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A question about dog friendly beaches

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SusieOwl4 Mon 08-Apr-19 20:21:15

If you had a child that was obviously terrified of dogs would you take them to a dog friendly beach ?

Just asking because I had an experience that made me feel embarrassed and stressed . My dog is a lovely dog and having training but does get a bit over excited . We were on a dog friendly beach with him on a lead and lots of other doggy people with all their dogs running about said to let him off . So I did and he was fine coming back every time I called him. He played in the water and with other dogs . Then I saw him running to my right towards a family on the beach . I immediately called him and he came back to me and I put him back on the lead. But in those few seconds the girl was picked up by the father and was literally screaming and the mother was waving and shouting at my dog . Trust me I was mortified and almost in tears even though my dog had probably not got within 40 feet of them . But the child screaming obviously meant she was petrified of dogs and trust me there were a lot of dogs on the beach . And before you say yes I am taking my dog for more refresher training and I do feel bad .

BlueSlipperSocks Wed 10-Apr-19 18:23:57


*Are you really always so obtuse?
Mrs Always Right*

I have no problem letting my dog off the lead in public places. I can trust my dog to recall 100%...Immediatedly. What about you? Is there a reason that your dogs spend their life shackled to you, seeing as they are "Very well trained" hmm

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