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Moved schools

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bawesp Tue 09-Apr-19 23:04:03

hi all, dd in year 9. in feb, she moved from an all girls grammar to a single sex mainstream because she felt like she didn’t fit in at the all girls grammar. got to the mainstream and got bullied and felt like her friend group wasn’t as good as her old one even though i tried my hardest to convince her the grass is never greener.

she now wants to move back as she hates it at her current school. sad i feel awful as a parent and i feel like i’ve let her down. should i let her go back?

ps. she didn’t pass her 11 plus and had to appeal in y6.

Littlefish Tue 09-Apr-19 23:12:03

She hasn't given it enough time yet. If she only moved in February, do you mean after half term? If so, it's only been about 6 weeks. That's not enough time to properly settle in and find her feet.

bawesp Tue 09-Apr-19 23:14:25

It was a few weeks before half term. She’s had about 8 full weeks, it was around very late January / early February

ZippyBungleandGeorge Tue 09-Apr-19 23:25:14

Will her old school even take her back? If it's not situation making her unhappy what is the root of it, that's what needs addressing or she'll likely be unhappy wherever she goes to school

WearsABlackAndLongCoatWrong Tue 09-Apr-19 23:35:49

It's all life-lessons, isn't it.

OK, if something's really wrong, then change the situation (you did that when you moved her from a school where she was unhappy). But at some point you also have to look at compromise and working with people . Otherwise it gets to a point when it stops being "them" and can only be "you"

If she moved in February, then she needs time to bed in and get used to it. And she needs to put effort in to make it work, doesn't she.

I don't see why failing her 11plus is relevant to this if she's in Yr9

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