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Passive aggressive sighing...

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soconfusing Wed 10-Apr-19 21:15:44

Can you murder someone (in this case a husband) for a ridiculous amount of passive aggressive huffing and puffing...?!

Would it stand up in court as a plausible reason NOT to go to jail for life?
#askingforafriend wink

adulthumanwolf Wed 10-Apr-19 21:24:37

DP does this, it fucks me off.

I do it back, then he asks what my problem is. 😆

CharityConundrum Wed 10-Apr-19 21:24:41

I assume not, or mine would have been gone a LONG time ago. I think the 'I'm so tired, but you carry on with what you're doing, I'll just be super sleepy over here with my over-emphasised breathing, waiting for you to sympathise with me about how tired I am whenever you get a minute...' is the worst in my house. What's yours sighing about?

Shinyletsbebadguys Wed 10-Apr-19 22:47:28

Sadly I suspect not...i divorced mine in the end (Ok granted it wasn't exactly the huffing and puffing but always a good memory to retain when I need to remind myself exactly this murderous it used to make me )

Once my DP then did this...oh dear God did he get a rant on the toxicity of passive aggressive huffing ...the like of which made him somewhat recoil ,put his hands up and swear never to again (I may or may not have overreacted grin we shall never know as I shall never admit it )

All right I grant you ...actual divorce was a little extreme...but you know...effective grin

Seeingadistance Wed 10-Apr-19 22:50:48

I divorced mine as well. Can’t abide a sighing man!

soconfusing Wed 10-Apr-19 23:10:28

So divorce it is then... murder is too extreme!

GoFiguire Wed 10-Apr-19 23:14:46


A cup off tea would be nice.

SSPidge Wed 10-Apr-19 23:19:02

I do believe huffing and puffing is a reasonable grounds for divorce. As for murder...the law ain't caught up yet

Iggly Wed 10-Apr-19 23:26:24

I sigh a lot but I do it without realising 😬😬😬 my work colleagues noticed it - it wasn’t passive aggressive though, I was genuinely fed up! (and I’d explain that was how I felt hence the sigh)

My dh is a huffer and puffer. I put it down to attention seeking. His mum was quite emotionally distant, he had to make a big deal about something to get attention and he’s a bit lazy. The huffing usually comes he expects a pat on the back for doing something which he wouldn’t normally, even if it was something ordinary like put a wash on. Or vacuum the house.

I call him a drama queen because he is one.

GoFiguire Wed 10-Apr-19 23:27:27

It’s very dry in here.


BreconBeBuggered Wed 10-Apr-19 23:29:10

Would totally stand up in court. DH's PA speciality is the slow blink, to indicate his innnfinite patience in not commenting on the worthless utterance his ears have just been subjected to. Why he's not in tiny pieces under the patio I do not know. Must get someone to build a patio.

HaroldsSocalledBluetits Wed 10-Apr-19 23:29:52

Yabu. It only becomes a capital crime when accompanied by the Feeling Poorly Noise. Prior to that gbh will suffice.

echt Wed 10-Apr-19 23:32:07

Definitely LTB.

My dog sighs. He's just done it now as he flings himself on his bed.grin

Ooh, the slow blink would do my head in.

wasnotwasweregood Wed 10-Apr-19 23:47:10

I always ask DH if he needs his ventolin.

Wantmyflipflops Wed 10-Apr-19 23:55:23

I usually act all concerned and ask my DH if everything is totally freaks him out and he usually takes his head out of his arse!

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