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to be annoyed at DH for rolling in at 1am?

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tired37 Fri 13-Jul-07 13:39:34

DH went out this week with work a day at the races. This started in the afternoon with dinner to follow. He said he would be on the 9.30 train home. Off he went, have a good time, see you later and the like. Then he rolls in at 1am no phone call to say he would be late. You could say I could have rung him, my DD does not sleep well and I was trying to get her to bed from 7.00 to 9.30pm and knew no point ringing then as he would be pI**ed to put it frankly. I have had no explanation, no apology, he has carried on as if nothing has happened. Am I being too touchy, I think he's out of order.

mumfor1standfinaltime Fri 13-Jul-07 13:42:16

Depends if he goes out that often, if it is a regular thing then it would piss me off.

My dh did this to me last week. He was having a swift half in the pub after work at 5pm then on his way home..he arrived home pissed out of his brain at midnight.

Luckily it isn't often it happens.

Have a night out yourself is what I say!

mazzystar Fri 13-Jul-07 13:47:23

DH does this occasionally. It's not the going out, or even the staying out late that pisses me off, but the lack of communication. I am training him to under-promise and over-deliver on his time of return ie if he'd said he'd be home, gished, at 4am, but actually got back, only half cut at 1.30 I'd be delighted.

tired37 Fri 13-Jul-07 13:54:05

Know what you mean, if he had not mentioned the 9.30 train, I would have thought oh well he'll be in a state and I see him whenever. I get frustrated because he would go out of his mind if I did it and I can't do it unfortunately because DD needs to BF every 2-3 hours!When she stops BF around 4 years old the way we are going at the moment I think I'll be too knackered to last till 1am

mojotalking Fri 13-Jul-07 13:54:20

I came in at midnight on Wednesday (sober) having claimed that I was going out for an hour and would be back by 10.30pm. I apologised to DH on return (I genuinely hadn't realised the time until I got in the car), so yes I do think a sorry is in order.

However, in your DH's defence it sounds like he had a great time and, let's face it, time runs away with you when you're legless. I have to say that I encourage my DH to stay with colleagues after work socials so that I avoid having a stinky, drunk bloke staggering into the bedroom at sparrow's fart.

Extract that apology and then make sure that you have a huge night out soon.


mojotalking Fri 13-Jul-07 13:56:18

Sorry Tired 37, didn't see post on BF-ing until I had already posted. What about expressing and then having a night out - it sounds like you deserve and need it.

Scanner Fri 13-Jul-07 13:58:16

Agree with Mazzystar, but also add a bit of realism. My dh has a similar thing tonight, said he won't be drunk but has managed not say anything about what time he'll be back. I have every suspicion that he'll get back in the early hours drunk. So when he does I won't be annoyed and I can plan accordingly ie. buy chocolate and wine for myself tonight. If he does come home sober and relatively early - I'll be very happy.

tired37 Fri 13-Jul-07 14:00:57

If only, did the expressing thing and stored the milk in the freezer, felt really pround and organised. DD drank from a bottle 3 times then screamed blue murder. Can't blame her spose skin tastes better than plastic. One day I will get out of the house

DoubleBluff Fri 13-Jul-07 14:01:04

If it's a one off wouldn't get too het up about it.
Everyone is entitled to a good night out now and again.

EmilyDavidson Fri 13-Jul-07 14:10:54

To be fair to him it was a works outing. Career wise you do need to attend these things and its not really on to rush off half way through.
He was being ridiculously optimistic to think he would be back at 9;30 though ,nothing finishes that early!

Get him to babysit while you have a night out.He owes you one

tired37 Fri 13-Jul-07 17:45:32

Thanks everyone, needed to get it off my chest

LittleLupin Fri 13-Jul-07 17:55:10

Hope you are OK now .

I was fascinated by your thread title until I realised I was reading it as "to be annoyed at DH for rolling in jam"

My mind was boggling!

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