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To accept this job and get pregnant

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Leobynature Tue 09-Apr-19 09:50:47

I will try to keep this brief.

I have a lovely 14month old and I work for local social services for 10 years. There are no opportunities for progression here as no one leaves the senior jobs. I want to get out of frontline and into a supervising role. I applied for a supervisory role in another local authority and got the job. It’s a promotion, more responsibility, more money and it will look great on CV.
However I’m getting on a bit, 35 this year. Partner is 43. My plan was to get pregnant in the summer if I remained in my current role.

So what do I do? Take the job and wait a year? Decline the job, remain in
My current role and get pregnant, trying for a senior role after maternity leave? Or take the job and get pregnant after probation?

To add, I’m getting slightly frustrated in my current role.

WBWIFE Tue 09-Apr-19 09:52:52

Depends if you need maternity pay or not I suppose

PlainSpeakingStraightTalking Tue 09-Apr-19 09:53:04

If you transfer terms and conditions, in a similar way the NHS does across Trusts, then apply for the job.

If not and you would be on reduced maternity benefits through short service, I would stay put.

Pegase Tue 09-Apr-19 09:55:34

Take it. I was v reluctant to take on a new job although a great opportunity as was starting TTC. My female manager told me to just go for it and I am so glad I did- have been TTC for a year now with no success (despite v v quick conception with DD), during which time the new job has provided a nice focus away from TTC stress!

PaulHollywoodsSexGut Tue 09-Apr-19 09:56:23

Take the job

Be absolutely sure when you qualify for maternity pay

Get preggers

The goody two shoes brigade will be along in a minute telling you how unreasonable you are being but there are two things in play here:

1. This is the state, you’re not accepting the job in a small business that may struggle with having to pay out maternity so quick

2. You only get one life. If you are sure you can wait a year to start trying then accept the job. Starting a family is gonna be much higher on your list of personal priorities across the years than being a good employee.

Good luck. And visit the HR page re maternity sharpish!

blackteasplease Tue 09-Apr-19 10:02:33

Take the job whatever you do. It sounds like a rare opportunity .

Personally I would wait a while to ttc. Concentrate in the job for a bit. Get to the state where you qualify for their maternity package. Then ttc if you want to.

JellyBaby666 Tue 09-Apr-19 10:05:46

How will you feel if you decide to stay in your current role and then it takes longer than you're expecting to conceive? You deserve to be happy and fulfilled in your job, and you got the promotion so go for it!

TheVanguardSix Tue 09-Apr-19 10:09:33

Take it.

You never know what’s around the corner. You may decide to wait a bit on trying tc. It may not be so straightforward ttc. It might happen the moment you start new job.

You can’t plan life wholly around ttc, I’ve learned. Keep following your dreams and hopefully, the rest will come.

acquiescence Tue 09-Apr-19 10:13:45

I found out I was pregnant a few days after having an interview and accepting the job. I was there for 8 months before going on may leave, am back now, it’s been fine. It is an NHS job within the same trust. Check you will get your leave and then go for it.

Stuckforthefourthtime Tue 09-Apr-19 10:15:40

Take it!

Life is uncertain, imagine how gutted you'll be if you don't take it and then it takes a long time to conceive.

Also - I'm a manager of a team including many women, and in my experience, an employee going on maternity leave can be a pain to cover in the short term BUT assuming she (or he) returns, you tend to have a very loyal employee because it's not easy to find a new job with small DCs, and in any case you can be less inclined to move on / up when you have caring responsibilities at home. That's certainly true for me too!
So you're not shafting the team you join, if you're good at your job they'll have the benefit of at minimum 9-12 months of your hard work, and then likely again on your return.

Taswama Tue 09-Apr-19 10:17:40

Take the job. If you wait 6 months before ttc again you should be entitled to enhanced maternity if you get pg immediately. Don’t put your life on hold for something that may take a while to actually happen.

alittlesnow Tue 09-Apr-19 10:18:30


NCforpoo Tue 09-Apr-19 10:20:58

Take the job
I found out I was pregnant 2 weeks after interviewing and getting a new job. I was there only 4 months but work were totally understanding. I've been in that job 5 years now and no plans on leaving. (Although am pregnant again and they'll be happy for me again!)
You're planning on being there for a while right? It sounds like your dream job. It may take you months to get pregnant. Take the job. Worry about maternity leave when it happens. It will be fine.

and didn't get amazing maternity pay but whoever you were working for at 15week prior to ewc(I thinj. Check for exact dates) must pay you 6 weeks mat pay.

PinkHeart5914 Tue 09-Apr-19 10:24:08

It all depends on the maternity pay rules, someone up thread said NhS transfer pay conditions do social services do this?

if the maternity pay conditions allowed for it to possible, I’d do it as you might not conceive straight away anyway could take a few months.

Bentley111 Tue 09-Apr-19 10:28:13

I had this exact same situation last year. I accepted a fantastic role, then found out I was pregnant 4 weeks later (on our first cycle).
Unfortunately I mc'd at 8 weeks and work were great despite me only being there for 2 weeks at the time. We are TTC again but it's taking a lot longer this time and I'm glad I am in this role whilst we are.

You never know what may happen. Take the jobflowers

Leobynature Tue 09-Apr-19 10:53:37

Thanks guys. I’m so happy, I’ve accepted and I will look at HR policy and get pregnant as soon as I qualify for maternity pay.

WBWIFE Tue 09-Apr-19 10:55:25

26 weeks for SMP.

Will be different for each company on their policy for mat pay though, mine is 1 year service for their enhanced mat pay x

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