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Is she being a CF or just not thinking?

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Moaningmertyl Tue 09-Apr-19 18:25:22

I'm due to give birth in just over two weeks, it's been a complicated pregnancy and I've had some health problems.

A member of the family keeps asking me to do things for them. They are seemingly oblivious to the fact I'm about to have a baby, am somewhat immobile plus have other DC at home to look after.

She has no children, no physical disabilities, is fit and well but does have mental health problems.

All within the last month or so shes asked me to go and clean her flat, paint her feature wall, run around collecting her photos from boots and now she wants me to go round tomorrow for a few hours to go through a load of paperwork for her and discuss her medical history (its all something to do with her wanting to apply for a higher rate of PIP)

The requests go back for months and there's always something she wants me to do for her.

She has offered money which I don't want, but it's not the point.

I dont know anything about the benefits system and have suggested she talk to somebody from her support team. She has a support network and doesn't need me to do these things for her, least of all the manual things at her home.

I'm ashamed to say I'm getting a bit annoyed with the requests and think she's being extremely cheeky putting things on me at this point.

Aibu? Prepared to be told I am.

Moaningmertyl Wed 10-Apr-19 09:29:19

Because of her diagnosis and my limited understanding of it I have been guilty of enabling the lazy behaviour in the past and obliging on occasion when she wanted something done because I wanted to be supportive of her in general but I've certainly made it clear I can't do it anymore.

anonymousbird Wed 10-Apr-19 09:45:41

Block and ignore, you are getting nothing from this woman so have nothing to lose.

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