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AIBU to ask what effect a whole bottle of champs would have on you?

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Veeep Sun 07-Apr-19 19:48:44


bengalcat Sun 07-Apr-19 19:54:32

Somewhat tipsy

Veeep Sun 07-Apr-19 19:54:39

What do people mix champs with besides pizza?

NuclearReactor Sun 07-Apr-19 19:55:02

I would be half way to hammered. I get pretty tipsy on two glasses of anything. I imagine a bottle of champagne is about 3.5 - 4 glasses?

itbemay1 Sun 07-Apr-19 19:55:28

Chambord is great with champagne

TheFatberg Sun 07-Apr-19 19:55:51

YABU for calling it champs.

Luglio Sun 07-Apr-19 19:55:54

Very little. Pleasantly pissed and ready to open another bottle, or start on the whisky.

Aimily Sun 07-Apr-19 19:56:41

I dread to think nowadays. I stopped drinking early last year (it will be a year ago in May) when me and dp started ttc. It'd probably knock me out now 😂 I could sink a bottle and a half of rose, and just feel pleasantly tipsy.
How are you feeling @veeep?

gamerwidow Sun 07-Apr-19 19:57:22

I'd be legless. I drunk a whole bottle of prosecco which is a similar strength on my birthday and was so ill the next day. I spent most of the morning being sick.

Horehound Sun 07-Apr-19 19:57:45

If be risky to drunk but not crazy drunk. And if be ok the next day if I'd have eaten well whilst/before drinking it.

Bess66 Sun 07-Apr-19 19:57:53

Pissed and would need food.

Not sure I could keep a bottle down

Mightywease Sun 07-Apr-19 19:58:07

Happily drunk but at my limit. Probably have a bad hangover the following day.

I've been to work on worse though!!

Still18atheart Sun 07-Apr-19 19:59:15

Had 4 glasses about half a bottle the other week and I was tipsy but not massively. So probably merry and slurry as well delicate the next morning. But doubt I’d be horrendous. Also depends what I had lined the stomach with

alltoomuchrightnow Sun 07-Apr-19 19:59:19

Migraine, but that would be from one glass, or at least, thumping head. and v v drunk

cptartapp Sun 07-Apr-19 19:59:40

Prosecco I could manage. A full bottle of champagne would make me somewhat ill. I have vague memories of throwing up behind walls after drinking too much champagne.

IMissGin Sun 07-Apr-19 20:00:28

Tipsy, with horrible heartburn and a headache the next day.

Raspberry10 Sun 07-Apr-19 20:01:01

I’d be asleep and then very sick

bluebellation Sun 07-Apr-19 20:01:09

I'd be happily merry, probably with heartburn later🤨

StarTheGirl Sun 07-Apr-19 20:01:19

A whole bottle? Depends how long a period I drank it over I think... I’m sure I have drunk that much over a long event, like a wedding and been tipsy but not smashed. If I drank it over the space of a couple of hours then yes, I imagine I would be smashed.

TheBrilloPad Sun 07-Apr-19 20:02:46

I'd throw up, repeatedly, everywhere. I'd be so unable to walk that I'd have to be physically carried to a taxi, which I would again throw up in. I'd throw up in my own bed and sleep in it anyway. The next morning I would have zero memories past lunch time <speaks from experience>

mummmy2017 Sun 07-Apr-19 20:03:12

Stick some sugar and brandy in it.
Or orange juice.

WineGummyBear Sun 07-Apr-19 20:03:36

I became increasingly suave the more fizz I have and I start to accelerate after the first couple of glasses.

I'd be the life and soul after a bottle, but I tend to peak early so I'd still be asleep by midnight.

saj90 Sun 07-Apr-19 20:03:43

Would be merrily tipsy. Yum!

Sexnotgender Sun 07-Apr-19 20:04:33

I'd be rough as fuck the next day!

Ragwort Sun 07-Apr-19 20:05:29

If I drank it over 3-4 hours then I would probably just fall asleep with a mild headache in the morning, happy to do a trial if anyone wants to send me a bottle grin.

BabyDarlingDollfaceHoney Sun 07-Apr-19 20:08:25

Three day hangover and total amnesia. Or and vomiting bile. No thanks!

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