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To ask about confidence building help for Year 10 girl?

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LimaLemur Mon 08-Apr-19 08:50:46

Hi everyone,

I volunteer as a mentor for a brilliant charity which focuses on helping girls from disadvantaged areas to connect with female professionals and give them access to opportunities that help them prepare for further education and future options like work or university (I’ve posted about this before).

We are based in London and my mentee’s in the first year of GCSEs (Year 10)

One of our upcoming sessions focuses on communicating and networking. Does anyone have any advice on who I could contact so my mentee could have some guidance on developing confidence and communication skills, please?

She’s said that it would be great to have a motivational speaker or someone similar to come and talk to us during this session. I’m not sure at all about where to start or who to contact though. Does anyone have any suggestions, please?

LimaLemur Mon 08-Apr-19 09:07:27

Bump smile

Blankspace4 Mon 08-Apr-19 09:12:57

This probably doesn’t directly answer your question, but Bryony Gordon has just written a new book aimed at teenage girls - “You Got This”. Might be worth a look for content / inspiration.

LimaLemur Mon 08-Apr-19 09:51:06

Ooh thanks Blank! That’s a really good idea - I’ll have a look at it.

If anyone has any further ideas, please do post them here - thanks! smile

LimaLemur Mon 08-Apr-19 12:21:58

Anyone else with any advice, please?

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