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To wish my DH back at work

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Cloud9889 Sun 07-Apr-19 21:33:31

Sorry but I need a rant. Sometimes having DH at home alongside my 3 kids all under 6 feels like bloody hard work and I look forward to him being back at work. He is complaining about being ill and drinking lemsips ever since I announced (and promptly got on with every day chores etc) that I had a bit of a temp and a cold. He was meant to be taking shifts looking after our newborn with me but for the last week or so has hardly done past 9 at which point I get up several times in the night until the morning with various kids. It doesn’t seem to stop him from going out in the day and watching football or drinking beer but it’s like he comes home to crash. The other day I drove back from a holiday for 3 hours ish and as soon as we got home he had to go and lie down upstairs for an hour as his back hurt.. I mean seriously?! I love him and like him when it’s just me and him but I am struggling to co parent with him... he often undermines or tells me off in front of the kids. He says I am messy when I am often cleaning up after the mess he has made with his clothes or trying to occasionally cook (I do most of the cooking but when he does he leaves such a mess!)
Does anyone else struggle with their DH not to the point of breaking up but just where sometimes it is easier with them at work most of the time? I feel less stressed often when it’s iust me and the kids ! I think it’s because i think I’ll get help when he is about and often don’t that makes me annoyed and dissapointed and not wanting him around. I just feel like I’m always having to be the one to just get on with things as heaven forbid he could be expected to do anything with a cold! Sorry for the ramble am just annoyed and fed up but don’t want to argue with DH as I’m shit at arguing and don’t see the point as when we do it just causes a bad atmosphere as he won’t back down

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