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to think there are some very nice people really and to ask for your examples

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5foot5 Mon 08-Apr-19 00:23:26

Hopefully this will be a feel good thread.

Today my car had a sudden and dramatic breakdown on a fairly busy road. I did eventually get it recovered and brought home (for an eye watering sum) but spent more than two hours standing by the side of the road waiting. During that time many people stopped to see if they could help. Some had practical expertise (I have bolts and a jack, oh no sorry I can't fix that), some knew the number of a reliable garage and rescue service, others didn't have any of the above but just wanted to check I was OK and see if I needed help.

It was a trying day but I was left with a warm feeling due to how many people will stop to offer help to a complete stranger.

So I would love to hear your recent examples that prove that there are decent people out there.

BadPennyNoBiscuit Mon 08-Apr-19 00:27:55

I recently went to pay for my shop and realised I had left my purse in the Post Office, I felt absolutely sick with worry and dashed back.
Someone had found it and handed it in!

Redshoeblueshoe Mon 08-Apr-19 00:34:40

There really is a lot of very good people out there.
Last year I came out of a shop and I just was ill.
A lovely lady came and asked me if I was okay.
This was a tiny little gesture, but it meant so much to me.

Azure67 Mon 08-Apr-19 00:49:21

This happened a while ago - but it's stuck with me.
I was living as an exchange student in NZ with an older woman. She did a lot of volunteering etc. It was the day after Christmas and we were driving down the street. She saw two younger men (probably early 20s), maybe backpackers? They looked lost / were checking a map. She stopped, gave them directions, and then upon noticing they were looking a bit bedraggled, she invited them back to our house to have leftover Christmas lunch.
I would never be so trustworthy, but I guess her husband and son were home at the time, so she felt safe inviting the two boys over.
They came, got fed a big meal of leftover Christmas turkey, had showers and she packed some leftovers for the rest of the week for them. Then they left - full bellies and a nice hot shower.
What a lovely old lady.

LotsToThinkOf Mon 08-Apr-19 00:57:26

The lady who drove into my car in a car park who left her details. No cctv or witnesses but she left details, and apologised.

Kittypillar Mon 08-Apr-19 01:28:11

The day after my daughter was born, I decided to go to the café downstairs in the hospital because I badly wanted a tuna melt panini for some reason. Reassured DH I'd be fine and shuffled my way downstairs. I only took one bank card with me and didn't think anything of it. Well, card was declined. Twice. I was stood there, frantically checking my online banking to make sure I hadn't been robbed, getting more and more flustered, plus I looked like I'd quite literally been dragged through a hedge backwards... Then a man suddenly pops up out of nowhere, says "don't worry about it, I've got it" and hands over a tenner to the lady behind the till. Well, that did it - I was so grateful (and ridiculously hormonal, naturally) that I burst into floods of tears. Just about managed to say thank you through the snot and he smiled and shrugged like it was no big deal, then just left without another word.

I never did figure out why my bank card sabotaged me like that but I'm absolutely determined to do the same for someone else one day. Definitely restored my faith in humans.

Thisisthelaststraw Mon 08-Apr-19 01:31:30

This happened years ago. I had left work having finished a nightshift and was driving home when my car got a flat tyre. I wasn’t too far from work so started ringing some of my colleagues to see if anyone could help me out but nobody was answering their phones.

Stood at the boot of my car trying to get the spare out when a lovely man stopped to help. He took out the spare and changed the tyre. I was thanking him profusely as he lowered the jack when we both began to notice the spare he’d just put on was getting flatter and flatter as he lowered. I had obviously had a flat before and never had it repaired.

Absolutely mortified I kept saying how sorry I was. He just laughed and said he’d take me to a garage to have the original fixed. So I jumped in his car, grinding my teeth with embarrassment and we set off.

On the way one of the lads from work, who also lived locally, had seen my missed call and rang me back. I explained what had happened and he asked who was the man. I told him his name and he said “ah, (insert name), that’s (insert famous person’s name) Dad”. I asked “who” as I didn’t recognise the name. He said it again but I still didn’t cop on. At that point I didn’t want to ask again or make a fuss as my colleague was saying it as though I should know the person and I didn’t want his dad to feel I didn’t know him as he was probably someone we worked with.

(Let’s say famous person was named billy)

I hung up the call and we’re driving along I say “oh that was such person from work. He was saying you’re Billy’s Dad”. How is Billy anyway?”.

Dad tells me he’s great and we make other small talk. We get done at the garage and he drives me back and changes my tyre for the second time. I haven’t a penny on me but feel I must repay this man so I ask for his address and say I really am so sorry and so thankful that I would very much like to repay him.

He brushed it off, said it was no problem and said goodbye wishing me well. Nicest person ever!

I got back into my car and rang my colleague back to ask who he’d be talking about as I couldn’t recall a person named “Billy” who we worked with. He said “Billy fucking (surname) from (band)”!!!

First, I couldn’t believe that Billy (surname)’s Dad had changed my tyre twice and then I couldn’t believe I asked about Billy as if I’d only been having a cuppa with him the week before and we were buddies! Absolutely mortified blush

5foot5 Mon 08-Apr-19 07:57:12

@Kittypillar Yes I agree that when you are the recipient of a good turn it makes you think you must remember to do the same yourself next time you see someone in need. When my DD was at school they used to call it "paying it forwards"

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