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My hairdresser messed my hair up badly and she’s being rude to me

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lawlaw14 Mon 08-Apr-19 18:37:14

I use a hairdresser I’ve known her since she was a child she highlights my hair at her house she’s is qualified but she messed my hair up Wednesday
She never left the bleach on long enough on the roots so it’s yellow in a lot places I do seem to have to explain to her the top needs doing first but she didn’t listen this time.
Then she’s bleached over bleach and I’ve breakage at the front.
I sent her photos and a message explaining I’m not happy she said she will sort it out for me she said she could do it today I asked what time on Friday and she never got back to me after saying she will check her diary
She already told me she had a clear week so thing that was a blag.
So I said today I havent heard from you she said I forget
Then it snapped off more and I said to her I can’t risk it breaking more and with that she had ago at me suggesting I did something to it to make it break off ???? I simply washed it.
I said I’ve been having my hair hi lighted 35 years and the only time it’s snapped off is when she did it as it’s bleached on bleach

She then sends an annoyed message saying I’ve been a hair dresser 13 years it’s nothing I’ve done
So I blocked her as I am upset at how rude she is and I pay her the going rate.
She then messaged my husband
Tell your wife to unblock me so I can tell her what’s what

So I feel she shouldn’t talk to her clients like this
I also found out she messed someone else’s highlights recently

AIBU that I simply am owed an apology and for her not to be rude as it’s made me feel very sad she’s messed my hair up and is blaming me ?

LorelaiRoryEmily Mon 08-Apr-19 18:39:24

I’m a hairdresser and honestly I think you need to forget her and find yourself a new one op

lordofthefries Mon 08-Apr-19 18:43:47

You do deserve an apology OP, but it doesn’t seem like you’ll get it, so i’d move on and find another hairdresser to fix it

lawlaw14 Mon 08-Apr-19 18:51:06

Thanks both. Yes she blew it after sending my husband a message that wasn’t needed x

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