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Alicewond Wed 10-Apr-19 01:53:39

Keep seeing them like they are all knowing. So instead ask me anything and I will give me a pointless unknowing answer!

Alicewond Wed 10-Apr-19 02:00:36

Actually do ask me anything, I do have many answers 😂 They maybe random though!

BetsyBigNose Wed 10-Apr-19 03:35:10

Oooh, I'll start you off, I've no idea if this is the sort of question you're looking for, but it's the first one that popped into my head, so here goes - I'm looking for a new job - I've always worked in HR until I became ill 6 years ago and had to take some time out. For the last 18 months I've been doing P/T admin roles and now I'm better, I'm ready to look for something F/T, but I'm not sure if I want to go back into HR... what should I do?

Hersheys Wed 10-Apr-19 03:38:50

@BetsyBigNose I feel like you should become a vet! Why? I don't know 🤷‍♀️ I just feel it

Alicewond Wed 10-Apr-19 03:39:17

@BetsyBigNose you should open a shop selling balloons, only balloons shaped like pigs though

Bingandflop2019 Wed 10-Apr-19 03:41:42

@BetsyBigNose You should go work in an airport! Work on check in & departures. I did it once and it's exciting grin

Alicewond Wed 10-Apr-19 03:41:53

@Hersheys you need to start knitting ducks, it’s your future

Alicewond Wed 10-Apr-19 03:44:20

@Bingandflop2019 one day you will learn all about rainbows, you will be a rainbowologist

YetAnotherBloodyNameChanger Wed 10-Apr-19 03:44:58

How many different kind of animals did old MacDonald actually have on his farm?

Alicewond Wed 10-Apr-19 03:47:57

Seven, but I admit I was hungry and ate two

BetsyBigNose Wed 10-Apr-19 03:49:32

@Hersheys Hmmm, an interesting idea, but I'm not really an animal lover and can't afford to spend 5 years at University right now!

@Alicewond I like your thinking - that's more my style, although I was thinking chickens rather than pigs. I am pretty lazy these days (out of the habit of being in charge of things and happy to just 'do as directed' most of the time!), so perhaps being a 'Balloon-Blower-Upper' would suit me more than having the hassle of actually running the whole place. I could also flip over the open/closed sign and perhaps take telephone orders for chicken balloons for 'Farmyard Openings' or for pet chickens' birthday parties...?

BetsyBigNose Wed 10-Apr-19 03:53:43

@BingandFlop2019 Now THIS is actually quite an inspired idea! I live only about 15 minutes from our city airport and I can quite imagine there must be something that would suit me going there... I'm off to have a look at their website (or I should probably go to bed since I have to be up for work in less than 3 hours, ahhh insomnia)! Failing that, perhaps I could sell chicken balloons in the Arrivals Lounge...

Alicewond Wed 10-Apr-19 03:56:17

Nope only pig balloons, chicken balloons.. ffs weirdo

Alicewond Wed 10-Apr-19 04:08:47

To announce chicken balloons are banned! All other feathered friends are welcome

BetsyBigNose Wed 10-Apr-19 04:16:29

@Alicewond Who died and made you the Animal Balloon Police?!? To be fair, the pecky little bastards would probably pop the blummin' things as soon as they saw them anyway. OK, pig balloons it is; I could call it "Popping Piggies" or "Porky Bangers"!

Alicewond Wed 10-Apr-19 04:17:22

Just received a report duck balloon stocks are rising

Alicewond Wed 10-Apr-19 04:20:18

@BetsyBigNose this could all have been yours if your nose hadn’t popped all the evidence

3ChangingForNow Wed 10-Apr-19 04:22:36

I have a question....

How do I know if he's 'The one' or not?

Alicewond Wed 10-Apr-19 04:24:08

@3ChangingForNow sniff his bum, the answer is there

BetsyBigNose Wed 10-Apr-19 04:28:02


Alright then - @Alicewond; what should I be investing in?

Please do not tell me that arse sniffing is on the up...

Alicewond Wed 10-Apr-19 04:28:22

You know know @3ChangingForNow!?

Alicewond Wed 10-Apr-19 04:30:06

@BetsyBigNose cat poo, it does seem a very wanted resource to my pup

Alicewond Wed 10-Apr-19 04:38:54

Any more slighty normal questions, or weird ones lols

Alicewond Wed 10-Apr-19 04:41:15

Most weird question wins 😂

BetsyBigNose Wed 10-Apr-19 04:46:01

I have to admit to being slightly dubious about your advice @Alicewond, but you WERE right about the duck balloons, so I'm inclined to get out there with a bucket and spade and see what I can scrape up...

Quick question - what do I DO with the cat shit once I've collected it?

(NB. I live in a city centre flat without a garden. It's rented, so no pets allowed - although we have secreted 7 goldfish about the place. Youngest DD and DH are both allergic to cats. Eldest DD has a very strong sense of smell and is likely to complain VERY loudly should I try to store aforementioned feline faeces in her vicinity)

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