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To think I have gastroenteritis?

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MyArseholeHasExploded Tue 09-Apr-19 03:14:17

38.3 degree fever. Shitting through the eye of a needle. I was feeling a bit run down today. I tried to go to bed around 9 and took my temp realised I was a bit warm.
suddenly desperate for the toilet. Im desperately tired. I tried sleeping on the bathroom floor. Im afraid to drink anything. And now ive started getting wind pains that feel suspiciously like labour contractions. Ive never felt anything like this and I have IBS so im used to a bad tummy. I haven't stopped except for 2 half-hour naps that woke up in near misses.

HunnyCaramel Tue 09-Apr-19 03:17:11

Yeah when i had it i was getting such bad cramping my dp at the time took me to a&e. I was young and did think maybe i was dying. They sent me home with paracetemol of course. I got a bit delerious the next day. Looks like you're in for a rough ride, do try to keep going with fluids, just sips at a lolly?

MyArseholeHasExploded Tue 09-Apr-19 03:17:16

There is literally nothing left now but still needing the loo.

MyArseholeHasExploded Tue 09-Apr-19 03:19:02

Ice lollies are a good idea. I cant face three kids tomorrow if im like this fucking easter break

HunnyCaramel Tue 09-Apr-19 03:20:11

Oh my god...3 kids? You def have my sympathies, is there a grandma on tap at all maybe?

MyArseholeHasExploded Tue 09-Apr-19 03:28:51

No there's a dh but he would need to take it unpaid and we can't afford it. He's not really slept though cause of me and going to struggle driving

MyArseholeHasExploded Tue 09-Apr-19 03:30:32

Oldest is 8, youngest is 5. YouTube will babysit them.. going to try and sleep. Thanks guys

HunnyCaramel Tue 09-Apr-19 03:34:55

Good luck!

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