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help me be positive!!!

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overhereoverthere Wed 10-Apr-19 13:59:00

Ok I'm sorry for the lack of details that I can put in this post but majority of the detail would be outing!

My partner and I have an ex friend (we'll call him John) who screwed us (indivdually) over a few times. He borrowed money and never paid it back, he treated other friends of ours poorly (again cannot go into too much detail), he just was a bad friend in general. We no longer see him. Cut a long story short, my sister showed me John's youtube channel, which is raking up quite a few likes/subscribers. Over 15,000.

I don't use youtube much so I don't really understand it all but I know it's quite the "thing" at the moment. In short... it kind of bothers me that he has a history of treating people so awfully but is doing so well and has this false bravado on his youtube (happy, smiley, jokey "jack the lad") which just isn't him at all. I think it bothers me because it seems there is no karma for how shit he's been.

This isn't an AIBU as I know it's so ridiculous to get caught up worrying what somebody else is doing (easier said than done when somebody has screwed you over so many times in the past ) but does anybody have any positive vibes/outlooks for me so I can stop being so pathetic and worrying that all of these 15,000 others see him as someone so great. Thank you all.

billybagpuss Wed 10-Apr-19 14:05:10

He does have karma, you are not in his life anymore. True friends are valuable and should be treated as much.

Youtube followers may give him a false impression of his own importance, and maybe some advertising revenue but there is no concrete relationships there, no one that really matters. The false veneer of celebrity looks like a very lonely existence and if he has to go onto youtube pretending to be someone he's not to feel important that sounds very lonely to me.

overhereoverthere Wed 10-Apr-19 14:09:06

@billybagpuss That is very true I had not thought about it like that. Whatever he does or gets up to doesnt usually concern me but when I heard he had thousands of "fans" it made me feel icky!

I really like your message and already feel a bit better about it. Thank you!

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