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To ask for morale support returning from maternity

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Yellowpolkadot Mon 08-Apr-19 00:06:22

It’s gone midnight so I guess it means that I am returning to work after maternity leave today 🙈

I’ve done a few kit days so I’m not entirely out of the loop but I am dreading it! DD is having a week of being passed around relatives before DH breaks up for the Easter holidays and then will be starting nursery at the start of May.

Give me your positive back to work experiences please! (I was off sick for a lot of my pregnancy so it’ll be about 18months since I did any constructive work!)

GunpowderGelatine Mon 08-Apr-19 00:10:39

Oh bless I remember that feeling it's horrible! I think I cried with all of my kids dropping them off at childcare. They were fine though grin

Do you enjoy your job? As long as I had a job I enjoyed I actually loved going back to work. Using my brain for non-mum things, talking to adults, laughing etc. And also I found I felt great - I actually got to eat a full meal in peace and would drink water all day (all my babies were very highly demanding so barely had a sip of water a day when at home). And to go to the toilet alone. Bliss!

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