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To stay at my dm house to try and hear this

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Worzilgummidge Sun 07-Apr-19 22:05:48

My elderly dm lives on her own and sleeps downstairs on the sofa.
She says it doesn't happen every night but she has been experiencing a sound of 3 knocks like somebody is at the door it's at random times but always during the night.
It's always 3 knocks as well and she is too scared to actually get up and look out of the window.
What could this be I am so tempted to stay there on the odd night to see if I hear anything.

hazell42 Mon 08-Apr-19 19:29:15

Could she be having auditory hallucinations. I had an elderly friend who was very deaf during the day but who swore that her neighbours were playing hymns really loudly at night
She lived in a block of flats for the elderly and it is certain that someone else would have heard it too.
Turns out it was an auditory hallucination, common in people who wear hearing aids and people with early alzheimers.
Could either of these apply?

bridgetosomewhere Mon 08-Apr-19 19:26:29

I hear cars and feet crunching on our gravel driveway. It really freaks me out but it must be a dream as it always the same thing in the same place!
And only ever three footsteps. So unless a very heavy footed fox runs across our drive I'm not sure!

padfootprongs Mon 08-Apr-19 19:12:58

I was going to say exploding head syndrome but see it's already been mentioned. I get this and growing up I often complained to my mum about someone throwing stones at my bedroom always seemed to happen as I was about to fall asleep! She obviously had no idea what I was talking about and just said it was the house making sounds. It sounds so real though i never believed that.
I've only realized recently that i have exploding head syndrome and that is what those noises were. Now it either sounds like gunshots or someone knocking at my door. It happens as I'm about to fall asleep, it's something to do with your brain shutting down for sleep I believe.. any way It could well be this that your dm is experiencing. It does sound very similar!

EggysMom Mon 08-Apr-19 19:02:52

I occasionally hear phantom doorbells, but never knocking ... I also hear phantom mobile phone text alerts (when mine is the only phone in the house).

Dana28 Mon 08-Apr-19 18:57:51

I hear things when I am overtired

EmeraldShamrock Mon 08-Apr-19 16:44:56

I went through a phase of hearing doors slamming when dozing
I get this too, usually when I am alone with the DC.
I hope your DM finds the source, It is horrible feeling to be frightened.

SofiaAmes Mon 08-Apr-19 00:46:01

Which anti-depressant is she taking? Some of them can cause delusions in the elderly. I think sertraline is one of those. It's complicated because it doesn't happen with everyone and some are greatly helped by the antidepressants.

WarCat Mon 08-Apr-19 00:30:28

This was the first symptom of my grandpa's worsening health. It was very distressing for him. I'm sorry but I would assume similar for your mother.

whatwouldyoubelikeat28 Mon 08-Apr-19 00:28:56

It's interesting when people say dementia or Alzheimers, one of the problems if a disorder like this is present is that the phenomenon can be present but the person is disbelieved because of their mental health.
My grandmother had this and she told us stories of being shot at in the back yard, which we dismissed thinking it was throwbacks to the war or whatever. Later on after she moved, we found air gun pellets in the shed in the back yard and realized that one of the neighbors had been shooting at stray cats.
Technically she wasn't being shot at, but also, she really was.
I think it is always best to investigate kindly and with an open mind, she is likely hearing something that is waking her.
Def go stay over for a night or two here and there.

ashvivienne Mon 08-Apr-19 00:16:42

My DM has been on her own a while now and was like this at first and very anxious at night. We bought her a ring doorbell and an amazon echo show to keep by her bed showed her how to use it etc on her mobile and on the show. She’s much more comfortable being upstairs now and we’ve added a camera round the back due to a few attempts at back doors on the street in the last few months as well.

Justaboy Mon 08-Apr-19 00:16:20

I bet as much as you like this is the house doing it! How?, most doors and windows have steel lintels to hold up the brickwork they heat up during the day and cool at night in doing so they move ever so slighty.

In doing so they can and do least ours does make a knock sometimes more of a "crack" as they cool. Heard this in more than the one property.

Water pipes can do it but they are much quieter.

Ilovemypantry Mon 08-Apr-19 00:09:44

I’ve had this too and now feel reassured that it’s not just me! Sometimes I’ve been woken up from a deep sleep by hearing knocking on the front door or the door bell, but of course there’s never anyone there and it’s obviously a hallucination of some kind.
Your mum is obviously feeling lonely and vulnerable now she is on her own and her stress levels are probably high atm. Perhaps stay with her for a couple of nights to reassure her. Sleeping on the sofa will not be good for her long term.

ChipSandwich Mon 08-Apr-19 00:07:00

Sometimes its the door being knocked but I've even heard my doorbell ring

I've heard the telephone ring, really loud, which I imagine has woken me up but it isn't ringing when I wake. I can tell from the call record that it hasn't rung at all. I've just put it down to dreaming, although it does sound pretty real.

BlatheringOn Sun 07-Apr-19 23:57:05

I went through a phase of hearing doors slamming when dozing and more than once an explosion outside - but it wasn't real. What has been real is birds knocking and scratching on the roof tiles, even very late at night.

It doesn't sound like your DM, but:
One of my neighbours opened the door to the police one evening - his elderly neighbour had called them because she said he was constantly banging on the walls. She could hear it but the police couldn't. It was tinnitus.

WaxOnFeckOff Sun 07-Apr-19 23:33:16

I get the doorbell ringing when I am over-tired or stressed. I woke with it when staying with my sister the night before my wedding - she doesn't have a doorbell...

I also think it's down to stress OP as is the hand holding thing. The mind is a very powerful thing. I hope you can explain things to your DM and she gets some peace.

rightreckoner Sun 07-Apr-19 23:12:29

My tenants’ neighbours complained that my tenants were knocking in the night like this. Tenants were totally bewildered. Turns out it was something to do with the central heating. So yy to staying over to try to get to the bottom of it.

QueenoftheIceAge Sun 07-Apr-19 23:12:04

We have birds making nests in the eaves at the moment, and they seem to do a ‘three-knock’ sound, which often wakes me up at dawn as I think it’s the door.

GirlcalledJack Sun 07-Apr-19 23:09:43

When drifting off to sleep alone in my room I absolutely heard someone whisper my name in my ear, I even felt my hair move and the breath on my ear.
It was a hallucination but that didn’t stop it being terrifying and completely believable for a few minutes. Tbh it only happened once and seems strange that it is a regular thing with your DM.

I think staying over and a camera are really good ideas.

Hecateh Sun 07-Apr-19 23:07:32

I get aural hallucinations.
Sometimes it sounds like my phone, sometimes my doorbell and sometimes knocking.
I had many times I reacted and got up looking for the source before I did some research, realised this was a 'thing' and was more able to discount it. It still brings me to full consciousness though and, although I know it is not real ... I do hear the sound ... as if it is real. It's really annoying but in some ways I am glad it has started when I am still able to understand and rationalise it rather than later, as an older person, I was convinced it was real.

JaneEyre07 Sun 07-Apr-19 23:05:02

I've woken up several times and thought I'd heard the doorbell ringing. Have gone down and no one is ever there, plus our dogs go mental when it does actually ring.......

It's so so real though.

Your poor DM, I'd be really worried that she's sleeping on the sofa.

quizqueen Sun 07-Apr-19 23:03:19

It could be something to do with the piping or just her imagination. If you do stay, don't park on her drive as, if it is a prankster, it will put them off and then you won't believe her. I sometimes hear strange noises but I always investigate (armed!!!), but then I'm not an easy to scare person. Sometimes I look at the cat sleeping next to me and, if she doesn't react to what I hear, I think it must be nothing. Would she want a pet?

Holidayshopping Sun 07-Apr-19 22:58:38

I get oral hallucinations when I am half asleep.

What are they? Oral as in mouth/speaking?

minniemoll Sun 07-Apr-19 22:56:57

I hear knocking when I'm asleep, usually in the early morning, but there's never anyone at the door. I used to hear the doorbell ring too, but that stopped when I moved and got a bell with a different ring, my subconscious mustn't be able to replicate that noise. It's very strange but I'm mostly used to it. I do jump when it wakes me up though.

SnowyAlpsandPeaks Sun 07-Apr-19 22:52:48

When my stress levels go up I get auditory hallucinations when I’m falling asleep, usually knocks which scare the hell out of me, but lately music has come on my amazon echo then I wake and it’s all silent. Also get sleep paralysis. Now they are horror movie stuff that scare the shirt out of me, and leave me crying, petrified and unable to sleep.

donajimena Sun 07-Apr-19 22:49:27

I get this when I'm dropping off too. Sometimes its the door being knocked but I've even heard my doorbell ring. There is never anyone there. Its creepy until you know what it is.

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