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Routine 6 week old !

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dontfollowmeimlosttoo Mon 08-Apr-19 14:21:11

So is it do able and can you share yours please ( breastfed baby )

GPatz Mon 08-Apr-19 14:22:59

For me, BF on demand, no routine at all.

PotteringAlong Mon 08-Apr-19 14:23:44

Feed when they want, change when needed, sleep when they want.

Eslteacher06 Mon 08-Apr-19 14:28:08

I wouldn't worry about routine right now because it will tear you in knots. I personally believe it's harder to have parent led routine with breastfeeding. I'd start doing things that you want to do for bedtime routine (like a bath/feed/change or whatever) but don't worry if it doesn't work immediately or at times you feel it should be smile

ChocChocButtons Mon 08-Apr-19 14:44:07

Routine is so important for babies but at 6 weeks they still need feeding more frequently. I usually have my charges routined including sleep training by 3/4 months.

peachgreen Mon 08-Apr-19 14:48:40

I'm super routine-driven and even I didn't have one at 6 weeks. The only thing I did was establish a bedtime routine - it happened at a different time every night depending on what time she had napped etc but we always did bath, story, bottle, cuddles, bed (switched to bath, bottle, story, cuddles, bed once she learnt to self-settle rather than feeding to sleep but that wasn't until 4 months).

DelphiMum Mon 08-Apr-19 14:49:19



Merryoldgoat Mon 08-Apr-19 14:51:52

Feed, sleep, rest when you can.

TheSandgroper Mon 08-Apr-19 15:02:50

I had an evening routine by 9 weeks with dd and wished I had organized it earlier.
Starting with the afternoon feed, (45 mins per side, too), I went

Feed, Bath (in the bath with dh while I had the kitchen to myself for 15 minutes), small play/highchair while we ate, feed, story (a proper story with a book), bed.

I tried it out and on the third night thought I would alter it but she wasn't having any of it. With appropriate alterations as she got older, we didn't/couldn't change it for 10 years. It was like she was on a slide and her bed was at the bottom.

outpinked Mon 08-Apr-19 15:03:11

Nope, absolutely no need or point.

Stopandlook Mon 08-Apr-19 15:07:07

Depends on the baby! I asked baby whisperer EASY to get through the day back in those days. Without the Y time though....

kirstywursty012 Mon 08-Apr-19 15:12:05

I always thought that I would be a routine person but to be honest, DD seems to be slipping into her own routine at 10 weeks. Bedtime is a bit more structured - bath at 8pm, last milk of the night at 9 and then she sleeps through to 4am.

Its all going to get fooked up when you hit sleep regression anyway so just go with the flow!

Astrid0208 Mon 08-Apr-19 15:14:26

No routine at 6 weeks, just a lot of cluster feeding! I think she started to settle into more of a routine at 3 months, but its constantly changing!

Owlbert Mon 08-Apr-19 15:23:58

Both of my daughters were in a routine from a few weeks old, but they kind of just seemed to fall into their own patterns as I always fed on demand.
They are both amazing sleepers (slept through from 6 weeks and 7 weeks respectively between 12-14 hours a night, not bragging just fact!) but I do wonder how much is genetic rather than routine based.
The things I did that I feel helped the most were keeping it as dark as possible during night feeds, not picking them up if they were just stirring/slightly grouching (just shushing gently and placing my hand for a few seconds at a time on tummy or hand) I did pick them uo if they were cried for over a few seconds as I knew they wanted a feed.
I never talked/talk (my youngest has just turned 6 mknths) to them during the night, just made the comforting calm shushing noises and of course cuddles while feeding then straight back in crib.
I always put them to bed awake but tired. They both (and yougest still does) cry to go to bed from a certain time if i didn't/don't get them to bed on time and will stop as soon as I put them in the crib.
Not sure how much it helps or if she is just a good sleeper but we use a MyHummy and an Ollie the Owl too at night as the white noise soothes her.
Day routines I found took longer to establish and both had/have very short naps (between 10-30 minutes 2-3 three times a day).
I hope you find a routine that works for you!

Aquamarine1029 Mon 08-Apr-19 15:27:49

A six week old baby doesn't have or need a routine. They feed when they want and sleep when they want. End of.

Sexnotgender Mon 08-Apr-19 15:29:08

I started my 9 week old DS in a routine at 4/5 weeks.

He’s EBF.

We do bath about 6/6.20 then fresh sleepsuit, sleeping bag and feed him.

He’s consistently asleep by 7.30 and gets up usually once during the night, around 4.30 and then goes back to sleep after a change and a feed. Gets up for the day between 8 and 9.

Sexnotgender Mon 08-Apr-19 15:29:51

Daytime routine consists of eat and sleep as and when he wants.

georgie262 Mon 08-Apr-19 16:01:28

The only thing I did at 6 weeks was start a bedtime routine. Until then theyd gone to bed when we did. So bath 6:15, feed 6:45, bed 7 ish. They'd still wake up obviously but if they were upstairs I still felt like I'd had some adult time.

gingerbiscuits Mon 08-Apr-19 16:01:52

Just do whatever works for you & your baby! You'll be overwhelmed with people claiming that routine is vital & equally as many that advocate going with the flow - it's such a personal thing & depends on all sorts. I remember that at 6wks I was doing well to get through the day with a happy, fed baby, remembering to eat/drink something myself & not still being in my PJs when my hubby got home at 6.30pm!! That was pretty much all I aspired to!!

IWouldPreferNotTo Mon 08-Apr-19 16:06:43

We bottle feed and have a pretty consistent routine with wake up, bed time being relatively consistent.

Feed every 3-4 hours, bath in the evening and bottle then usually a feed at 3am and good till six.

We had that going from week 5 and it made our life so much easier.

HomeEdRocks18 Mon 08-Apr-19 17:10:16

No such thing as a 6 week old in a routine, nor should there be. Babies that age cry, eat, poo and sleep. That's it.

PatricksRum Mon 08-Apr-19 22:57:27

I don't believe in routines especially at that age. That comes with having a baby I'm afraid.

ZippyBungleandGeorge Mon 08-Apr-19 23:59:04

Nope , I let DS fall into his own routine then capitalised on it with a bath, book, feed, bed routine at around three months. DN is formula fed and SIL has had her in a routine longer and seems to have found it easy, but I found with BF DS was unpredictable for a good while and would cluster feed. I was told if I didn't get him into a routine early I'd spoil him. It's nonsense. He now sleeps ten to eleven hours straight through every night and isn't quite five months yet. I didn't force something he wasn't ready for, so we've not had the stress

Whoops75 Tue 09-Apr-19 00:05:01

My dd slept great from 6 weeks to 6 months routine was cluster feed in the evening, bath was done before that.

Once she started teething we never had a routine againsad

Enjoy your little one, routine is a lottery!

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