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To ask for local anaesthetic for coil removal?

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Tealtights Tue 09-Apr-19 13:43:09

I have gotten pregnant with a copper coil, in place ok although threads aren't visible and likely wrapped around it. I have been miscarrying (most likely) and had quite a bit of pain with it. I need to get this one removed but it's obviously going to be a bit more work than if the threads were there, has anyone successfully asked for local anaesthetic? I'm still in a fair bit of pain and a bit fed up of it all tbh. We haven't discussed it fully yet as they're waiting to check my hcg levels later this week to ensure I have miscarried.

jomaIone Tue 09-Apr-19 13:52:04

Sorry you're going through this OP. I don't think you could get local anaesthetic as there's no where to inject it if you see what I mean. You would need to either have sedation, general anaesthetic, or possibly gas and air but that would be a lot more specialist.

Someone may come along and tell me otherwise but that is as I understand it.

I hope you can get something sorted and recover quickly.

Tealtights Tue 09-Apr-19 13:54:58

Thank you, I see what you mean. I wonder if I'd be allowed to get drunk ha.

Lexilooo Tue 09-Apr-19 13:58:21

You can take painkillers for removal, ask your doctor about combining more than one for maximum effect or even about getting a prescription for something stronger

veecheesio Tue 09-Apr-19 13:59:07

Mine was an absolute nightmare to have put in, and months of pain and trouble. I dreaded having it taken out. Twenty minutes before my appointment I took an opiate based pain killer and a Valium - I'd asked for these to be prescribed beforehand. It was really quick though. All the best with it, don't worry it'll be fine.

NearlySchoolTimeAgain Tue 09-Apr-19 13:59:56

I’m sure I had some local anaesthetic in my cervix for insertion. Maybe I’m imagining it?

DonDadaOnTheDownLow Tue 09-Apr-19 14:05:56

I had to have mine inserted after having a local injected into the cervix - I've had 2 sections due to failure to progress as my cervix has no interest in opening. In fact it hates being open so much it has now sucked the thread up into my uterus and so that shit is definitely not coming out without major intervention. I'm late 40s so not planning any more children so I'll just leave it there forever unless it falls out.

Prettyvacant2003 Tue 09-Apr-19 14:22:52

At the clinic I work in we do offer local anaesthetic for complicated coil removals. It involves an injection into your cervix. Definitely ask the dr doing it if it's available. Hope it goes well

NearlySchoolTimeAgain Tue 09-Apr-19 19:16:32

Glad to hear I’m not going mad! My cervix is an unhappy one since a rather large head exited through it some years ago!

blackfriars Tue 09-Apr-19 20:08:35

You can get local anaesthetic for this - my friend had it to have the coil put in. Definitely ask.

Sorry you’re going through this and hope the coil removal is painless for you.

ErickBroch Tue 09-Apr-19 20:31:50

I have had 2 out and no pain at all, was over instantly and felt nothing x

Tealtights Tue 09-Apr-19 20:44:58

Thanks everyone, I will see what they say.

@ErickBroch I've had one out before as well no problem, but this one has no threads so will need a tool as opposed to being tugged out, and as I've had a miscarriage I'm quite tender still which makes me more nervous. I'm not a wimp usually honest lol.

WutheringBites Tue 09-Apr-19 20:52:03

Yep. You can have local objected into the cervix.

If I were you I’d make sure you go to a really experienced Dr. It sounds like it’s going to be tricky and you need someone who is a dab hand at retrieving “lost” coils, which is very different from popping them in. Either Gynae or SRH specialist...

Tealtights Tue 09-Apr-19 20:55:34

@WutheringBites thank you, I'm hoping it'll be done in the hospital, I'm under their care atm and they said once we have seen what happens with the pregnancy we can look at next steps and contraception options so I'm hoping that means they will do it, I presume they'll be more experienced than my GP.

peachgreen Tue 09-Apr-19 23:12:48

I fainted with the pain during my first attempted insertion and had to have local for the second try. Was hyperventilating with anxiety for removal but I honestly didn't feel a thing. In fact I couldn't believe they'd actually done it. The local hurt more.

JaceLancs Tue 09-Apr-19 23:20:04

I have had sedation and local anaesthetic for coil removal due to position of cervix

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