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AIBU getting would up about MLMs?

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boylovesmeerkats Wed 10-Apr-19 16:24:55

Just listened to US podcast 'The Dream' and I can't believe that many of us end up lining the pockets of these companies. I didn't even think I was a captive audience but I have Usborne books, some other mlm kids books, temple spa, arbonne dotted around the house. My uncle has done Amway forever. They all make a packet from shady claims, basically making nearly all their profits from the people signing up to actually make money from them. I even sold Usborne books myself for a few months before realising that the commission was a myth. I guess easy to think no harm in a few quid on something to help a friend, or having a gamble on a starter pack but these people (company owners rather than sellers) are laughing all the way to the bank and hugely politically influential. Am I over thinking this? Think they should be much more regulated with their earnings claims.

DelilahfromDenmark Wed 10-Apr-19 16:55:43

I also listened to that Podcast. I found it shocking especially as they exploit some fairly vulnerable people who think mlm ‘s will change their lives.
Anecdotally, I had a cleaner for a while who told me that he was setting up a cleaning company and that he was going to bring some of his company’s fab products as they were better than the fairly standard products I usually bought in the supermarket. Charged me around £100 for 5 or 6 bottles of something or other (and a free toothpaste!). After listening to said podcast I checked the one remaining bottle left (cleaner was well gone at this point) and only then did I see that it was Amway and I’d been stealthily suckered in.

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