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To have scrambled eggs in a cage that aren't yellow rubber?

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Gone2far Wed 10-Apr-19 12:33:41

Do cafes have to overcook scrambled eggs? Whenever I order them (even when I asked for them not to be overcooked) they are hard and bouncy. I.e overcooked. And I love nice se - barely cooked when they leave the kitchen so the residual heat finishes them off.

RustyBear Wed 10-Apr-19 16:08:17

Usually I avoid scrambled eggs in cafes & hotels for exactly this reason, but last month I went to Copenhagen & the hotel had perfect scrambled eggs every day. I don't know how they did it, because they were in a buffet, which is usually fatal, but they were soft and fluffy just as they should be. (It was the Scandi hotel next to the Planetarium, in case anyone books their hotel for egg-related reasons)

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