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dd 15s friend stealing from her

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namechange01Z Mon 08-Apr-19 10:57:46

my dd stayed at her friends last week and found one of her bracelets definetely hers in the friends bedroom. The friend brushed it off saying she found it at school but my daughter can have it if she wants it! Now my daughters purse went missing with £65 worth of vouchers in a couple of months ago and i had narrowed it down to this friend and the cleaner. Until the bracelet I really didnt want to admit to myself could be the friend as Im good friends with the mum the girls have known each other for years etc.
How do i approach this? i hate confrontation and feel bad about the whole thing. my dd doesnt want to stay friends although she has said this lots of times but then goes to stay over! They are a lovely family but i cant help thinking she took the purse.

namechange01Z Mon 08-Apr-19 10:59:19

i should also say the friends brother said when my daughter found the bracelet that she always takes things that shes apparently found at school.....

MRex Mon 08-Apr-19 11:01:47

Invite the mum for coffee, talk to her openly and say it's such a tricky age but you thought she should know your suspicions. She might have issues of her own as her DD probably nicks from her wallet first and this may help her wake up to the problem.

girlywhirly Mon 08-Apr-19 12:01:36

In the light of what the girl’s DB said, I think you have to say something to her DM. She might be depressed, or being bullied, or may be trying to gain favour with other friends using the stolen cash/vouchers. She may simply be envious of your DD and wants what she has.

Whatever the reason it has to stop before someone gets the police involved, because unchecked it could escalate to more and more valuable items.

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