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AIBU additional carseat

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Watcathel Wed 10-Apr-19 04:27:21

I just wanted to get a general idea on people’s thoughts on this. I have a 4 yr old and a 10 month old. Since my mum sometimes take them in her car I have always bought additional car seats so we don’t have to mess on getting in and out car etc (I should avoid heavy lifting for medical reasons) My mum also has my niece who is 5 a lot who she doesn’t have an additional car seat so therefore they use my 4 yr olds as they’re same size. Now I have no problem with her using it but when it comes to them taking my 4yr old and my niece out together I’m the one scrambling around in the car “lifting” car seat in and out as my niece is using my sons. I am a stay at home mum on one income while my brother and wife both earn high wage so why not get their own considering my mum has her every week or at least get theirs out the car and save me the hassle! Or am I just being petty?

Purpleartichoke Wed 10-Apr-19 04:38:32

Perfectly reasonable for them to provide a seat instead of you.

BetsyBigNose Wed 10-Apr-19 04:38:40

Can you just have a chat with your brother and remind him that you're not physically able (or at least not supposed) to be lifting a car seat in and out of the car? You could say that although you're happy for his daughter to use your spare, it's not possible unless he (or someone else) can be there to do the transfer for her. If he's not able to sort this element, he does just need to buy a spare to keep in your Mum's car - you could even be extra helpful and find a link to a suitable one so he can order it online, have it delivered to your Mum's house and he can fit it in her car ready for the next time she has all 3 children at once.

I don't think you're BU or petty, I think you just need to have a simple conversation with your brother!

Ihatehashtags Wed 10-Apr-19 05:22:34

They are lazy CFu**ks who should buy an extra caeswat.

Watcathel Thu 11-Apr-19 20:56:47

Thanks for all the advice and comments! Now I know I’m being reasonable I will try to have the conversation with my brother.

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