplesWithHaggis Thu 11-Apr-19 00:32:49

Interesting thread title. It barely matters what "others" think, but you yourself seem to have doubts? Do you think it would be a bit wanky, self-indulgent even? Because you have supportive family, so it's you that's throwing this spanner into the works.

I understand that. I'm going back to university this year, to do a pointless degree (just because I want to, and like you a surprise inheritance enables me to do so), and I'm excited and scared and not sure... but I don't give a fuck if "others" think it's a bit wanky, because my family are behind me.

And I'll be as wanky as I like. grin So should you. Go for it, with gusto!

IHeartKingThistle Thu 11-Apr-19 00:38:21

Oh I like the idea of gusto!

This is all encouraging stuff - thank you! I think maybe it is me holding me back (what if I'm actually crap? What if people ask to read my stuff and just pretend to like it to spare my feelings? What if I can't do it?)

I think I might be cross with myself if I never did it.

HirplesWithHaggis Thu 11-Apr-19 00:51:25

Well, you'll never know if your poetry is terrible, unless you give it a go. Then you'll have a piece of paper that either says, "IHeartKingThistle is a shite poet" or one that says, "IHeartKingThistle should be next Laureate".

And you don't want to be cross with yourself. That's not a good way to live. wink

IHeartKingThistle Thu 11-Apr-19 00:53:59

To be fair, if I'm terrible I won't get on the course! So no harm in applying?

You're all lovely. I shall write a poem about you grinblush

0DimSumMum0 Thu 11-Apr-19 01:00:07

Absolutely! Go for it!!! x

Knitclubchatter Thu 11-Apr-19 01:01:38

i'm sure your ma would cover more than just your own personal writing you will learn a lot of details about other writers and styles.
i wouldn't judge anyone who pursues higher education for their own pleasure.

TheGrapefulDread Thu 11-Apr-19 01:41:09

Poems are read,
Thistles are violet.
The 'vipers' on Mumsnet,
say you won't know 'til
you try it!

ElizabethMainwaring Thu 11-Apr-19 01:46:03

Fantastic Grapeful! Go for it Thistle!

Nearlythere1 Thu 11-Apr-19 02:22:48

Haha @mightskys smile

Poppins2016 Thu 11-Apr-19 02:41:31

I had an English teacher who took a sabbatical in order to focus on creative writing. As teen, I thought it was great. As an adult, I admire the decision even more! Go for it. Life is too short for 'what ifs'.

BobbiPins Thu 11-Apr-19 02:44:18

*TheGrapefulDread” that’s a masterpiece grin

Icantthinkofasinglenamehelp Thu 11-Apr-19 03:07:27

I think you're overthinking it. If someone told me they were studying something I'd never sit down and analyse how useful or otherwise I felt that this course might be for them, as well as what the course choice might imply about their inner thoughts/personality. Just do what you want with your money. I doubt anyone will judge you or think anything of. As an English teacher it's hardly an odd choice of course!

ColeHawlins Thu 11-Apr-19 03:13:32

* I'm worried people will think it's massively wanky to spend a year doing a course that won't qualify me for anything when I could use the time to do something more worthwhile.*

In the nicest possible way, that is a terrible thing for an English Teacher to even entertain as a criticism.

Etino Thu 11-Apr-19 03:37:02

Go for it and get a student loan, don’t use your inheritance!

woollyheart Thu 11-Apr-19 04:07:38

If it's something you have always wanted to do, it's a great use of the money you inherited. You don't have to just do courses directly associated with career progression. It is perfectly valid to study a subject for pure pleasure.

Bloodybridget Thu 11-Apr-19 04:10:30

I wonder if you're having doubts about applying for the course because it's poetry - wanky, obscure, elitist, blah blah? Might you feel more confident if it was biography, writing for children, or thrillers, something Joe Public can "understand"?

I hope you get on the course and get all you want from it.

AllTheWhoresOfMalta Thu 11-Apr-19 04:43:17

Are you me, OP? English teacher at a crossroads in life who’s just applied to do a creative writing MA. I say go for it!

Zoflorabore Thu 11-Apr-19 04:43:43

Do it op. In the past your dreams were just that, dreams. There were obstacles in the way. Now there are none.

You don't have to justify this to anyone. It's a lovely way to spend some of the money, on something you've always wanted to do.

Don't look back one day when the opportunity has gone and you're regretting not doing it. If this course will make you happy ( almost auto c'd to hallucinate then! ) then it's money well spent.

Good luck star

Triglesoffy Thu 11-Apr-19 04:48:19

Do it. If you don’t, you’ll regret it.

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