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To ask what makes you happy

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tinklykitty Mon 08-Apr-19 22:33:45

Feeling a little down most days sad I want to try and do some things each day to make myself feel happy but I never know what I can do and before it's too late I'm back feeling demotivated and miserable again... I would really appreciate some ideas of quick things I can do each day that might make me happy. I'm thinking If I write them down then do one per day I might end up being the happiest fucker alive!

Whatelsecouldibecalled Mon 08-Apr-19 22:43:18

My amazing niece is awesome. The days I don’t see her I look at photos of her. She makes me so happy. Baking makes me happy sense of accomplishment. Watching a good film, having a good lie in, fresh bedding all make me happy too

Happyspud Mon 08-Apr-19 22:43:56

A quiet cup of coffee. Bliss.

BucketfannywhoreIstinksofshit Mon 08-Apr-19 22:44:31

Can't remember a single happy day in my life.

Itwouldtakemuchmorethanthis Mon 08-Apr-19 22:50:36

Clean sheets and silkily shaved legs (mine!)


Music from when I was 16/18 (years old)

Listening to happy people laughing

Bubba1234 Mon 08-Apr-19 22:51:45

Writing my to do lists and ticking off my achievements for the day big or small.
Doing nice things for myself like getting my nails done or putting together a nice work outfit and feeling good wearing it.
Removing toxic people from my life.
I had a realization today that in all the years iv been with my partner I only had one issue that got me down a narcissist tried to get a grip of me and cause trouble and it was hell but I got away from them and now life is peaceful.
I’m happy when my life is peaceful..and it has been..
It sounds weird but I’m happy when I’m in my own bubble of being able to work on my fitness my hobbies and my future and improving all areas of my life. I couldn’t do any of these things when the toxic people were around.
I feel alive since I got rid of them almost like I’m “allowed” to be happy now.

thetwinkletoescollective Mon 08-Apr-19 22:57:47

Drinking a cup of coffee in bed in the morning
Scented candles
10 mins meditation
Going horse riding
Reading my book
I have got this lovely smelling face cream which I love
Hand cream
Clean sheets
Getting done fresh air in the house
I have an Instagram account with no followers. I use it like a diary but because I use an image to sum up my day it feels like an outlet for creativity. I don’t do any # so it’s private.
Tomorrow I am going to make a little purse on the sewing machine - gives me a sense of achievement
The Motified Podcast
My blue shoes from M and S

tiredandgrumpy Mon 08-Apr-19 23:00:45

Treating myself to some flowers
Dance class - great exercise, a good laugh, mood lifting music and the need to concentrate 100% means I can't think about anything else for a whole 45 mins.

Babdoc Mon 08-Apr-19 23:01:07

Are you genuinely just a bit down, or are you clinically depressed, OP?
If it’s the latter, you need medication rather than just ideas for treats. Have a talk with your GP.
If you’re just needing a bit of a lift, there are lots of options.
The obvious ones such as chocolate, a cup of tea, a favourite book or piece of music.
Exercise lifts mood by releasing endorphins. Is there a sport or activity you enjoy or would like to take up?
Having a chat with a friend, preferably one whose company cheers you, rather than a miserable one who makes you feel worse.
Volunteering once a week or so to help people worse off, or to do something in the fresh air like litter picking. The satisfaction plus counting your blessings is helpful.
Sometimes putting on some sad songs and having a damn good cry can get all the sadness out and relieve it.
Finally, the one that I find always works - I take my sadness to God in prayer and ask for comfort and support.
Sometimes God works directly and sometimes through other people. When my DH died and I was too grief stricken to speak, I would just cry wordlessly to God. A minute later the phone would ring, and a puzzled aunt would be on the line saying she had no idea why she was ringing me, but she had felt an overwhelming push to do so!
And just knowing that other people care about you can help, too.
So let me send a hug, and tell you that I will put you in my prayers tonight, OP, that you will find some happy times ahead. God bless.

Letterkennie Mon 08-Apr-19 23:08:29

Babdoc that’s

Letterkennie Mon 08-Apr-19 23:12:36

I have a little cheap caravan I’ve done up slowly and it’s the equivalent of my shed. I sit in there all cosy with a heavy blanket and a good book and all is well.

Folding all the towels nicely pleases me. A pot of tea made properly, with a cosy and milk in a jug, just for me.

My electric blanket now has a remote control plug so I can switch it on in time for bed. It is bliss.

And I stopped dying my hair. It was a sort of statement of “accept me as I am”. It has been life changing, and I am my authentic self. I feel the same sort of relief as one might after taking off uncomfortable shoes.

Needtobuildabridge Mon 08-Apr-19 23:21:43

I like to take myself out for lunch! Food makes me happy, and I frequently worry that others aren't enjoying theirs,if I have picked the place to eat. I find by taking myself and a good book out, I have a lovely time!

bridgetreilly Mon 08-Apr-19 23:25:28

A really good cup of tea.
A walk outside.
Speaking to a friend (in person, on the phone, online).
Do something creative - do you knit, or sew or make cards or something like that? There's a lot of satisfaction and pleasure from the process and the finished product.
A lovely hot bath with a good book to read.

Historydweeb Mon 08-Apr-19 23:25:35

Having time with my 18 year old daughter. Doesn't have to be doing anything expensive, a walk on the beach and a hot chocolate even.
Taking my dog out for a walk with his best friend. The way they play together and run free, if they're good boys I like to take them for a drive afterwards. The big bear goes in the back and small boi lies on the parcel shelf. Such good boys 😂

Planetian Mon 08-Apr-19 23:26:39

I sometimes find it hard to motivate myself but I always feel good after bringing my dog for a long walk in the woods beside my house. Then when I come I make a fruit smoothie and have a long, luxurious shower. I’ll exfoliate, use a nice face scrub, hair treatment etc. and put on some cozy/nice clothes afterwards. I have two toddlers so this all feels like a massive treat these days! I also plan an event every 2-3 months that’s a little bit better than your average night out - a concert/comedy gig/creative writing workshop so I always have something to look forward to when I’m feeling down.

I have a tendency to slip into a rut and become low very easily but having a goal to work towards usually keeps me on track and gives me focus and achieving it makes me very happy indeed. For me this usually is education based (I just finished an online masters) but it could be anything that interests you - complete a craft project/write a novel/take up a new hobby.

SunnySummerDays Mon 08-Apr-19 23:28:53

Babdoc I also agree with what you say about god, and also have experienced similar. I’m in a very low place at the moment and many days are a struggle. I have ‘chats’ too and have strangely since bumped into many people ive not seen in a long time. And one or two are suddenly there for me a lot more. And make a big difference. They don’t know how low I am, I’m a good actress. But it’s It’s like they have been sent to give me a hand. Others may mock but it really seems like this. Aside from this I find time in the garden or a long walk help a lot.

Cryalot2 Mon 08-Apr-19 23:31:13

What makes me happy? A peaceful day, nothing wrong, nothing my fault and not blamed for anything and my family healthy and well.

Singlenotsingle Mon 08-Apr-19 23:35:29

My dog makes me happy when she wakes me up in the morning with a little nuzzle and a lick.
My dgs6 when he puts his arms round my neck and tells me how much he loves me.
A walk around our local field in the sunshine with said 🐕 really lifts the spirits.
Blueberries and coconut water.

BucketfannywhoreIstinksofshit Mon 08-Apr-19 23:38:23

Please don't feel bad if the God thing doesn't work for you. It doesn't for everyone and it doesn't mean you are wicked if it doesn't.

MuchTooTired Mon 08-Apr-19 23:41:17

Things that make me happy are:

Watching my kids play and learning, everything is new and exciting for them.
Knowing that tomorrow is a brand new day to start again, and that things will get better.
Thinking of all the great things about my life, and about me rather than listen to the horrible running commentary in my head, and how lucky I really am.
Looking at nature - the trees, a bird, a leaf and gaining peace from it.
Bit sad, but I have a Pinterest board of motivational quotes and cheer me up quotes that I look at to help me be strong and cheer up.
Not for everyone, but I pray sometimes.
When I’m feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, I write lists of everything I need to do, but always include stuff I’ve already done for example brush my teeth so I can cross them off.
Put my music on load and bust out some terrible moves, and sing along loudly and badly.
Tidy up so I can sit and admire my tidy home. Tidy makes me calm, which makes me happy.
A nice cup of tea and a natter about anything.
Straightening my hair, and putting on an outfit that makes me feel that I look good.
When I’m down, writing about whatever is bothering me until I’ve got it all out.
Thinking of all the people who love me, and who I love, and remembering good times.
Also a bit sad, but colouring in my (adult) colouring book, or doing something craft based, or some diy.
A nice relaxing bath reading a book, or watching tv on my iPad.

I’ve had a horrible evening, writing this out has really cheered me up, thank you.

LellyMcKelly Mon 08-Apr-19 23:42:53

Going and sitting on the beach for half an hour with a flask of coffee. If you are anywhere near water I can’t recommend it highly enough. Go early. It’s calming and kind of wondrous.

LellyMcKelly Mon 08-Apr-19 23:45:17

Have a swim. Join a gym. You can often join hotel gyms. They’re cheaper than places like David Lloyd, their pools are never very busy and they have hot tubs and saunas.The one I go to has really warm water. It’s incredibly relaxing.

Sunonthepatio Mon 08-Apr-19 23:48:50

Plants flowering in my garden.
Things I'm reading.
Chars with friends.
Some interesting research.
Losing a pound!
Stroking the cat.
Clean bedding
A clean house.

Bubba1234 Mon 08-Apr-19 23:49:40

Gym and swim is a good one.
Nothing more relaxing than that.
I’m all relaxed after going to the gym earlier and I’m having that little proud feeling of realizing I’m getting fitter which in turn adds to the happiness! It does turn into a domino effect.
Can I suggest joel osteen on YouTube? It’s not for everyone but he helps me so much.

Butiwantto Mon 08-Apr-19 23:57:41

Even if you aren’t religious, you can still get a lovely feeling of calm from visiting a church when Mass isnt on. There is something really soothing in the cool air, quietness, and atmosphere inside - you can sit quietly by yourself and just “be” for a while, which I love. I’ve never failes to walk out feeling better than when I went in

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