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Aibu to think my neighbour is a total hypocrite

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WellFuckittyDo Mon 08-Apr-19 20:17:21

A delightful woman moved into the holiday home next door, we know the LL and they usually air bnb it, but this woman wanted it for six months to write a book.

Anyway, she's a total pain. Her dog keeps getting into our garden and barking at the children, she has dumped her own rubbish in our bin, she parked her car repeatedly in our designated space, and when I asked her to move it, she started shouting and yelling and threatened to "speak to our landlord" about our children making noise in the garden. They absolutely weren't, she just wanted to scare me.

She was most put out when I told her that the landlord was standing in front of her hmm her whole attitude is awful, snobby and arrogant. It's a pain, as this is a nice area and we've never had any problems, but at least she's only here for a few months. As background, both DP and I are from very working class backgrounds, we have "done well for ourselves" but I don't pretend to be anything other than what I am. I also look a lot younger. I'm used to people assuming I'm a very young mother indeed, and it's happened often enough that, coupled with her attitude, I'm fairly sure that she's made certain assumptions about me.

An item of post addressed to neighbour came to our house today, so because I'm a nosy cow, I googled her. Ten minutes of reading and I was like this hmmgrin she has all sorts of blogs, social media etc where she portrays herself as this liberal, creative feminist, who gently cradles baby ducklings on her lap, as she spoonfeeds orphans and helps old ladies cross the road. She has shared tons of Guardian type articles about how the voices of working class writers are being silenced, how poverty affects women and mothers, that sort of thing. It's honestly like two different people. She was asked by a local council to do a whole "storytelling in deprived areas" school thing, and much was made over how wonderful it was that she was bringing her creative gift to share amongst the poor kiddies. Interesting given her attitude to WC us - she'd rather that we weren't next door I suppose

Her personal blog is hilarious - she goes on about how peaceful her new neighbourhood is and how she's doing yoga and writing her great epic novel in the healing wonder of nature, but she lets her dog shit right by the front path every day?

Aibu to think she's a massive twat and to hope she trips up on her stupid batik skirt? I'm torn between amusement and anger, because she's been so horrible to us. I haven't even put the half of it here, but the cognitive dissonance is epic.

BlackeyedGruesome Mon 08-Apr-19 20:19:53

how you could not resist making your own blog of her antics?

Chocolateisfab Mon 08-Apr-19 20:21:23

Can you review her stuff?? Be honest about it!! Or start on of your own about your ndn...

Aimily Mon 08-Apr-19 20:22:53

I'm so curious as to who this person is! But as @blackeyed has said, how have you not started your own blog about her antics yet?

MadameButterface Mon 08-Apr-19 20:31:37

you don't know that she's assumed anything about you though, she might just be a twat

you've assumed stuff about her also

yes she sounds like a pain in the arse etc, but there's nothing necessarily hypocritical in her behaviour, just lacking self awareness as tbh most people tend to

I work in a hair salon and the people who come in looking like they've been dragged through Glastonbury festival backwards and who are very like oh yeah I'm so cool and laid back and yeah I don't care abut superficial things like appearances tend to be the people who are most fussy control freaks about what they want done and what products they want used on them, and how to use them, and how much they want you to use. they also are the ones that tut the most at the prices, despite us being an independent woman owned business that uses cruelty free, local and vegan products as much as possible, and our price points reflect that. it's how some people are, you just have to laugh really. we call them nippies, as in nazi hippies.

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