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DD & grandparents

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strawberrylollipop Wed 10-Apr-19 23:59:49

@ZippyBungleandGeorge thank you
I'm going to call her tomorrow - I don't want to have the conversation around my dd so want to make sure she's out of the way

She has thrown around the "grandparents rights" speech a few times previously when dd's dad hasn't been forthcoming in allowing her to see dd

ZippyBungleandGeorge Wed 10-Apr-19 23:53:23

Speak to the gran on the phone, reiterate she is not to keep bringing up the father as it's upsetting your daughter and if she does it again you will cease contact, there is no such thing as grandparent rights by the way, she'll probably tell you there are

strawberrylollipop Wed 10-Apr-19 23:50:53

I have a DD (8) who currently doesn't see her dad. Courts have stopped his contact.

I have been meeting up with his family for them to see dd - as none of them can be trusted to not take her to see her dad.
Last time I met up with her she kept pushing dd into talking about her dad, saying he misses her and how she misses him etc

Dd has told me she's not happy when she does this and it makes her upset and angry.
Tonight she did exactly the same again - dd told her to "shut up about my dad" and then ignored her.
I then told the Nan to stop as dd clearly didn't want to talk about him - and as her mum I'm the one who should be having these kind of chats with dd.

I'm unsure as to what to do going forwards. The nan is already pushing me into agreeing to see her this week again & next week while school holidays are on - yet dd is saying she doesn't want too.

AIBU / WIBU to say no to the contact the nan is asking for?

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