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Cake smash cake

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WishUponAStarBar Mon 08-Apr-19 17:59:00

DDs first birthday this month, not spending alot of money on anything because
1. I don't know anyone with babies
2. I'm saving money to get my own place as I'm staying with my mum, im a single mum, her dad pays no money.
3. She won't remember it anyway.
Just going to take her to soft play, have a birthday cake and go out for dinner, I've got her a couple of things too but nothing major as she had alot at Christmas.
Anyway, ever since I saw the photo shoots of a cake smash, I've wanted to do it for DD's first birthday. It's not an expensive one, I use a photographer who's just starting out but she's still really good but at a really good price. She told me she could include a cake in the cake smash shoot but it would be an extra £30. My stepdad, after hearing this, insisted that his mum would be able to make one for free. I said I wouldn't expect it for free, I was also looking for something specific and he insisted. He asked for photos of examples and he would ask her. I found a photo, almost exactly what I wanted, the most simple design as it's going to get smashed up anyway, the main colour was right in the picture I sent, which is yellow, but I asked for a couple of red "big swirls" dotted over it to look like roses. (Not a cake maker so don't know the terms lol) I have a specific theme for the shoot, I have made props and banners to tie in and her dress is matching.
My stepdad told me that she could do exactly that, no problems.
She's made cakes for us before and they've all been lovely. So we all agreed it would be like that and I was planning on buying her a bunch of flowers or something as a thank you.
Photoshoot is tomorrow so my mum and stepdad went to collect the cake today while i took DD out, my mum text me at half 4 saying she wasn't sure if she shoukd send me a photo or not... This made me think there was something wrong so I asked her to send it.
The cake, it's nice enough but it's not what I asked. She's used pink instead of red, and there's too much pink, she's also stuck these hard icing daisies all over it. And it's too small, although that isn't such a big issue.
Now I feel really bad as she's done a lovely thing, but I had an image in my head and the cake doesn't fit in. My stepdad and his mum really wanted to help out, and so I would feel bad to say it wasn't what I expected. I still intend on buying her flowers or something as she went to the effort to make the cake.
I was thinking of running to the supermarket to buy a cake and some icing and piping bags etc and trying it myself, I've found a tutorial on YouTube which makes it look easy enough...
WIBU to do this? Am I just being stupid? I just really wanted these photos to be good as I wanted one blown up for my wall when I get my own place and I'm worried it's not going to look right, so I thought I would at least attempt to make a cake right? Is it really hard?

Cottonwood Mon 08-Apr-19 18:01:09


Cottonwood Mon 08-Apr-19 18:02:47

You're smashing up a perfectly good cake on or for a one year old ...hmm

LorelaiRoryEmily Mon 08-Apr-19 18:03:19


Farmerswifey12 Mon 08-Apr-19 18:03:21

Yes I wouldn't attempt it at this stage. Think you're going to have to look at how you can make the cake work

GreyBasket Mon 08-Apr-19 18:03:21

Yes, yabu. Calm down about all this.

The cake sounds lovely. Just go and have fun.

ScreamingValenta Mon 08-Apr-19 18:04:19

The cake is going to get smashed up. What does it matter?

Personally, I would cancel the cake smash, get some lovely photos of your DD not smeared in icing (yuck) and then eat the home made cake!

DelilahTheSlagFromTheBible Mon 08-Apr-19 18:05:02

This will go well.

GinaCarbonara Mon 08-Apr-19 18:05:44

Personal opinions on cake smashes aside, I don't think you'll be able to make a cake in this timeframe that will look better than the cake that's already been made.

Texel Mon 08-Apr-19 18:05:47

It's going to get smashed up, does it matter what it looks like? Don't waste any more food on this, just use the one you've been given.

WishUponAStarBar Mon 08-Apr-19 18:06:02

@Cottonwood well DD gets to eat the cake too, she likes making a mess aswell so thought it could be a good photo opportunity. The photos always look really good and I've had a pretty shit year and this was like a gift to myself, I want a nice photo of my DD.

WatchingTheWheels85 Mon 08-Apr-19 18:06:09

Can we see a photo of the cake

LordNibbler Mon 08-Apr-19 18:06:30

I can't believe people actually do this. Yes, that's how I know I'm old.

BlueMerchant Mon 08-Apr-19 18:06:36

YANBU. You have a picture in your head of what you want so just go for it. Am sure if it's just the colour that is important you'll be able to knock something up.
What are you going to say to stepdad and his mum when they ask to see the pics?
You could say you thought it was too nice to smash up so are keeping it as an actual cake for her Birthday!?smile

BritWifeinUSA Mon 08-Apr-19 18:07:02

She’s 1. She’s not even going to remember it. What a waste of food and money for something you are doing because you want to be like everyone else, not because your daughter wants it or needs it.

DianaPrincessOfThemyscira Mon 08-Apr-19 18:07:03

Why are you doing soft play, meal and cake for a one year old when you say you have no money?

Don’t like the idea of cake smash at all but I think it would be sheer madness to go and try and do more decoration because it’s not quite right.

GooodMythicalMorning Mon 08-Apr-19 18:07:16

yabu. Sounds like a perfect cake considering its going to be destroyed! I would just go along with it and save yourself a whole load of stress.

eddiemairswife Mon 08-Apr-19 18:08:27

But you won't get a nice photo if she's covered in cake.

continuallychargingmyphone Mon 08-Apr-19 18:08:31

A nice photo of her covered in cake?

Crunchymum Mon 08-Apr-19 18:09:08

You are being absolutely ridiculous OP.

ThatssomebadhatHarry Mon 08-Apr-19 18:09:34

I really don’t get this trend!

TheFatberg Mon 08-Apr-19 18:10:01

Nice example of Mumsnet snobbery on this thread.

Grumpbum123 Mon 08-Apr-19 18:10:16

Accept the cake, say thank you and remember it’ll soon be a big old mess that will be put in the bin

WishUponAStarBar Mon 08-Apr-19 18:10:24

Well my plan was to keep the cake for her actual birthday if I didn't use it.
I mean does nobody have any photos of their children? Like at least one professional one?
Soft play costs £1 where I live, so I don't see why I can't take her there for her birthday as she's a very social baby and loves watching kids play.

I get if people think IBU about the cake but I didn't think taking her to Soft play was going to be an issue. I have money, just not loads. I've saved extra and worked extra to get her a couple things for her birthday

Sunonthepatio Mon 08-Apr-19 18:10:55

There are people starving in the world. So cake smashing is idiotic.

lazyarse123 Mon 08-Apr-19 18:11:01

Really!! You're not in a particularly good place financially (for the record neither am I) and you want to waste good food for a ridiculous photo opportunity. So glad I am too old for all this shit.

Cottonwood Mon 08-Apr-19 18:11:34

She's ONE for heaven's sake! Just have a little tea party at home with Granny and the cake and take some nice pictures on your phone. You haven't got much money you say?? Just no.

EmeraldShamrock Mon 08-Apr-19 18:11:37

You could try make one.
I would forget the cake, have professional photo's of DD in her new dress.
Red and pink wont match anyway.
I personally hate smash cake photo's, I think people will look back on them as tacky.
A lovely number 1 balloon, some scattered rose petal would be better than a smash cake. Sorry.

Cottonwood Mon 08-Apr-19 18:13:35

Of course I've got photos of my children, none of them involve smashing up a cake funnily enough. It's an obscene waste of ingredients and just feels so wrong when others are queuing up at food banks.

ZenNudist Mon 08-Apr-19 18:13:36

Use the cake youve been given. Or buy and make a cheap one as the home made cake sounds too nice to smash.

Im off to Google cake smash. I cant imagine wanting a pic of a dirty baby. You will have plenty of opportunities for those. Go get some beautiful pics of her in her finery.

WishUponAStarBar Mon 08-Apr-19 18:14:55

@TheFatberg is that aimed at me or?

I mean I'm grateful for the cake and figured I would keep it for her birthday.

@Sunonthepatio are you donating 50% of your money to the poor to help this too?

I actually think cake smash photos are really nice. Yes they're covered in cake, but it's colourful and children love to get messy. All the ones I've seen have been lovely

Cottonwood Mon 08-Apr-19 18:15:20

To the poster who said it's snobbery, it's got bugger all to do with snobbery but plenty to do with ethics and decency. Sorry if that sounds a bit sanctimonious but it's just wrong imo.

Floralnomad Mon 08-Apr-19 18:15:32

I can’t see what’s nice about pictures of children covered in food but that could just be my issue . Us ethe cake you have OP in the great scheme of things it will be fine .

Redglitter Mon 08-Apr-19 18:16:30

The photos always look really good

I have never seen a cake smash photo that looks in any way good. I just can't see anything cute about a baby covered in cake & icing. I'd far rather see a baby looking cute (& clean) in their 1st birthday photos.

WishUponAStarBar Mon 08-Apr-19 18:16:50

@ZenNudist well my other option was to have her in a dress I have been given as a gift when she was born that only just started to fit her now. It's a lovely dress so I guess I could go with that idea instead.

ZenNudist Mon 08-Apr-19 18:17:19

Ok I've googled. You need something with creamy swirls. But urgh. I wouldn't personally give a 1yo this much sugar but hey ho. Each to their own. It wont kill her.

PolkadotsAndMoonbeams Mon 08-Apr-19 18:18:37

With the yellow and roses, is it Beauty and the Beast you wanted Wish?

Could you maybe ask the photographer if you could do two 'half' shoots — one in the dress with the props. Then another of her in just a normal unthemed dress with the cake and no props?

Or just do the theme but no cake and save it for eating afterwards (that would be preference to be honest!) — you get to enjoy it as well then!

BaronessBomburst Mon 08-Apr-19 18:18:38

If you want to celebrate your daughter's first birthday, then do it! It's a special day for you too.
I don't pretend to get the cake smash though. And I've never used a professional photographer. But that's all irrelevant because different people want different things.
Re the cake, use the one you've been given. You can always ask the photographer to darken the pink up to red.

miaCara Mon 08-Apr-19 18:18:46

I have no idea why cake smashing has become a thing but, if thats what floats your boat ,get on with it. But be aware that other people will think you are mad for wasting perfectly good home-made cake in pursuit of a photo opportunity.
Babies will make a mess anyway - you dont have to smash a cake to enable it.

DianaPrincessOfThemyscira Mon 08-Apr-19 18:18:54

Not really sure what you’re asking? Fine go to soft play it’s only £1, buy another cake it’s only £30, go out for a meal it’s only £20 confused

Or have a tea party with granny and the cake she made, and put the money you saved into an account for your daughter or just spend it on stuff she needs.

HopeClearwater Mon 08-Apr-19 18:19:15

The thing is, would you do this if you had no social media accounts to share these daft pictures on? I doubt it.

LordProfFekkoThePenguinPhD Mon 08-Apr-19 18:20:18

The trouble with small children is that they don’t follow instruction.

She will most likely stare at the cake, and then at you as you encourage her to smash it. You will probably end up pushing her hands into the cake as she screams.

She is more likely to smush the cake if you give her a slice and want her to eat it nicely.

I’d just eat the cake.

TheFatberg Mon 08-Apr-19 18:20:59

WishUponAStarBar not at all aimed at you. The snobbery is from most of the people responding who clearly want to say that they see cake smashing as chavvy, but are holding back.

LordProfFekkoThePenguinPhD Mon 08-Apr-19 18:21:28

Oh an of she does smash the cake and gets a lot of positive reinforcement - don’t be surprised when she starts launching herself at other food.

LordProfFekkoThePenguinPhD Mon 08-Apr-19 18:22:41

I’m more practical - I assume a lot of the shots are set up (mum smashes the cake and slaps icing in the baby’s face and in their hair for the perfect shot).

jaseyraex Mon 08-Apr-19 18:23:11

We did a cake smash for DS1. He wouldn't touch the cake. Normally loves getting messy but nope. Money down the drain.

Have you got a phone with a good camera? Put down some sheets and take your own photos.

WishUponAStarBar Mon 08-Apr-19 18:23:15

@DianaPrincessOfThemyscira my daughter has a savings account, but tbh being a single mum and never being able to go out is shit, so taking her to soft play, which costs £1 and going for a meal so I can have a bit of a nice time too, I though wasn't unreasonable. I know other people are single mum's and can't go out, but I want to go out, enjoy some food with my baby and be proud that I've managed to do it alone, celebrating her birthday at the same time.
If IBU for this then that's fine, I've had some pretty dark moments but life is gettin better so I'll try to make myself happy at the same.time as my daughter

Cottonwood Mon 08-Apr-19 18:24:42

No cakes were hurt at this tea party

BeanBag7 Mon 08-Apr-19 18:25:20

I would not bother making a second cake as it probably won't look great and your relative might be offended if they see you've replaced the cake they made you for free.

I would keep the cake as a birthday cake and have a "normal" photoshoot rather than a cake smash one. These can still be fun and colourful, most decent photographers have props you can use, or bring some of dds favourite toys and some bubbles. You can have a lovely photo without a cake in it.

LordNibbler Mon 08-Apr-19 18:25:47

Look OP, I really can't understand cake smashes. It seems like madness to me. But YOU love it, and it's YOUR babies special day. And if it makes you happy go ahead and do it, and don't take any notice of us sour old bags. It'd be a boring world if we all liked the same things.

Cottonwood Mon 08-Apr-19 18:26:11

OP I get that you want a nice time with your daughter which is lovely, but you don't need to waste money on stuff like that.

SlimGin Mon 08-Apr-19 18:27:12

The mums who are against cake smash are probably the same people who put their baby's feet in cold spaghetti for sensory play.
There's nothing wrong with it OP, but to answer your question I'd stick with the original cake just maybe take the daisies out. Don't stress the small stuff just enjoy her first birthday.

MrsGrannyWeatherwax Mon 08-Apr-19 18:28:16

You’ve posted on the wrong thread if you wanted nicer responses.

I think your stepdad might be offended if you don’t use the cake and YABU if you think you can make a professional standard cake overnight with no experience (also buying the gear is expensive if you don’t bake).

You might prefer nicer photos in a lovely dress, then slice the cake for baby to eat after taking photos with the whole cake. Cake smashes don’t always look as nice as Pinterest shows in reality.

Enjoy her birthday

Lllot5 Mon 08-Apr-19 18:30:35

I’ve just googled cake smash I have to say it wouldn’t be my choice but I think any cake would do. The rest sounds fine tho hope you and your little one have a good day. You’re doing a grand job I bet.

EmeraldShamrock Mon 08-Apr-19 18:30:56

You deserve a good time, her 1st birthday should be celebrated, go enjoy soft play and your meal, life can't be all penny pinching, doom and gloom.
Smash cakes is a love or loathe issue on MN.
I like a pp idea of changing the flower colour on the cake to red.
1st birthdays are just as special for moms.

CaptainButtock Mon 08-Apr-19 18:31:17

Good grief!! I take it she is your first OP?
Trust me when I say you will look back on this one day and turn inside out with cringe (been there)

LegoPeopleEverywhere Mon 08-Apr-19 18:31:59

Cake smashing is an absolutely gross trend, and will date very quickly. If you want nice, timeless, photos, just eat the bloody cake and get some more tasteful (pun unintended) photos done.

gamerchick Mon 08-Apr-19 18:32:20

You’ve posted on the wrong thread if you wanted nicer responses

The wrong place more like. This was never going to go well where baby showers are seen as common.

OP I would just stick to the cake you've got. Can you go over the pink with red? That might be easier.

WishUponAStarBar Mon 08-Apr-19 18:33:02

@HopeClearwater as I previously said, yes I wanted a picture blown up.

I keep my child clean, I don't like her looking messy when we're out, but realistically kids get messy! It's natural, they're exploring. Whenever there is good around, my DD is straight for it, she's very smiley too. I thought It would like nice.

@PolkadotsAndMoonbeams yes it was beauty and the beast. Our family have always been big Disney fans.

ThePlaceToVent Mon 08-Apr-19 18:33:23

My DD had her first birthday in France and we had no cake, so we went to a patisserie and bought a load of little cakes and cut them all up and shared them, it was August so it was boiling and I sat her in the garden with just a nappy on and she ate all the pieces I had given her and was ultimately covered in cake.

I was so ahead of the time 20 years ago grin

Seriously OP, chill, I hate cake smashes but you don’t, so I am sure the cake you have will be fine.

Maybe get the photographer to take a nice photo if you with your DD in her birthday (before the cake).

dontticklethetoad Mon 08-Apr-19 18:33:52

I don't 'get' cake smashes, they seem a bit pointless, but I think I would probably be annoyed that I didn't get the cake I had asked for.
I know the cake didn't cost OP anything and she should be greatful etc but she did say she wanted something quite specific.

You could always buy red, edible glitter spray?

ThePlaceToVent Mon 08-Apr-19 18:34:21

*of/on !!

viques Mon 08-Apr-19 18:38:20

No problem with the soft play. Have fun.

I do think being snotty about a cake someone has kindly gone to the trouble of making for you which you are then going to smash for the sake of a photograph is crazy.

A picture of your DD with a cake that has been lovingly made for her, and a candle will remind you of her birthday for ever more. And you can share the joy by sharing the cake.

MoistMolly Mon 08-Apr-19 18:40:02

Is it half term already?

WishUponAStarBar Mon 08-Apr-19 18:41:09

I totally understand why and fully expected people not to like cake smash shoots.
Just like I don't like other styles of photo shoots. And I definitley didn't expect all people to be nice on MN.

Thanks for everyone's input though! I'm going to speak to the photographer tonight and see what she says about cutting out the cake and just doing the themes photo shoot

Lorrainekellysaccountant Mon 08-Apr-19 18:42:54

Maybe already suggested but could you tell the kind baker that it's too nice to smash so you're smashing one that doesn't taste or look so nice and using hers for the birthday cake? X

steff13 Mon 08-Apr-19 18:43:45

We always did a cupcake, because a 1-year-old doesn't need a whole cake. Do people understand that the point of a "cake smash" is for the child to eat the cake? I always see these comments that it's wasteful, and it is, to an extent, but not any more than giving them baby food or banana slices and having them rub them all over their faces and hair, which most of them do at some point. Unless you never let your child attempt to feed himself until he's capable of using utensils.

roundligament Mon 08-Apr-19 18:44:56

Didn't know 1 year old like going out for dinner either

SkintAsASkintThing Mon 08-Apr-19 18:46:04

Add some squirty cream and coloured icing or something.

I know its stressful and you have a lot going on but you sound extremely ungrateful. The colour etc really doesn't matter. Someone who loves your dd has took time to do something lovely for her. That's what matters most.

CherryPavlova Mon 08-Apr-19 18:46:19

What a one year old wants is a nice day with their mummy. They don’t want to be a performing seal and the food waste is a horrid message to give. It’s also unreasonable to sound quite so ungrateful about a cake someone has taken time and put effort into making.
I just googled the photos. None that come up are remotely cute or appealing - but each to their own. Babies fallen asleep in spaghetti bolognese is sweet enough to take a snapshot but the cake ones are just contrived and anything but.
Of course you want a nice day. Enjoy your meal. Even spend out on professional photos, if you must but I’d personally avoid the cake smash idea like bubonic plague.

EmeraldShamrock Mon 08-Apr-19 18:46:33

She can easily edit the colours on the cake afterwards.
I hope DD enjoys her birthday. smile

LordProfFekkoThePenguinPhD Mon 08-Apr-19 18:47:15

I’d freak out about the mess. And the clothes! Getting cake out of the carpet! The hair! Icing all over my clothes! Cakey handprints all over the place.

Not for me! We went to the park when DS was one and the older kids had water pistols.

SunshineCake Mon 08-Apr-19 18:48:07

I wonder if the parents who do this then complain when their baby does the same at grandmas house for dinner and gets messy hmm.

Ihatehashtags Mon 08-Apr-19 18:48:47

A couple of photos yes. Cake smash, no! So tacky and unnecessary in my opinion

WishUponAStarBar Mon 08-Apr-19 18:48:56

@roundligament if you read one of my replies you will see why we are going for a meal.

LordProfFekkoThePenguinPhD Mon 08-Apr-19 18:49:22

I have a photo of toddler DS asleep face down on the table (face not whole child) in a Chinese restaurant with his chopsticks clasped in his hand. Poor kid was so keen to go for noodles but was exhausted after a while 3 hours at nursery!

FrancisCrawford Mon 08-Apr-19 18:49:46

Honestly, nobody is gojng to notice the cake doesn’t fit the theme

It has been made with love, and that is priceless

Please don’t disappoint granny

SkintAsASkintThing Mon 08-Apr-19 18:50:18

And if you REALLY don't want to use the cake then say you decided it was too lovely to waste on a cake smash and invite everyone round for cake.

Asda do an actual, cake smash cake. It's hollow and full of sweets and multicoloured icing.

They also do traybakes for £5 each. Three of those stacked up would look good. And plenty of cake for mushing around.

M3lon Mon 08-Apr-19 18:50:41

lorraine has it perfectly. On the other hand a homemade cake won't necessarily keep very might not make it to her birthday.

You can totally bake a creamy cake in no time if you still want to go cake.

I also wouldn't....but if its what you really want then...well there are certainly worse excesses in the world then wasting a cheap cake.

scrawnybutscrumptious Mon 08-Apr-19 18:53:25

If use the cake you've been given. I know you're disappointed because you've got your theme and worked on decorations, but I'm sure you'll come away with photos you'll like anyway.

My ds has two sets of lovely photos with grandparents. He's just in his highchair in our kitchen. One has him covered in chocolate cake after he's eaten it. Although not in the photo, I can b remember family and friends laughing together. The other has his mouth over his iced '1' cake, with nan watching delighted. She's dead now and it's nice to have captured the moment. Both photos cost nothing, but are nice memories of his birthday celebration with family. You do it how you like OP.

StillCoughingandLaughing Mon 08-Apr-19 18:54:04

Whilst I don’t really ‘get’ cake smash shoots, surely the idea is that the baby looks like they’re having fun? Looks cute with a blob of icing on their nose? Surely any cake would do for this?

If you wanted a very specific cake because it was going to be your big centrepiece. But the point here is not the cake itself - it’s the cute baby covered in it.

IceCreamAndCandyfloss Mon 08-Apr-19 18:54:24

Of course people have photos, they take them themselves for the majority of the time. I'm sure your DD would appreciate you working towards a home for her rather than a picture and wanted food,

lisasimpsonssaxophone Mon 08-Apr-19 18:57:15

I don’t get the cake smash thing AT ALL but actually I don’t think YABU if this is important to you.

While I can’t personally imagine getting worked up about the colour of a cake that’s only going to get smashed, I do get the frustration of someone offering/insisting on doing a ‘nice’ thing that you were going to sort out yourself, in a certain way, and then not doing what you actually wanted but you have to go along with it anyway so that you don’t offend them. So the lovely thing you had planned for yourself instead becomes about doing something different so that you don’t upset someone else.

I’m thinking of the time that I was happily saving up for a Very Expensive Thing, of a very specific type, and then a relative insisted that they would buy me Very Expensive Thing for a big birthday. Except that they bought the wrong Thing, and I couldn’t tell them, and now I have no Thing and the one they bought me just sits unused in a corner. And I can’t bring myself to tell them because they were so proud that they bought it for me sad

cardibach Mon 08-Apr-19 18:57:20

The mums who are against cake smash are probably the same people who put their baby's feet in cold spaghetti for sensory play Nope. My DD is 23 and we didn’t do this nonsense then. Sensory play involved doing normal life stuff. They felt spaghetti when they had it for dinner.
Do people understand that the point of a "cake smash" is for the child to eat the cake? u m - really? They smash up a whole cake and eat about 3 bites. No adults or other children can have a piece. My DD covered herself I cake on her 1st birthday completely naturally and it on,y needed one slice. The rest of us could eat the rest of the cake.

lovelylondonsky Mon 08-Apr-19 18:57:23

The food waste with cake smashes makes the pictures look absolutely grotesque.

Does everybody have professional photos of their children? DD is 8 and we've never had a professional photo taken of her.

Cottonwood Mon 08-Apr-19 18:59:30

lovely no professional photos ever taken here and mine are all mid teens now, far too contrived and we have a professional child photographer in the family!

TallulahBetty Mon 08-Apr-19 19:00:33

Please do not waste food.

DianaPrincessOfThemyscira Mon 08-Apr-19 19:01:27

YANBU to want to do those things, but you put as your number 2 point for not spending much money is trying to save! That’s why I said that.

labazsisgoingmad Mon 08-Apr-19 19:01:51

cake smashes are disgusting what sort of message does it send to your daughter? here is your food eat nicely dont make a mess oh but its ok because mummy encouraged me to ruin a perfectly nice cake and get myself filthy stupid idea

BreakfastAtLitanies Mon 08-Apr-19 19:02:50

I hate cake smashes but that isn't what your post is about.

No one is going to notice the cake doesn't match perfectly when your child is literally smashing it up, trust me.

Also, Beauty and the Beast isn't Disney, they just made a version of it. Fun fact smileso say you're basing it off the original.

TheGrey1houndSpeaks Mon 08-Apr-19 19:03:48

I had to laugh at the faux innocent “does nobody have any photos of their babies? As if it was pictures of kids covered in crap or... nothing.

Seeleyboo Mon 08-Apr-19 19:04:30

Ergh the thought of all that sugar is making me shake already let alone a 1 year old. Bad idea OP.

DontDribbleOnTheCarpet Mon 08-Apr-19 19:05:35

Leaving aside the cake smash issue, you are being stunningly ungrateful. Someone has taken a lot of time and effort (and some expense) to make a cake for you, probably because they feel a bit sorry for you given your difficulty circumstances, but all you are doing is moaning that the free cake isn't exactly what you had pictured in your head.
Think about that.

ScrewyMcScrewup Mon 08-Apr-19 19:06:50

I usually hate people citing 'first world problems' and the like but, seriously, there are mothers watching their children die of starvation and you're wondering if you need to buy a SECOND cake for your 1-year-old to throw around? Jesus wept.

BertieBotts Mon 08-Apr-19 19:07:19

Yes but if you "do" a cake smash, you don't give them an entire normal sized cake. The birthday cake comes with a muffin-sized "smash cake" or you take out a slice for the child.

ILiveInSalemsLot Mon 08-Apr-19 19:08:55

I don’t get cake smash either. Wouldn’t you get the same effect if you just gave a slice of the birthday cake to your 1 yr old and just let them get on with it?
Then everyone else can have cake too.

Whoops75 Mon 08-Apr-19 19:10:51

Use the cake and get a B&W photo for your wall then the color scheme won’t matter

thefinn Mon 08-Apr-19 19:12:04

What's the point in a cake smash? just out of curiousity..not trying to critisize. Is it supposed to bring good luck or something?

We all have our ways so good luck x

Lorrainekellysaccountant Mon 08-Apr-19 19:12:17

I don't see what's cute about photos of kids covered in chewed up food full stop. Makes me gip. Even my own! (Which is a shame as they are grubby little buggers and yes I did let them get messy I just didn't want a photo of spit and spaghetti !) But each to their own.

Farmerswifey12 Mon 08-Apr-19 19:15:02

OP you absolutely do not need to justify going out to soft play and for a meal with your DD. Just because she is young and won't remember it doesn't mean you can spend time together. Go and enjoy your day.

I personally don't like cake smashes either. I've beautiful photos from one of my children's first birthdays which I think are timeless unlike cake smash type ones which are in trend just now. I think in years to come you might prefer a non cake smash one

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