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to ask you what you what random things you have found out and about (on the pavement/tube/bus etc)?

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hummusexual Mon 08-Apr-19 13:36:56

I have found -

Lots of cash (over £300 over the years), a really nice vintage wardrobe and chairs, lots of wallets (which I have always handed in to the local police station), several mobile phones (handed in to nearest shop), an H&M children's suit jacket in perfect condition hanging on a railing.

I'm sure there's more but these are the more memorable ones...

MummySharkBabyShark Mon 08-Apr-19 13:46:39

When children’s clothes are found dropped people usually hang the stuff on a fence, rail or wall so that it can be easily spotted if someone comes back looking for it; so I wouldn’t have taken that.

I found a dolls house my neighbour is throwing away which is great.

Minai Mon 08-Apr-19 13:50:25

A hamster when I was a teenager, just running down the street. We never found who it belonged too and kept it. It lived about 3 years after that and was a great pet!

DarthLipgloss Mon 08-Apr-19 22:34:41

My DP found floor viagra!

BeeFarseer Mon 08-Apr-19 22:37:58

A toilet with a brick in it. Just casually there, in the middle of the pavement. No other rubble or anything else around it.

DH went 'Someone's shit a brick! Look!' and we both collapsed with full-on, gut-wrenching howls of laughter.

Sunonthepatio Mon 08-Apr-19 22:46:04

@Minai, I found a hamster in my living room. It had arrived from under next door via the sub floor, I later discovered.

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