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To ask for second opinions on my house

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StylishMummy Wed 10-Apr-19 19:17:05

Lutterworth Road, Attleborough, Nuneaton

A second thread to keep up with all the improvements going on.

Thank you to everyone from the first thread who helped, I've just emailed the following photos to the estate agents to replace the terrible EA ones

Calledyoulastnightfromglasgow Wed 10-Apr-19 19:18:35

Like your plans for the back garden!

NigellaAwesome Wed 10-Apr-19 19:25:44

Oh, I've just posted on your other thread. The conservatory looks amazing - well done. Personally I would still paint the brick fireplace white / cream.

The estate agent posting still doesn't do your home justice.

They have only added 2 new photos of the dining room and conservatory, both of which are poor photos, despite the brilliant work you have done. The blinds should be fully back in both rooms for photos, and the angle of the conservatory photo shows more of the ceiling than the actual room. I think you did a better job with your phone!

The photos of your nicest room still has the odd placement of the coffee table. Photos of the bedrooms and bathroom are still the ones taken at night with the blinds / curtains closed.

I think the problem with the front photos is that it looks like the house next door is double the width of yours, whereas it is actually 2 houses. So it needs to be taken from another angle which cuts them out. Have you weeded below the from wall?

And they are still stating three bedrooms, but not showing the photo of the third room. Your estate agent really isn't doing much to earn their commission. Could you ask for new photos, or even provide your own for them to upload? Do you have a friend who is handy with a camera?

Outside - your latest photos are better than the EA, but still don't give an overall picture of the back. Perhaps move the white furniture more centrally in the apple tree shot? (which looks very nice) Have you thought of standing at the rear entryway and taking a photo that way? And the grass - have you cut it? I like the paint job on the external wood.

Have you had any increase in viewings yet?

StylishMummy Wed 10-Apr-19 19:28:45

Yes we've had 4 viewings this week and feedbacks been much better, we've improved the overall standard of finish inside and made it look a bit more personal too.

Atalune Wed 10-Apr-19 19:29:39

Garden is already looking smarter.

Small small details....take some of the toys from the conservatory as it clutters it up. Just for the pics.

Open the blinds. Will look much better.

JustAWaferThinMint Wed 10-Apr-19 19:30:55

Get the EA to take the virtual tour down. It still has all the old images from before.

And it is still only a two bed. No amount of primping is going to get past that. It is wasting people's time to persist in calling it a 3 bed when the the third is a walk in wardrobe.

ohfourfoxache Wed 10-Apr-19 19:31:26

The conservatory looks amazing, well done!

WineIsMyCarb Wed 10-Apr-19 19:33:09

Much better OP! Conservatory is transformed!!

BlueSkiesLies Wed 10-Apr-19 19:34:36

So much better, except it still isn't a 3 bed is it?

BlueSkiesLies Wed 10-Apr-19 19:35:13

You have worked magic with that conservatory

covetingthepreciousthings Wed 10-Apr-19 19:36:56

I remember your last thread. Conservatory looks vastly improved!

birdsandroses Wed 10-Apr-19 19:38:18

Conservatory looks so much better!

Contraceptionismyfriend Wed 10-Apr-19 19:39:32

The work you've done is amazing. Although the feedback was positive was there any other comments passed on?

GU24Mum Wed 10-Apr-19 19:39:49

So do I - that conservatory is SO much better now, well done!!!

mrsm43s Wed 10-Apr-19 19:39:57

It looks much, much better and the space is more defined in a way I can see a family using it. It's massively improved and you've worked really hard on it.

Still won't cut it for a family wanting a 3 bed , though. It'll blow the socks off people looking for 2 beds, and it really should be advertised as such. You're wasting the time of people looking for 3 beds (with a window in each bedroom) as it stands.

Expressedways Wed 10-Apr-19 19:41:44

I remember your previous thread, the new photos are so much better and the conservatory transformation is amazing, seriously well done! However, you’re still advertising it as a 3 bed and the better photos don’t change the fact that it’s essentially a 2 bed with a ‘bonus room’. I wish you lots of luck though and hope the increase in viewings leads to an offer soon!

TrixieFranklin Wed 10-Apr-19 19:42:01

Oooo place marking for second thread!

GrandmasNightie Wed 10-Apr-19 19:43:06

Looks so much better - you have worked wonders!
But open the blinds and curtains!

TrixieFranklin Wed 10-Apr-19 19:44:04

Definitely ask them for a free premium listing OP to compensate for their short comings thus far, as a branch they'll have a certain number each month they should be able to give away for free..

SavoyCabbage Wed 10-Apr-19 19:46:18

It looks so much better. I was thinking if your house today when I was driving past colourful rendered houses in Wales.

IceRebel Wed 10-Apr-19 19:47:00

It definitely looks much better, and 4 viewings sounds very positive. What were the potential buyers comments?

BreakfastAtSquiffanys Wed 10-Apr-19 20:01:47

Your estate agent should employ you to do his photos.
His are rubbish compared to yours

Puzzledandpissedoff Wed 10-Apr-19 20:04:59

we've had 4 viewings this week and feedbacks been much better

I'm not at all surprised - fingers crossed for some offers soon!!

Ilikethinkingupnewnames Wed 10-Apr-19 20:09:31

Holy fuck it looks like a different place. Agree the virtual tour needs to be taken down

NameChangeJustBecauseICan Wed 10-Apr-19 20:20:12

The conservatory looks heaps better, especially the floor. Good to hear you've had more viewings and better feedback. Hopefully this will do the trick for you.

ghostyslovesheets Wed 10-Apr-19 20:45:02

It looks lots better but I do agree with other posters - it's not a 3 bed

francienolan Wed 10-Apr-19 21:13:08

I love your bathroom!

user1474894224 Wed 10-Apr-19 21:17:06

Conservatory and dining room are soooo much better. Well done.

GirlcalledJack Wed 10-Apr-19 21:19:53

It looks much better, the conservatory is really transformed!

I’m not sure if I missed the photo but do you have a new one without the coffee table in front of the fireplace? Only it looks like the fireplace doesn’t work because of the table in front of it so I’d be wary from the photos that it would cost a bit to fix.

I’m still not sure of the garden size and layout though, could you take photos from the gate?

I would also want photos at all the bedrooms.

A really good improvement though OP!

Bluntness100 Wed 10-Apr-19 21:23:45

Oh my the conservatory looks fantastic, what a great job you've done and the front room as a dining room is much better.

It's much better op, much.

jaseyraex Wed 10-Apr-19 21:34:30

I didn't see your old thread, but I think your house is lovely! I'd buy it. Hope you get some offers soon.

SomeLikeItTepid Wed 10-Apr-19 21:39:01

It looks lovely OP. I really hope you get a decent offer from some eager buyers soon. 🤞

Snog Thu 11-Apr-19 07:03:02

Why does it look like so many of the photos were taken at night with the blinds down OP? This is a bit off putting.

Flaverings Thu 11-Apr-19 07:20:02

The closed curtains would make me suspicious/worried about what the view is. The lack of photos of the utility room and box room would make me suspicious/worried about what state they're in.

Contraceptionismyfriend Thu 11-Apr-19 07:44:43

@Flaverings all those can be seen on the virtual tour

elasticfantastic Thu 11-Apr-19 08:05:29

I'm seriously impressed OP how you took all that (pretty brutal) feedback and got on and made the improvements. It really looks so much better and more like a home. The flurry of viewings is testament to your hard work. Fingers crossed for that sale soon x

strangerthongs Thu 11-Apr-19 08:55:09

It looks massively better OP, well done.

still not what I would buy if I were looking though as the garden is still a bit messy / too small / not private / not scenic. Plus it appears to be on a main road.

But massive difference, especially the conservatory and much more likely to sell.

PS can you get rid of the pet cages/hutches outside? Replace the cheap white outdoor table/chairs or just get rid? Create more space!

Flaverings Thu 11-Apr-19 09:12:44

@Flaverings all those can be seen on the virtual tour

Yep, and some people would continue to look at the virtual tour, but I would already be put off. (I think it's because my local estate agents don't seem to offer a tour as a matter of course, so I always look at the photos and floor plan).

AfterTrentham Thu 11-Apr-19 09:21:01

I didn't see your old thread, but I wanted to wave at you because I live nearby - in the little town on the A5!

Looking at your Rightmove link, as it's listed as a 3-bed, my first thought was "where's the photo of bedroom 3?" Sounds like there's a backstory...?

Flaverings Thu 11-Apr-19 09:22:12

(I can't get in to the utility room on the tour either).

TheViceOfReason Thu 11-Apr-19 09:22:30

Consevatory looks much much better.

The coffee table needs to move from in front of the fireplace - it looks very odd.

Retake the photos of rooms that have the windows shut.

PLEASE clean the moss off the front wall - it makes the property look damp and unloved before anyone even steps foot inside.

As multiple people pointed out on your last thread and again on this one.... no matter how much you wish the walk in wardrobe was a bedroom.... it isn't.

Someone looking for a 2 bed will be delighted to have a dressing room. Someone on a super tight budget looking for a tiny space to use as a nursery will make that choice themselves.

Flaverings Thu 11-Apr-19 09:27:41

Looking at your Rightmove link, as it's listed as a 3-bed, my first thought was "where's the photo of bedroom 3?" Sounds like there's a backstory...?

Argument for the box room being a bedroom:
- it meets the official requirements of being a bedroom (e.g. it is large enough).
- the estate agent and mortgage lenders class it as a third bedroom.
- the current owner bought it as a three-bedroom.

Arguments against the third bedroom being a bedroom:
- it doesn't meet some people's definition of a bedroom (e.g. there is no window and leads on to the master bedroom).
- in some people's opinion the house will not appeal to three-bedroom buyers but would wow those looking for two bedrooms.
- I think someone said they'd found it was actually previously listed as a two bedroom.

Farmerswifey12 Thu 11-Apr-19 09:27:47

I commented on nd followed the other thread with interest. I absolutely love the new conservatory and that makes such a difference.

What would put me off is the bedroom issue, as there are no photos of the third bedroom? That would make me suspicious. I'd either put in photos of the third room or market it as a 2

Mari50 Thu 11-Apr-19 09:30:53

Virtual tour is still using the old set up and needs changing.
It’s still not a 3 bedroom though is it? The small room is teeny and although there’s a cot in it it doesn’t look like a nursery, more like a store cupboard full of stuff you don’t use. Like the conservatory used too. It’s much better but I’ve seen your next door neighbours listing and it was miles ahead of your place.

Snog Thu 11-Apr-19 09:32:55

Is the parking space on the lawn or do you have that plastic mesh that grass grows up through?

Where do you park your own car?

Adversecamber22 Thu 11-Apr-19 09:35:34

Any chance of some plants in tubs in your outside space? Plus that tarpaulin in the bottom hand right of the pic isn’t looking good. It’s a decent enough first time buyer house.

thecatsthecats Thu 11-Apr-19 09:47:34

How about this OP?

Advertise as a 3 bed, but include a photo of that 3rd bedroom in the pictures. Then online viewers can decide for themselves if it matters to them, and not waste your time?

Whenever a room is missing from a photoset, I always think, "God, it must be fucking TERRIBLE". And then don't bother viewing, unless there's nothing else to see.

TimeIhadaNameChange Thu 11-Apr-19 10:04:52

It's lovely, OP, really lovely.

Strange question, but might it be worth finding out if it would be possible to put a window into the box room, and if so, how much it would be? Not that I'm suggesting you do it yourselves, but it might be useful information to pass on to potential buyers.

Last time I looked I thought that room could only be accessed through your room, but I realise I missed the other door. Could you highlight its usefulness as a nursery, having easy access from your room?

ToftheB Thu 11-Apr-19 10:10:01

It looks so much better. I’ve been looking for a three bed (in a different area!) and I wouldn’t have considered yours from the previous photos, but it looks so much better now - I’m genuinely impressed. I wish you very good luck with selling it.

Flaverings Thu 11-Apr-19 10:16:43

Strange question, but might it be worth finding out if it would be possible to put a window into the box room, and if so, how much it would be?

I think that the neighbours would have an issue with that!

I suspect that the reason certain curtains and blinds are closed downstairs is because the houses are so close and possibly over-looked.

Snog Thu 11-Apr-19 10:37:44

@TimeIhadaNameChange unfortunately you can't put a window into the smallest bedroom because it has no external walls.

thecatsthecats Thu 11-Apr-19 11:01:18

Doing the maths, the current floor plan of the master and 3rd bedrooms are 21.8m squared combined, with 2 windows. 16m square master, and 5.8m square nursery. Plus a bit of corridor.

The easiest fix might be just rejigging the internal walls so that the two windows at the front are shared between the two rooms and the entrances rearranged. Not saying you have to do this OP - but something that could be suggested to buyers?

bluegreygreen Thu 11-Apr-19 11:44:58

Looks much better and I'm glad you're now getting viewings (read most of your intial thread but can't remember if I commented)

- tour still shows old conservatory floor/layout
- coffee table is still in front of fire (raises question - does fire not work?)
- I would still feel deceived as a buyer if I went to view as a 3-bed house and saw the room you're describing as a third bedroom. This would make me disinclined to go further as I would wonder what else you were not being straight about. Sorry.

shakenfizzydrink Thu 11-Apr-19 12:25:33

I would use the photos of the kitchen from the original listing. It looks quite modern in the originals, I don't think the agent has taken great photos.

IHateUncleJamie Thu 11-Apr-19 13:03:51

Much better, @StylishMummy

Conservatory looks a million times better.
Front room as dining room is great.

As a habitual online house browser, I’d suggest:

-Remove Virtual Tour, it’s doing you no favours.
-New photo of sitting room without coffee table in front of the fire.
-New photo of bedroom with duvet smoothed properly and blinds open.
-New photos of garden/decking without all the clutter.
-As nice a photo as possible of the missing rooms (utility and 3rd bedroom).
-Photos with ALL blinds open. Closed blinds = something to hide.

If you do all that and it still isn’t selling, you really are going to have to consider marketing it as a 2 bed plus dressing room.

Good luck! Getting there now! flowers

thecatsthecats Thu 11-Apr-19 13:14:03

By the way OP - full full marks for coming back!

There was a similar thread a while ago where the lady in question didn't like the (much gentler) comments she received (v old fashioned house).

She came back after being told that her house was really rather dated to claim that a buyer had arrived THAT MINUTE, and offered FULL ASKING (all within two hours of asking why her house was hanging around on the market and being told relatively nicely that it was expensive for the area and outdated). Then flounced out of the thread after making up some more answers.

SequinsDress Thu 11-Apr-19 15:56:31

Good luck OP. I agree with PP that the listing still isn't great and the photos could still be improved (less clutter, bed made properly, photographs of missing rooms, move coffee table (is same coffee table in living room and conservatory?)). A good photographer should be asking you to do this when they are working anyway. Are you sure you don't want to try a better estate agent?

yumyumpoppycat Thu 11-Apr-19 16:43:42

If the estate agents do take more photos it might be worth another one of the master bed room with a new/ un-patterned duvet.

faeveren Fri 12-Apr-19 20:38:03

I agree your EA needs to work harder for you, new photos, better angles, living room with the table removed, new or no virtual tour. You have worked so hard s/he has to step up.

You’ve inspired me to spruce my home up, I’m not selling but a bit of a refresh won’t go amiss.

driftingcloud Fri 12-Apr-19 20:41:31

Well done it looks so much better! Especially the conservatory

noseoftralee Sat 13-Apr-19 10:31:56

You need a new agent. Yours are not doing your property justice. You’ve done a great job improving and getting it ready

StylishMummy Tue 16-Apr-19 13:10:18


so we've had an offer but the buyers aren't 'proceedable', so still on the market, still doing works to improve the place and have added photos of the 3rd room

Fingers crossed we get an offer to go ASAP

Wavey123 Tue 16-Apr-19 13:38:08

Congrats on the offer! Have you found a new house to move into yet?

Contraceptionismyfriend Tue 16-Apr-19 17:00:20

That's amazing! Well done OP!

Flaverings Tue 16-Apr-19 20:37:58


elasticfantastic Tue 16-Apr-19 21:20:43

Whoop whoop! 👍👍👍😁

ItsThisOneThing Thu 18-Apr-19 08:56:27

Brilliant!! Fingers crossed for you 😁

yumyumpoppycat Sat 20-Apr-19 21:08:54

well done op! Your house is transformed - I thought it was a waste to make changes without doing the front but the internal stuff has made a big difference. New pic of master bedroom is sooo much better.

brizzlemint Sat 20-Apr-19 21:13:34

I wouldn't have been to look at it before but I would now. Good job OP.

JessieMcJessie Sat 27-Apr-19 12:01:46

Good luck, offer is encouraging even if not immediately proceedable, hope you get it sold soon after all your hard work.

ctrlalt Fri 03-May-19 01:54:09

How's it going now? Any offers?

Ifeelbloodyawful Thu 09-May-19 16:50:46

Sold STC - well done OP!

Have you found somewhere to buy?

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