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Another one about in-laws dog

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Appleschmapple Mon 08-Apr-19 20:46:20

Hi, myself and DH are currently having a bit of a disagreement. FIL has a daschund puppy who is crazy in the way of all puppies but more so because he's not really walked and hasn't received any training whatsoever. SIL just turned up with him as a present recently. FIL is in his late 70s but seems way older and he's not really looking after this dog he doesn't want.
Anyway, the dog really scares my DD. He jumps all over her and scratches her etc. The dog doesn't even wear a collar so you can't catch him easily. She's used to our dog who's old and sleepy and separated from her by a baby gate most of the time.
I've told DH that DD will only visit if the dog is put in another room and I'm holding him responsible for the dog not scaring her. I don't want her to develop some fear of dogs. If she gets scared again she's not going back.
He says it's because I dont like FIL (which is true) and that I'm over reacting. I'm afraid he might be right, so AIBU?

Chocolateisfab Mon 08-Apr-19 20:49:16

Imo no discussion, take a gate round, shove it up and don't give them the opportunity to dispute you intend keeping your dd safe.
Too many ils put ddogs before dgc.
If they kick off you leave. Simple.

Appleschmapple Mon 08-Apr-19 21:02:17

DH will be going on his own with her. I know I should trust him. It's for a weekend too. Bloody SIL thinks it's cute when the dog gets all excited. Aaagggh!!!!

agnurse Mon 08-Apr-19 21:05:24

No. This is not okay. Even a very friendly dog can cause injury without intending to do so. DD CANNOT be left alone with the dog and DH needs to be clear on that. I once saw the damage done by a friendly dog when it attacked someone. The man suffered severe bite wounds to his mouth.

Animals should NEVER be given as gifts. EVER. I'm shocked that any reputable breeder or shelter would give SIL an animal if it was intended as a gift.

Appleschmapple Mon 08-Apr-19 21:06:56

She bought it off an ad on the internet hmm.

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